ZCID Spokesperson Appointed NDF Member

Golden Progressive Party leader Jackson Silavwe has been appointed a member of the National Dialogue Forum (NDF).

Silavwe, who is also the Spokesperson the the Zambia Center for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID), has since accepted the appointment “with deep humility and introspection”.

The NDF has been mandated to amend or refine the Republican Constitution and undertake reforms on judicial, electoral, public order Act (PoA) and political parties.

Silavwe stated that he considered “this noble call a rare privilege and not a right and certainly I don’t take it lightly”.

“We are mindful that we carry the voices and aspirations of the foregone and present generations in the constitutional making process and shall endeavour to represent the views of all our people and not personal vested interests,” stated Silavwe.


  1. Lisa

    From frying pan to fire. .. Where a church shows discontent expect failure.

  2. Hammer

    I am a church goer and I support NDF, be specific when you say that if Church not supported then it will fail. Are you sure majority of Christians bear the same view with the very few leaders in the church who are against progress. Laws will made and abiding to every citizen. The church led dialogue can go ahead in their terms but the NDF will refine the constitution

  3. Kubeja badala

    He’s a one man party member. I thought all political parties are being represented by 2 members? It follows therefore that whoever is appointing delegates has no choice but to appoint him. The same goes for tuma parties for the likes of Wright musoni, Danny Pule, Cosmo mumbu, peter Chanda etc, not forgetting Muliokela.

  4. mitimiti

    Golden Progressive Party President, what is your membership like? You are non-existent except by name.Enjoy your tea and lunches.

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