UPND Rallies Youths to Hound Out GBM

The opposition UPND leadership has mobilized youths countrywide to denounce party vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Some of the youths met at the party secretariat in Lusaka where they described Mwamba as being “unfaithful to the UPND” and that “even if when he ditches the UPND, the party will not die as it is been claimed by others”.

Others who spoke at the well-attended briefing said no one had chased Mwamba from the party but that the former Defence Minister is using junior party officials in Kasama to cause division in the party.

The youths from Lusaka, Copperbelt, Southern, Western, Luapula and other provinces have since called on the party leadership to ensure there is stability, unity, and peace in the UPND ahead of the 2021 general elections.

This division started when Kasama district chairperson Jairos Tembo, a junior member of the party, suspended Northern Province chairman Nathan Chileshe on account that he was failing to take the party forward.



  1. sam dollar

    That the end of upnd party

    • Future President

      I have been observeing the kind of politics in upnd in fact at some point I even supported the party, the reason I left is simple I don’t c any structures in Lusaka nothing no party activity, instead of taking advantage of the many mistakes the pf is making u r busy fighting one another. If u r not careful u will loose the huge support of voters u have gained in the recent past.so handle your issues very carefully do not allow your junior officials to behave in such a manner against Senior party officials.

      • mulobezi

        Which misteks z the Pf making?one thin i hate with us Zambians z that we are 2 expectnt,we wnt gvt 2 b duin things whch we ar capable of duin.Thats laziness .

      • Hop

        I believe that has been read by UPND officials. There are valid points.

    • MK


  2. Passer-by

    Politics is a dirty game

  3. Katewa kizito kafula

    The end

    • Mmj

      no permanent friends or enemies in politics its a dirty game

  4. bkombe

    GBM we told you. .remember what pipo were & are still telling you. Now which way ? Either join Ck, Hk or form your own party. U have wasted a lot of money for UPND.

  5. Azere

    Not the end, but just about the right time to reorganize opposition leadership in readiness for 2021

  6. Ubwamba na bukula

    G bwalya bwaamba i know you want to join kambwili u are welcome

  7. alefisa

    Bonse babili amano yanono

    • enalor

      Double edged sword is dangerous but. Youths re-organising top leadership is annack.

  8. Sim1

    Foolish pipo ,foolish party.tu lifye pamaka.

  9. oscar

    immaturity in zambian politics

  10. Mapesho

    Just waiting comments from HH.

  11. Agogo

    Let him join his fellow Bembas in the NDC .This time we shall see who are tribalists !

    • Shilubemba

      I wonder who is being a tribalist here . We all know that UPND members have not been happy with GBM being hh’ s running mate .And we know that immediately he is hounded out from upnd , it will be someone from Southern or Western to take up that position .And this is the begining of the end of upnd . As for GBM this is a blessing in disguise . Dont start your political party . Kindly join CK as his running mate . NDC is the way to go and we will ursher you in office come 2021 .

      • Corruption now will be worse

        Well said! since NDC is for Bembas so I urge all other tribes not to join this party whose foundations are based on the bemba tribe.This party is nothing but a clique of malcontents who failed to make it in the Pf due to indiscipline and they wanted to dominate the party on tribal lines. Now after failling because, thanks !to the vigilance of the good men and women under the Pf they have now formed a tribal party called Ndc whose agenda is well known and shall soon be a one tribe party.

  12. Mayben Hamakalu

    Wayabona mabwaya a nzaka mukwabo

  13. Nicholas

    UPND Kuwaya wayafyee

    • Bana Simon

      GBM, just stay in there. They have used your money. Take them to task.

  14. kelvin

    Mbo kulanga biyo come 2021 and see

    • Dude

      There is nothing to see in 2021. UPND kuwa ya wafye.

  15. cazipa

    There is no one to take the country foward at the moment.Ba GBM u were blinded ealier on coz those pipo are tribalistic. God will never give them this country.

  16. Thambuli major

    If this is true then am very disappointed

  17. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Let him go


    upnd its atonga family party bakalamba bakene basakwiba ngaimwe nibani isenifye mu PF

    • Dude

      I think ba UPND were just using Ba GBM.Remember how Mr.Banda left. HH has exposed himself further.

  19. Lukwe

    Where is the diciplinary committee because that is their job, instead of wasting time ralling youths countrywide to denounce his position.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      It’s deliberate, HH want it to look as if it’s not him but the party. You don’t know?

    • Doubt Katwishi

      It’s deliberate. HH would like it to look as if it is the party not him.You don’t know these people?

  20. Bobby

    Just leave them Mr Gbm.. and thy shall never rule this country unless kaya che #tongas sivintu

  21. Chamboli

    Just come back mudala to PF. We will welcome u.UPND it’s tribal party jokes aside

  22. Francis aft

    Jst cum back

  23. Smart k

    GBM we welcome u to our part. PF ni PF boi tatutamfya abakulu bene baitamfya

  24. Tonka machembele

    No tribalism in upnd its only that the founder was a Tonga. Follow the background of the party you ‘re going to find different tribes in the party structure .if its true that gbm is out of the party well and good. He has a right to come out and to join other party. No problem. We’re not worried about him its a matter of replacing him. Even to the person who dies do replace for the family to move on.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      You are saying there is no tribalism in UPND, how did HH end up being a president for the party? Was he voted at the convention. Tell us more and clear this please.

      • Gerald

        Talk about the price of meal meal not that you are saying


    First of all. What led to such an extent?

  26. ministry of political

    I knew what they are planning and UPND is like a step stone no one stands forever if the founder didn’t enjoy who are you to have it overnight

  27. Joshua

    GBM, he behavers like a kid.

  28. paul

    let him go he dont add the value to the party

  29. Daniel Banda

    Time will tell

  30. Joinnus

    Awe sure kikikikikikiki at ck i cant c any leadership in him he is just a bully

  31. Truestory

    Elo lwa nya GBM which way forward nomba tata?

  32. BA $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Awe suer politics is a very dirty game.mwiponta mwikabwela $$

  33. Gregory Banda

    He does not have good leadership qualities

  34. Gregory Banda

    He can spoil the party.
    let him go

    • Wezi

      If he has no leadership qualities. How come made him your vice president? Your party is already spoiled. That’s why it can’t make it to plot 1.

  35. Hollywood

    It is just a joke.

  36. HH

    Banzelu baenda mawe chashupa ino yabija makaani

  37. GBM

    HH mkamba aah ine napyamo wamfwa chapala kwati tuleya tulekula kaah

  38. Hollywood

    Ba upnd teshuko mano mwashota inshila ni Ku PF ngo ko mwashoka kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  39. Chanda


  40. UMUNTU

    Yaba tefintu

  41. Lol

    Just reading comments

  42. mulobezi

    Zambian politks at its climax.where everyone wants 2 experiment wat it feels lyk 2 b head of state.

  43. Hev rena

    I can see four major parties by 2021,PF,Upnd,DC and NDC but the last three will split the votes to make PF win.To defeat Of u need to form one coali

    • Okonya

      Yeah if possibly Rush to something affordably not waste much time coz opportunity is opportunity and always comes once

  44. Albright

    Not now but yes to come.

  45. Albright

    Not now but years to come.

  46. Tm

    GBM , the wise way to go is simply coming back to the PF .

  47. The big dog

    Just watching then talk

    • Okonya

      No before is too late
      Voice something to them for help and a try to amend

  48. The big dog

    Zambia forwad

  49. Osita Okonya

    Anyway dear friends it’s a big lesson to stretch up to that other level to many infact we need to be careful when we are sketching a foundation on the floor and make sure with the kind of tool you are using. Imagine nothing is permanent to everything there is a limit…..
    Much to the concerned Zambia wake up. Am humbled

  50. Okonya

    Just after some months you will agility someone among will mention to call for reconciliation after yet too late

  51. hazard

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂no support in northern province no ba hakainde ichilema

  52. Mpombo

    GBM you have been used like a sanitary pad leave that tribal grouping they don’t appreciate ask Sakwiba and Chisanga #Only a Tonga can rule UPND not Zambia

  53. Ba gbm Ba mbuya, just join Ba Harry kalaba he is the only hope for mother Zambia.

    Ba gbm ba mbuya, just join mr Harry kalaba he’s da only hope for Zambia.

  54. chris zwa

    Ndc chapwa

  55. Ba yg

    Any way that is how these bembas behave ,that is why i ,i don’t belong to any of these silly parties aaaata.

  56. Ba yg

    Any way that is how these bembas behave ,that is why i ,i don’t belong to any of these silly parties aaaata.

  57. Madiba

    GBM is very good redundancy,he has not brought any value to the UPND, look at Kasama where he comes from not even a single coucilcour,how can the UPND not even have councilor where the party vice president comes?so even if he went what will the UPND lose? where can you intertain a prefect suspending the headmaster and GBM was happy.in any society lawlessness should be stopped.so if he thinks he can’t be replaced anyone is replaceable.however hopping for the best for the UPND.

  58. Gbm jr

    Ba UPND mubweshe na money yakwe aonaula mu party yene. After mwalya stater ati GBM zwaaaa.

  59. chisa Emmies

    UPND is a tribal party.They will just use you and dump you

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