Solwezi Accident Kills 14

Fourteen people have died while 15 others sustained serious injuries in a fatal road traffic accident involving a Scorpion Bus Services along the Solwezi Chingola Road near Kobombomene area.

The accident happened when the driver the Scorpion Bus Services vehicle, registration number BCA 8977 hit into a stationed truck registration number ACZ 9253 and ACP 3864T due to excessive speed.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila confirmed the development saying the decsaed died from the impact of the accident.

He has identified driver of the bus as Eddie Katoyo, 32, of Kambazhi area of Kalumbila District.

“The accident happened when Eddie Katoyo drove the said bus at  an excessive speed and after overtaking several vehicles, he lost control of the bus and went to hit into the rear part of the broken down freightliner truck and trailer,” Namachila said.

He has named the deceased as Noble Nsofu, Mtonga Sllister, Savior Chungu  Mulenga  ,   Maron Chabala Kapambwe,  Temwani Chifunda,  Victor Khakeni, Boniface Chisala while four other male adults are unidentified.

Three female victims have also not been identified yet.

Namachila said those injured who include three female adults and 12 male adults are admitted to Solwezi General Hospital.

He said bodies of the deceased are deposited in Solwezi General Hospital mortuary awaiting post-mortem while the driver of the bus is yet to be charged with 14 counts of causing death by dangerous driving.



  1. Youth movement

    Very sad news,please Jehovah help us.

    • Lungubongo

      If there was Jehovah, there would not be dictators like Lungu and exploitators like Hakainde on earth. Stop hallucinating and get back to work, you wretched bipods.

  2. Birdrock

    very bad

  3. Hev rena

    Condolences, my heart bleeds when I hear such calamities.

  4. NK

    No, why, why, why all those people

  5. BUFII

    This is why the govt shud revisit eligible age limit for PSV licence holders.. We shud ave responsible ages like it was with the defunct UBZ… ( my opinion only)

  6. Truestory

    First of all its my deepest condolences to the affected families and to the surviving, may God reach them and heal them soon. Now to the companies who are employing these young boys, pliz try to be serious ne myeo sha Bantu twapapata. 32 years given to carry huge numbers of people? Yes some will say alifye bwino ni accident fye. Awe, maturity pa musebo tabakwata, we had UBZ akale what kind people were driving those buses, and did we used to have such fatalities? The answer is No. But y these days?

    • Zax


    • Big man

      You people do you think a 32 year old driver is too young to drive that bus ? I tend to disagree with you . I think 28 and above is ok . All we need to talk about is experience . Another thing is to install speed control gudgets and cameras on all these big buses to be monitered by the owners from the base . These gudgets should also be hooked to Ratsa and trafic police section .

  7. Samuel

    Very sad news to hear that soooooory

  8. Truestory

    Exactly what have said my brother. Mr Buffi, age limit and also corruption when employing these guys elo nkulaingisha amachito mu ma families its also causing these problems, coz they leave out quality people and end up employing unqualified people.

  9. twali

    So touching almost reaching home,families at home waiting to receive gifts.ready to say welcome back but now we are saying bye may your souls rest in piece children of God

  10. shi k

    may their souls rest in peace

  11. Clifford Mwiinde

    Sad news to hear

  12. kabo

    sad indeed, we keep losing our pipo everyday.

  13. Vin

    Sad story children of God

  14. Cinyemba boy

    Mmmmmm what a fatal accident may their souls rest in internal peace

  15. Smart k

    My Condolences to the deceased family.

  16. Christopher CJ Mutambo

    Sad Development.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the affected families.

  17. sorrowful

    These big passenger buses shud be installed with speed limits controllers, it’s very unfortunate that lives can be lost in such manners. Rip brothers, father’s, mother’s & etc may God help.

    • Lameck Lungu

      Condolences to the beleaved families.One concern for me is the is a need to relook at the age of people carrying lives in these big buses.You know an elderly person takes responsibility the driver was too young my opinion.

  18. Mulenga Frank

    Sad news.My condolences to the deceased family.

  19. bills


  20. ben mwaanga

    sorry for what happened

  21. Jones Chikamba

    Sad development

  22. Luck Muwaya

    Sad development

  23. bayoka


  24. BW


  25. Mulenga

    sad story may their spirits rest in peace

  26. grey kausu

    too badd

  27. King cool

    First and foremost I’d like to appeal to the relevant authorities to understand the meaning of (Accident ) not to rush out to charge the driver, it’s accident….

  28. Edwin Chibala

    Too Bad My There Souls Rest In Peace

  29. Maggie

    Too bad may their soul rest in peace n my prayer goes to the deceased family may the Almighty God strengthen them,Lesa amikoseleshe

  30. typing z phiri

    I think the company shou

  31. kebby

    Sorry for the loss

  32. fred

    its to bad i lost my auncle they temwani chifunda

  33. William samuhanga

    very sad news R.I.P

  34. thauvin

    sad news

  35. More Blessings

    So sad, my condolences

  36. Jimmy

    Very bad god help us

  37. metals

    may their soul rest well

  38. Cosphiness mabbesu

    may their soul rest in peace

  39. Leonard Chimwele

    Money Matters

  40. Bridget

    May their soul rest in peace.. AMEN.

  41. Yona m banda

    my condolences to the deceased family God hear our prayer.

  42. Mabvuto Mtonga

    CommentVery Sad.

  43. Kascol

    I conquer with Truestory & Bufii,rRTSA review age for PSV drivers not kids who get excited at the sight of their girlfriends forgetting they are carrying alot of souls.

  44. Family Man

    Condolences to the families of the deceased. And drivers sure we have talking about this issue of overspeeding please let’s change

  45. Fidelis

    Very sad may their souls rest in peace

  46. Francis Nsama

    My heartfelt condolences!

  47. Smith mukeya

    To bad may their soui rest in piece.

  48. Truestory

    Kascol thank you so much for seconding to my & Buffi’s opinion. Now its up to the relevant authorities to make sure they do the correct thing. I miss KK, the man really tryd to make Zambians a disciplined people in many areas, eg transport sector, health, and in all Government institutions. No wounder the man is still around, aba aba shino nshiku baleya ngo mwela. The leaders we have today are full of amangalo, which is leading to these situations we are having now, such loosing so many lives at a time. Its like people capitalises a lot when such things happen no wounder they ignore most of the rules that are there to cube these accidents, just like people have become so rich over HIV. Same, Bambi balenonkela po pa myeo ya Bantu, but God is there looking at you one day mukalubulula.

  49. Joshua

    My condolences to the family.

  50. Pãt~Käy


  51. Pãt~Käy


  52. Try B

    Too bad zoona I lost my neighbor savior chungu!may God bless u rest in peace.Gvt ilelolesha pama age yakwensha abantu,32 koma truck Kai isendafye cargo,not imyeo shabantu.32 ninshi but guy tabulapwa mumutwe nobu yo!at least 35or40 ukuyamulu.to much corraption


    CoNDOLENCES MY THEY SOUL REAST IN PEACE???lets debate a psv driver must be 50years and above.whith a certificate of competence driver from government???and RST

  54. Benjamin

    That’s very bad!

  55. rodsnation

    Is the driver alive for him to be charged with 14 counts or the company is the one which will be vicarious liable and charged with 14 counts ?????

  56. True

    Rasta you have been told about scopion before talwaka lumo likili mbwe what steps did you take to control them. This is what you wanted check likili that yellow bus to nakonde kaya very soon

  57. True

    Put people in these buses to see for yourself the way the drivers drive them and at what speed they drive



  59. Andford Zulu

    So this is how will be dying sure!.. Awe its a sad news may their souls rest in peace and I wish a quick recover to u who are injured…….

  60. Michael jesapper

    May their R.I.P And Help their Families.

  61. Corruption


  62. Vaal mula

    Sad news

  63. meleki


  64. typing z phiri

    Too bad

  65. Paiton Kaima

    Very much condolences, may their souls rest in Peace

  66. chabimba🚌


  67. chabimpa🚌


  68. IZZY

    Thats too bad indeed losing such a bigger number(14) of people,may your souls rest in eternal peace.

  69. AUBREY

    Oh to bad what a sad news mwandini. May their soul rest in peace (mtsrnp).

  70. Kayo

    Very bad

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    Hmmm chapipa

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