Kasama Central UPND Executive Officials Resign

The UPND Kasama Central Constituency executive committee has resigned citing poor leadership in the party.

Kasama District UPND Jairus Tembo has been at loggerheads with the party top brass after having heeded vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s call to force provincial chairperson Nathan Ilunga to resign.

Tembo has been working in league with Mwamba in denouncing the UPND provincial leadership in Northern Province that they want to step down for allegedly failure to organize the party.

Mwamba, popularly known as GBM has unleashed his muscle from South Africa where he is currently holed up on personal business.

Meanwhile Radio Mano reports that GBM has said that all the suspensions effected by the provincial executive committee are null and void.

Mano News reports that a standoff has rocked the opposition United Party for National Development-UPND in Northern Province with its Vice President, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM lifting all the suspensions announced by  the Provincial Secretary, Patrick Mwila.

In a phone call made to Mano News last evening, Mr Mwamba rubbished the suspensions saying it is uncalled-for for the party Secretary General, Stephen Katuka working together with some provincial officials to effect the suspensions without informing him claiming that played a critical role in organizing and building the party in the region.

He has since called on all those suspended to ignore the letters saying it is only Mr ILunga who remains suspended.

Yesterday, UPND Northern Province Secretary, Patrick Mwila announced that the party has suspended its Kasama Central, Lukashya and Senga Constituency Chairpersons with immediate effect.

Wrangles have engulfed the opposition UPND in Northern Province.



  1. Mapesho

    Uko kwaletwa.

    • Bk

      Pliz ,Pliz , Leave that Party its for Tonga’s and Southern Province alone.Even The Hakaluze Hageni Just Hijacked Party .

      • Ellis

        This is not a tonga party. the problem we have with you people is that you are docile. In this country we need change those relatives of just because they are you want them to continue abusing us. Some many things are not okay. The economy, zesco inrease electricity without considering the poor, no jobs Corruption it is at its highest. just a few to mention and all created by your relatives. Remember that what God created is all perfect including tonga,s and Bemba,s.

    • Bk

      if they are not tribal let them adopt kambwili as President?

      • Amon

        You really believe Kambwili is Presidential material? Problem is criteria some of you use to decide who should lead us. You need more than a loud mouth and just being a fighter to run a nation well.

  2. oc

    Its too early

    • Jonas

      Why fight tekeni bola panshi ,you are the only hope for Northern province support. For a successful 2021

  3. VIAS


    • Brian sehela

      That’s why u people are dividing this nation, watch u comments.

    • Hammer

      And who is the iron and who is the clay?

  4. Yman

    IFIMUTI FIPALAMENE ……….? It’s normal go go

  5. Benard

    Upnd kuwayawayafye

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Let them go

  7. Leon

    Pf is behind all this but still 2021 pf must pack and go.Malabish

  8. Daniel Banda

    When we talk about HH’s deceitful behavior and the entire click of his leadership hierarchy and supporters we mean just that. Only a fool can not see it. Just wait and see, time will tell and it will come to pass.

    • Mapesho

      UPND are actually reaping what they sowed. Let’s see how they sought out this because they claim to be that democratic.let them show us. We are waiting.


    Its a planned wrangle they want to GBM to be expelled so that kambwili comes in. we know who HH is

  10. Cinyemba boy

    Mmmnm ba upnd

  11. Ellis Simukonda

    you who are saying upnd is trible you are the one who is trible. Politics in Zambia be they pf or upnd are all regional. We should be above boad as we talk about this animal. I have dealt with tongas and lozi,s, they are not what you think they are. They are the most hospitable people in this country. As you visit them , before they greet you they will first give you chibwantu. then they are appreciate there laguange and that does not make them trible just because we cant express ourselves in our languages. We need to over come tribelism at all cost. How those who speak bemba? is that not trible.

  12. kent mailos.

    It was known even b’4 that these two people will separate,moreover hh now wants to Aadopt kambwili as his ran met after seeing the roan victory.(wake up if you were dozing)

  13. sam dollar

    So shame to upnd party

  14. One K

    What do you mean to be tribal wen one speaks lozi,Tonga, chokwe etc then he is tribal & wen one expresses himself in bemba is not tribal ‘enu akwetu’ why are we separating each other wen we are one zed one nation all parties formed in Zambia are Zambian regardless of who has formed it and from within any regions of Zambia

  15. Ukali

    Propaganda, propaganda. Who is betraying the party in this case?is it GBM betraying the party or it is the party betraying GBM?Tonga’s are tribal because the party was founded by mazoka or because upnd wants discipline in the party.What happened when to that minister who described the fire tenders as wheelbarrows?Was pf labelled as a tribal party?How many times have the people of Eastern province been discouraged not to vote for upnd?Do you accept if you are called tribal?The same pf discourages any person from eastern, northern, luapula,muchinga and eastern from joining upnd because it is a tribal party shameful and demonic people.

  16. khool guy

    No One Is Bigger Than The Part Apart Frm The President.Zambiaaaaaa Forward,zambiaaaaaaa Forward

    • Joz senior de I

      Stop dreaming about the zambiaa forward to he’ll dream its irritating
      You tongas
      Awe sure

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