Kambwili Officially Named NDC President…Fires Musenge

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has appointed Chishimba Kambwili as its president.

Vice president Joseph Akafumba unveiled Kambwili at a press briefing and also announced the appointment of Bridget Atanga as general secretary taking over from the dismissed Mwenya Musenge.

Political activist and artiste Saboi Imboela has been appointed as party spokesperson.

Akafumba said the party Central Committee had decided to elevate Kambwili to the presidency after being consultant since the party’s founding.

“Our Secretary General is Ms Bridget Atanga, Mwenye Musenge has been moved to the position of member of Central Committee or indeed chairman of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs,” Kambwili said.

Other appointments include newly elected Roan Member of Parliament Joseph Chishala as member of the Central Committee in charge of labour, Misheck Moyo joins the Central committee in charge of information and broadcasting and a Mr Kaonga moved from Tourism to Agriculture.

Meanwhile Ackson Simwizya has been removed from the Central committee.


  1. Lombe kalando

    Congrats we are with you Mr President .

    • Leon

      Having NDC as ruling party under imbwili will be worse than PF


    Congrats but establish grassroots or it will be a party by name.Abantu nima ward

  3. Hammer

    My simple analysis is that CK thinks that winning Roan is 100% assurance of winning the 2021. If he wants to win the heart of people he should stop the politics of insults. He should start behaving like a president and respect the institution called presidency then his party will surpass the UPND. But for now there is no alternative to ECL for 2021

    • Sylvester Moomba

      Just keep your dreams to yourself and you have no iota of right to impose your person to the citizens without any consultation. There so many people in this country who can be presidents with benefits than what we have now.

  4. bayoka

    Bwana ck mukese ku luapula tupange ama wards so that we can win in 2021 come come come all thanks.

    • mulobezi

      Wining a single seat has made one thnk he can b president.ask hh hw mch it takes 2 find yoslf at plot one yet u have started Sam squables amongst yoselvz will watch u.

  5. Ba Riquix

    Chishimba kambwili all the way

  6. King cool

    If the fool keeps quite, he looks more wiser than the wise ,

  7. Gessik

    Come 2021 ,opposition political parties will tear themselves leaving PF sailing even if it will be with a small margin

  8. sam dollar

    Congrats you will see in 2021

  9. sungani

    Ba president bwelani kuno ku chipata tikufunisani

    • Mapesho

      Hammer you have Hammered the nail. Well said.

  10. Peneas daka

    Congratulations ba CK

  11. ndc youth chairman nchanga ward

    all are welcome to join us. we are the peoples party

  12. alefisa

    Ck may not win the coming elections but he’s the next president if he position him self well that’s after PF or in PF,he is a better opposition than hh and don’t forget he might come back to PF.

  13. mk

    gud move ba ndc

  14. alefisa

    If there’s no PF I can vote for him.

  15. FGM

    Congratulations! Ensure you establish atleast two provinces as your Strong holds. I foresee one political party loosing three strong holds due failed leadership and intolerance to its members. 2021 elections will be a disaster to the proud ones.

    • Chimutengo cha Mango

      Congrats ck and your reshufles are on are long overdew . Next to GBM . Convince him to join NDC . Iam in Lusaka central and want to join your party . Where is the NDC ward office ? We need to form strctures . The time is now . Go Kambwili go……

      • Towela

        CK be careful with people called “Tulyemo” They are just after serving there interests. Remember what happened to Miles Sampa. After eating his money , they were no where to be seen.

        • Doubt Katwishi

          Surely, winning one seat is not a true indicator that someone can win presidential elections. HH has more than one seat but has failed to make it to plot one. You need Atleast 5/9 provinces to be voted to plot one. So CK please sober up.You are not there yet.

          • George N.Mukuka

            Hello dear Zambians, the P.F. claimed that they will “score in an empty goal post “..Alas it was the opposite. Now 2021is going crucial. Those non performing P.F.mps will lose to “independent candidates “Believe me!! Especially Lusaka,C/belt and N.provinces. With cracks in the UPND…..At Presidential E.C.Lungu will emerge victorious…. P.F must not relax……..on grass root!!

  16. Ishmael Di'Ja Kenz

    CK you ar welcome Prove them wrong! All the best!!


    Congrats Ba CK

  18. kelvin

    Cant yu jst say anything without saying something about upnd sure leave upnd alone

  19. museba anthony

    Comment.wishing u all the best ba ck

  20. manasseh keenabanyama

    we are behind you ba ck mazabuka.

  21. Dr Fonicks

    CK, I congratulate you on your ling over due appointment. The only problem you have is the language at times. if only you tone down a bit, you can win hearts of many Zambians. politics of insults are not the solution. in my case I detest vulgar language. learn to respect others. we know that some characters are corrupt or thieves but find simple terms or sayings that can be used on them. The people you are insulting today may also insult you tomorrow should you make it to plot one. my humble appeal is that please tame your language. some of us like people who humble themselves when fighting a just cause. Zambia is economically at cross roads. CK you can become my man if your style of addressing issues transform. if your are a wise bemba listen to my advise.

  22. Kelly

    2021 is for HH for presidency

  23. Mr. K

    Hakainde is already on his back how is kambwili winning presidency? He a boot leaker won’t run away from hakainde

  24. One love

    Pres.sata won becoz he was a man without fear ,fighting for poor Pipo’ s lives.pres.ck the target is on labour , agriculture, economy .see wat is happing now pipo called investors from harassing Zambians now killing where are we going.

  25. Stone

    President or no president ecl will do it come 2021 we don’t want insele mu Zambia

  26. Fidelis

    CK the future president

  27. fruits

    We are behind you bachishimba kambwili kuno ku Eastern province ndimweoladilidwa kwambili

  28. Simpito Mukandwa

    Ok wishing you all the best ba President CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI

  29. See Mind

    Ck welcome move in the ground to make noise! Remember 2021 that you cant win. Bola ni HH and ECL full stop.

  30. MKB5

    Kindly anyone with CK contact numbers please text me on 0971051791 lupososhi constituency on NDC

  31. Mpombo

    Imbwili yala samwa.But his philosophy rings true to this day ‘Nangula mwana Lesa aliminine teti bamu votele iyo kuti ba votela po ne libwe’Kambwili on Tonga tribalism and its malevolent influence on the voting pattern in Dundumwezi. This is a philosophy that I shall not forget provided my vote can prevent this and not make it possible. It shall be sorely used for this purpose

  32. bkombe

    Congrats . Mr CK spread your wings to the other provinces. That is how the late M.C. Sata started (mhsrip ).

  33. boyibol

    Comment ba ck put effort pliz limbi kuti twalabako Kuli ba sata pantu we ar still remember our late president coz of this leadership we facing.ukubwesha bakabwalala after twacula.nomba baikalilafye boasting ati twalibomba while ninshi niba sata na ba CK mwabombele.this tym abashala na Pf ni bakalyamofye.notifye umuntu uwaishibe budget ya PF Teti.kumonafye kwati kubuta.Ba CK God bless u Don’t fear u ar just telling him the truth but there said u ar insulted.

  34. Dol

    Thanx Mr ck,you have made a way for our President hh to win 2021

  35. KING~DEE!!!


  36. supporter

    Every successfull journey starts with a single step, even the late mr MC Sata (mhsrip) started with one member in mporokoso.So stop bragging that having one mp, can’t give ck the courage & confidence that one day he can rule this nation!!!

  37. alefisa

    Even ba sata himself said it jokingly in Parliament,as Ck entered in Parliament, the late sata said our next president.it may not be now but he’s the next president.


    Congrats for victory in Roan

  39. Galu wako kuipa

    Very far ck to become president of Zambia maybe for luanshy

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