Pres. Lungu Launches Chinese Funded Milling Plants

President Edgar Lungu says he will spread development equitably to the 10 provinces of Zambia.

Speaking during the ground breaking ceremony of the China funded milling plants project in Silverest area in Chongwe, President Lungu said he always got criticized with where he took development.

The Head of State said he would take the milling plants to eight of the 10 provinces of Zambia.

“I have been accused by my critics that I don’t balance development so under this project, the 13 milling plants will be constructed in eight provinces of the ten provinces in Zambia” he said.

The 13 milling plants will be constructed in eight regions namely Lusaka, Muchinga, Central Province, Luapula, Copperbelt, North Western, Western and Southern Provinces.

And President Edgar Lungu, has warned milling companies that will be found to be exploiting consumers by hiking the price of mealie meal without reasonable justification.

He said that he was worried with the manner mealie meal prices had been increasing and hoped it would stabilize.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Li Jie, assured President Lungu, that the  milling plants powered by solar power will contribute to Zambia’s food security.

Trade between the two countries in 2018 reached Five billion United States dollars with Zambia’s export to China hitting over four billion dollars.

And Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo, is hopeful that the three milling plants will assist the University of Zambia to finance some of its operations as well as offer practical lessons to students through value additions.

The construction of the first phase of the three milling plants is being done at University of Zambia agriculture demonstration Centre situated in Chongwe area. The entire project is to be completed within to take 21 months.


  1. James

    Why can’t u launch how u are going to f

    • James

      Why can’t you launch how u are going to fix the ecconomy

  2. AK

    There are 3 solar Milling Plants here in Mwase Mpangwe, they are not operating due to mecanical faults, they do not last longer. How can you expect m/meal to go down?

  3. mealie meal bwaali Nshima nsima ubunga

    This is nonsense..totally rubbish

  4. abilima

    Any reason why the Eastern Province is not covered?

  5. One love

    Create business for Zambian government that’s a away to stole money don’t depend on Pipo,look we don’t have even kantemba ,nyumba yakaloba sinyumba ,bana bagona njala ,or ka taxi nothing what a country.

  6. jimmy

    How many tonnes per hour not tuma 2bags per hour

  7. Kambwili.

    Nizakuwina Futi Na Petauke Coz Uwoneka Wagona Woi

  8. sage

    Why should it always be the Chinese,,,,,,,,,are they the only investors,,,just concerned

  9. Sylvester Moomba

    Who ever is advising the president to always want to decorate the whole country with his name, does not love him. This country is a mornac please Mr president and I can assure you that the more you name every mall, institution, plant and many more the more people will start to luth your name because it is becoming too monotonous to the citizens. The next leader will make sure that his or her first week in office will be to remove that name. Ask RB he named every, tree, BIL board and schools in his name but Michle Sata erased all that in no time.

  10. FGM

    Bedrooms will always eat at last.

  11. concerned

    Shud the chinese be the only investors given contracts.There r alot more investors with plenty to offer.Obviously lungu is being given millions in commissions.Twanaka na fong kong,to hell with china.

  12. Jessen fact

    Chinese Chinese every time where is our own company you’re not serious on develop. If u HV feld just tell we find someone

  13. Nino

    Chinese mills are going to go to waste the moment they start operating. China is a curse on Africa. Dictators like Lungu use the Chinese to bring in shoddy works while stealing and parking billions outside Africa. May the Lord take Lungu to living hell. May Lungu’s children go to rot like slimy worms. Let his tribe suffer in eternity. Let his clan vanish from Zambia and live with Satan of Somaliland

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