Peru’s Former President Kills Himself Ahead of Arrest

Former Peruvian President Alan García has died after shooting himself as police arrived at his home to arrest him over bribery allegations.

Mr García was rushed to hospital in the capital, Lima. His death was confirmed by current President Martín Vizcarra.

A crowd of supporters gathered outside the hospital building, and were held back by a line of police officers.

Mr García was accused of taking bribes from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht – claims he denied.

What happened at his home?

Officers had been sent to arrest him at his home in the affluent Miraflores neighbourhood in connection with the allegations.

Interior Minister Carlos Morán told reporters that when police arrived, Mr García asked to make a phone call and went into a room and closed the door.

Minutes later, a shot rang out, Mr Morán said. Police forced the door open and found Mr García sitting on a chair with a bullet wound to his head.

Ricardo Pinedo, Mr García’s secretary, said the former president had four or five weapons in his home, gifts he had received from the military, and that he had used one of these to shoot himself.

He underwent emergency surgery in the Casimiro Ulloa hospital in Lima.

Health Minister Zulema Tomás said Mr García had to be resuscitated three times after suffering cardiac arrests before finally succumbing to his injuries.

In a post on Twitter, Mr Vizcarra said he was “shocked” by the former president’s death and sent his condolences to his family.


(Source: BBC)


  1. Musonda

    Too bad

  2. Francis Badeen

    imagine a president killing himself for fear of the law!! This clearly shows that in some countries the law favours no one.


    To all those in power dont be corupt.dnt steal money you wont even live to enjoy. you are in power today,tomorow you out

  4. Kascol

    For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.
    Too bad for him hell awaits him😠

  5. Knowledge Mweemba

    Too bad indeed

  6. Edward Mareya

    He could have believed he was going to be persecuted instead prosecuted. The manner in which justice is pursued mirrors the verdict /final outcome

  7. Chilankalipa

    A very good lesson to all those who have made their fingers long into the coffers that are not theirs. When the long arm of the law will is finally in the hands
    of competent and professionals, some people will contemplate this ex thief’s action.

  8. drizzy

    too bad Mr President.death awaits every sinner

  9. Yamudi silwenga

    2bad mr man but in life u should understand tow things birth and dth

  10. Yamudi silwenga

    Get a lesson for those who are in that position plz SWEET is NICE

  11. Mulenga Davies

    it z better u run away than killing yourself, bicoz there z no profit in his busness.


    my condolences

  13. dockfath£r

    Finshi washokwa

  14. Verdugo

    He is going to hell

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