DPP Issues Consent to Prosecute Mwaliteta’s Offensive Weapon Case

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has issued a consent to prosecute UPND Lusaka Province chairperson Obvious Mwaliteta for allegedly being in possession of offensive weapons during the recent Kafue by-election.

When the matter came up today, the state informed Lusaka magistrate Alice Walusiku that they were in receipt of a consent from the DPP to prosecute Mwaliteta.

In this matter, Mwaliteta who is jointly charged with James Sichomba, was accused of being in possession of machetes, stones, knives and wooden pick handles in Kafue district.

When the duo first appeared before court, they could not take plea because the court had not yet received consent from the DPP to prosecute them.

Mwaliteta and his co-accused will appear in court soon for a possible plea and commencement of trial .

The suspects are each on a K5,000 bail in their own recognizance.



  1. Reagan mwape

    Boma ni boma ndeloleshafye

  2. Easterner

    But it’s not faire,bcoz the so called PF thugs are the ones who have been using more that weapons,no one has accused them.The time wil come for u MWALITETA soon from now enjoyment z on your way

  3. Wanyala

    Ba Easterner why supporting rubbish,mwaliteta is a thug.This is not his first time.grade seven wamupamba,chipuba sana.I wish those weapons were used to beat your mother idiot.

  4. One love

    Politicians do what is right ,us what we need is to look after poor pipo,good health,schools and good price mealmeal ,advise forget and forgive one Zambia one nation .

  5. Tell them

    But you what about those who have been found in in sesheke the pf cardars They some found with offensive weapon justice preview

  6. Hev rena

    I’m seeing hatred,fury,desperation and vengeance creeping into politics.This is sad because it’s leading us to civil strife and ultimately genocide.Let us pray hard to avert this demon slowly engulfing us.

    • Zax

      What you have said Hevrena is true,we really need real prayers for our nation Zambia.May God help us!

  7. Simfukwe

    He failed to read that now no grade 7 in parliament when he was in parliament he accused pf of being not faire without knowing the constitution is made by. Zambians no pf we shall if your master will save you

  8. CN

    PF cadres arrested in Sesheke are free, but had offensive, lethal weapons also. Fair justice in Zambia ?6

  9. Razor

    The law should be equal for all. Yes mwaliteta should be arrested and prosecuted if he was found with offensive weapons but so should have been those PF cadres found with weapons in sesheke instead of firing police officers who caught them.

  10. MWABA

    Pf cadres hw asults the DNC where nt arrested in raon constituency bt those upnd with just weapons without asuiting anyone u are arrest them thz z nt fair no one z above the law we all ve equal rights.

  11. Nimrod

    Mukaponokafye ba ngwele imwe. Hh azasala imwe muponoka cabe.

  12. Nimrod

    Mukalaponoka ba ngwele imwe. Hh azasala imwe muponoka cabe.

  13. alefisa

    Teach these thugs a lesson,they are the same people raping and killing innocent souls

  14. Dr Fonicks

    Just as I personally don’t condone violent political activities, I think the arrests are not very fair. I am not supporting anyone but we have heard of some cadres with similar offences who have gone scot free. justice should not be selective. What Mwaliteta and his co-accused did is not right. I don’t know what he thinks. The law must take its course. The law should visit some PF cadres as well. Those threatening Kambwili are well known but have not been arrested for a simple reason being that they might spill the beans because there’s an involvement of a PF bigwig. Let’s be fair when dealing with violent crime.

  15. Ukali

    In Zambia the problem is that poli

  16. Ukali

    In Zambia the problem is that political appeasement has destroyed our real human nature such that as long as am a diehard of a certain political part I don’t mind any evil perpetuated by the cadres.I encourage each one of us to continue with the heart of encouraging all sorts of evils but one day the same cadres will injure,kill or do all sorts of evil against our own relatives and I pray that the police will not do anything and we should not forget to say pamaka.

  17. Aaron

    We are living in a country controlled by fake politicians, pastors,teachers, social scientists,physicians and literally fake everything including food and medicines not to talk about fake relationships. People just want to eat from everything. The cracks VB in the opposition is as a result of greedy for goodies which some sense they may not posses , shame.!!

  18. Fidelis

    Ba mwaliteta tabalapilafye any way law will deal with him

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