Kafubu Water Cancels K2.9m Debts

Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) has written off K2.9 million outstanding debts for 897 households in Upper Ndeke Township in Ndola.

The water bills had accumulated between 2004 and July, 2017.

Upper Ndeke is an area that is under a Fixed Billing System instead of a Metered Billing System.

When the area had no water due to low pressure and leaking old rusted water pipes, worsened by load shedding, residents were still being billed because of the Fixed Billing System, and ended up accumulating excessive water bills per household.

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr Jonas Chanda confirmed that Kafubu Water had cancelled the water bills for the stated period.

“I wish to announce that following my petition, Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) has cancelled all the huge water bills worth K 2.9 million for residents of Upper Ndeke Township who were wrongly billed for the period 2004 to 15th July 2017 when they had no water,” Dr Chanda stated.

He has further urged Kafubu Water and Sewerage to stop disconnections of water in households following the cancellation of the debts and has also told the residents to show their commitment in paying water bills as accumulated.

“I have also petitioned KWSC to have unjustifiable water bills cancelled for those households in Mushili Township under a fixed billing system who were similarly billed for periods when they have had no water,” added Dr Chanda who further urged Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company to instal metered billing systems that could allow residents to monitor their water usage.


  1. Jm

    Installation of metered billing system will help.fixed billing system is outdated.

  2. Lukwe

    I think that meter billing system can help also here in luanshya becausa we’ve been leaving without kafubu water for nine years.

  3. sam dollar

    its helpfully

  4. Mary taurai kayuma mwenda

    Thank you bwana mp and congratulations

  5. Herv Rena

    Zoona pa Zed,since 2004 the company was just watching. Kuwaya ways fye..

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