OPINION: Like Pregnancy, UPND’s Problems Are Too Big to Be Ignored!

The UPND is burning! The top leadership of the country’s biggest opposition party is at each other’s throats. The party’s vice-president, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, has finally been suspended. The problems that have been for years have now been laid bare – it is difficult to hide anymore. Like a pregnancy, the problems in the UPND are now too huge to be ignored and everyone can see them.

Mwamba, popularly referred to as GBM, has been accused of working against the party in Northern Province and for this, the UPND national management committee decided to suspend him yesterday for what they are calling “gross misconduct”. The squabbling all started with the suspension of a senior party official in Northern Province by a junior officer. This is what GBM did not like. And for this, the entire opposition party membership has been mobilized to ‘destroy’ him. Youths from all around the country who gathered for a briefing at the party secretariat were left free to unleash all manner of insults and threats against GBM. From this, you can see clearly that GBM was kept in this party only for convenience sake and not genuine love they showed towards him. It was a cosmetic agreement! It was just a matter of time before the true colours of the party leadership could be exposed. And here we are today! A man who was once the darling of the party has all of sudden turned into a villain. How?

This attitude towards GBM has not been triggered by what happened in Northern Province. This has been going on for some time and what happened in Northern Province only provided a loophole to hound out GBM, without caring about the contributions he has made to the UPND. It wouldn’t be wrong for someone to insinuate either that the excitement to hound out GBM at this time is because of the ‘newfound love’ in Chishimba Kambwili and his National Democratic Congress following their electoral pact for the Roan constituency by-election which they won. If this is the case, what the UPND are doing to GBM is like that man who throws away all the good in his wife just because of a ‘sweet 16’ he has met for a season.

But again, this must ring some bells in the minds of many Zambians. Why would Hakainde Hichilema ferry youths from all over the country to Lusaka to just come and denounce GBM for whatever disagreements he and the party may have with him? If Hichilema could not show leadership in handling this issue, does anyone expect reason from mere party members who are now parading themselves on camera insulting and threatening GBM? This exposes the much bigger problems that lie at the core of the party’s leadership. Through these happenings, the UPND is tolerating behaviour which this country must move away from. They have, on several occasions, accused the ruling Patriotic Front of being violent and running politics that are inimical to the growth of this country’s democracy. But funny enough, they are the ones actually promoting that behaviour and doing it in an uncivilized manner.

All political parties have problems, but they have clear systems that guide in solving such matters. For a party of UPND’s size to expose its issues in the manner done against GBM, one is left with many questions about the capability of that party’s leaders to handle even much bigger problems that the country faces. This is a serious indictment on Hichilema’s leadership style!


  1. KING~DEE!!!


    • Leon

      All those politicians from pf have the same thinking as those still in pf I there fore urge upnd not to give them positions but be just members

    • Bk

      Tuyanda Jack Mwiimbu $ Syakalima

    • JJ

      Swebo Tobamatonga tuyanda JackvMwiimbu olo Muntinta. olo mwetwa olo Syakalima kuti Abe Visit Pulezidenti kambo Upnd ni pati yesu

  2. Zambian youths

    Even Mr Sata suspended him bcose of the same problem he has exposed to the UPND, when Mr Sata faired him in pf do you think he did not see how this man behave in puplic, the party will remain very strong and he found it very strong bye Dad.

  3. Bismarck Handabile

    Everything has its end

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Let truth be told. GBM was used for 2016 so that the party could make the bembas vote for UPND. Coz this is the only way UPND could have made it to plot 1.Unfortunately bembas are too clever for that and they did not. Of late Gbm start story of going to convention to change leadership, he thought you cannot have the same man loosing. Brilliant idea but fogot that HH wamuyaya. I don’t think it is about kambwili. It is more about going to the convention of which Gbm is a contender.

      • O'Brian bupe mukuka

        The problems in upnd is the convention not Dr kambwili I agree with the people who are saying that but that now is the end of upnd no matter what

  4. Kings

    Your Post Is Fake, What U Should Know Is That No Individual Is Bigger Than An Organization, Rules Should Be Followed At All Costs, Mwilasendapo Icushi Mwasho Mulilo. And Don’t Mention HH In This Matter, Be Fair When Judging And Open Your Eyes To See What You Did Not Know About Upnd. Intact Is Upnd.

    • konx george

      Comment nausosa thats true i like your comment.God bless you recieve in Jesus Christ amen

  5. ba bob

    To bad

  6. mulobezi

    Hh’s tricks ar nw unfolding.he has seen onotha bird in th tree,known as kambwili thinking that’s the bridge 2 plot one bt it won’t work out coz they share one thing in common .hop u know it.

  7. Pilato

    Every organisation has got rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, if you don’t want to follow the you are at a wrong place, even Nevers Mumba was fired as vice president for similar circumstances now who is GSM?

  8. Gangsta grabs

    Like mutumbo wako,your opinion is panyo pa paksa

  9. lsaac

    The problem is people do not want to evaluate and equite the other side id GBM. Look at how he has been responding to issues. As a National figure you can not tell your wife or husband that that is my bedroom (Northern Provinve) when Zambia is one. He found already structures were there on the ground.

  10. SEE MIND

    Leave alone HH vote 2021, ECL Packing , Kambwili lolela 2036.

  11. SEE MIND

    Leave alone HH vote 2021, ECL pack , Kambwili wait until 2036!

    • O'Brian bupe mukuka

      Will see who will lose in 2021 ecl or hh maybe hh wont stand

  12. Tuli Bantu

    Iwe chi Chris phiri! You are a great fool, you clearly show that you are partisan, you don’t qualify to be a reporter, how much does pf pay you for all the insults you are insult to the upnds? do you have any shame with you? Who do you think you are to think in behalf of the people? people already know what to do, don’t praise your pf as if you owe pfs life, is your life belongs to pf or God? change your mind set coz you perish one day.

    • Bana Simon

      The truth hurts, it’s so bad that at times you mistaken it to be insults. I have not read any insults in this article but facts. Thanks Chris for your information.

  13. Abraham

    what we ‘re telling you today about hh and ck is what we were telling you about hh and GBM. canitious Banda said he was just being used by hh and in the same way they use GBM. unfortunately Gbm also joined upnd organized youths to insulting Banda.the same will happen with ck.

  14. Skb

    What next for Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya? The guy committed the sin of just thinking aloud about a Convention in a party that doesn’t tolerate such thoughts.He was hoping to democratically challenge for Presidency with his eyes on PLOT ONE.What a shame and what a sin,but what next???? Exculpate himself? No,too proud….Form another Party? Join another party? What next?? Just thinking aloud.

  15. Mpombo

    GBM batuke ifi Masele bakwishibe bwino These bantustan don’t appreciate #Only a Tonga can rule UPND but not Zambia


    HH 4 LIFE

    • Mapesho

      This attitude of HH muyaya is costing him to go to make it to plot 1. If he can be umuyaya in UPND what about if he became the CEO of Zambia? Zambians forbid.

  17. GBM

    Zambia vs Malawi c u in 2021bl bane!

  18. chimbwi

    Iwe chi Chris phiri to conclude this article u ar very crazy and you are not qualified to be a reporter, take those facking articles to your House.

  19. Sir mo

    Mpombo ur truly bush animal not bush meat,wat has de tribe got to do with de party upnd,if Mr hh or ecl is a party president wat next,ur de rabish kind of pipo who are triballistic not any other tribe fimafi.mind u Impala there are tongas who are doctors, nurses, lawyers, miners, soldiers,ministers, teachers, judges etc just like any other tribe,these pipo offers service’s to pipo of Zambia b it Tonga,bemba lunda,kaonde,lozi,tumbuka etc & u are busy misleading pipo about de Tonga tribe fogetng in someway u are related.whoever speaks of tribalism in Zambia is a fooooooooooooool in capital letters,& de contributer of tribalism.chopet ba mpombo ur a useless tree in away Zambia.

    • Mpombo

      Ulabeja most of them are teachers infact Re.E,History and arts subjects not sciences engineers and Doctors I doubt The highest they can go is doing economics not STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) at UNZA or CBU#Only a Tonga can rule UPND but not Zambia

  20. Simpito Mukandwa

    Awe Bible yalilanda nation will rise against nation

  21. mumba

    Mpombo ukanjipaya kuseko. Bushe utontonkanya shani?

    • Corruption now will be worse

      He is a mpombo! How does a common duiker think?

  22. Biloko

    Always thinking with your tribe you’re the same people who were screaming that HH shouldn’t make gbm his vice so that you could continue labelling him tribal we all saw you disappointment when he defied you but being the twisted people you’re then you were saying he is not fit for the job because he is violent. GBM is not the first bemba you have hounded out of UPND and won’t be the last.To you any bemba in a party led by a non bemba is being used.If non bembas support bemba led parties its fine.I feel sorry for boma Inonge and the rest of non bembas in PF who have to put up with the open tribalism we can see in PF.This is the first government in the history of Zambia being run 90%by people from two tribes in a country of 72 tribes. This is a shame to any normal thinking Zambian,I miss Kaunda and the respect he had for other tribes. Enjoy your tribalism while you can.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Whichever way you look at it. This has worked against UPND.

    • Mpombo

      Iwe what about Edify Hamukale Give us mps we appoint them When we appoint people from Southern province you chase them remember Richwell Siamunene and Greyford Moonde #Only a Tonga can rule UPND but not Zambia

      • Ahmed Lubinga

        Mr mbombo or pombo or whatever you call yourself, you are evil incanet ! Your tongue is venomous and divisive! Anyone with a sound mind will easily know who harbors tribal hatred here, “you” just tell everybody how Tongas are at the Helm of pf? You can’t just talk of Edify Hamukale to cover up your despotic acts in pf! Look at the Sg of pf – Bemba! Deputy-Bemba, youth chair-Bemba, media director-Bemba, deputy-easterner! Look at all ministries and tell us which one is headed by a Tonga/ luvale or any subsidiary tribes. Health- chilufya-Bemba. Ps, malama-Bemba! Defence, Chama- Bemba. Finance, mwanakatwe- Bemba. Home affairs, Kampyongo-bemba. The list can be too long but you can always add the rest yourself! As for Upnd, president – HH, he had his v/presidents, Chisanga – Bemba, simenda-lozi, kapita- Kalunda, Banda-nsenga, Gbm- Bemba. National chair- Nalumango-namwanga, sg-Katuka- luvale, deputy- mucheleka- Bemba, 2nd deputy- Masebo- soli. Youth chair- mufalali- lozi, media director- Ruth Dante -mixed blood! Now in your foolishness you little clueless tribalist, which party has a national character between pf and Upnd?

        • Mpombo

          Kindly refer to my response to Sir Mo below and refute my points Saboi Imboela famously said Tongas deny tribalism if it will further their interests but will eagerly use it if it can further their interests Ala tamulati GBM has vowed to finish you declaring that he isn’t Canicious Banda.Just as well since Kambwili our attack dog has gone soft on you

  23. Sir mo

    Whoever is chosen support that person,Mr Kk,FTJ,LPM,RBB,MCS they all did right & wrong things at some point but we gave them chance same as Mr ECL,is given a chance & 2021 will b up to the voters who at de pipo of Zambia to choose de leaders of there choice.dont talk about tribe as if other tribes can’t rule and yet we are in one nation like wat happened muli the animal farm,pigs thot were special than other animals.what happened after.

    • Bana Simon

      It’s not the tribe we hate, it is the behavior of its people we hate. Period.

  24. Charles


    By Mweemba Habazoka

    The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed between the rock and the hard place as on one hand, Zambians have refused to toll their line while on the other, UPND’s top leadership especially its past and current President’s rented wealth is threatened by its true owners, the mining conglomerate, Anglo-America, which continues to fund Hakainde Hichilema through Brenthurst Foundation in South Africa.

    On 25th August 2015, Hichilema, while addressing a rally in Chingola vowed to chase Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and bring back Anglo-America. See:


    Did he say that? Yes he did because his masters asked him to!

    That statement was not an innocent one but spoke to everything that UPND and Hichilema are all about – fronts of white capital with interests in Zambia’s mineral wealth!

    *How it all began:*

    The former illegitimate mining corporation that lost its mining rights to the Zambian government in 1970 has never rested. In the wake of multi-party democracy, this corporation saw privatisation as an opportunity to regain its mineral rights across the country. To this effect, it fronted its ‘men’ both in government and in the private sector to champion their cause. Hichilema himself was one of the fronts of the foreign interest that resulted in him landing a top position as Lead in the Sell of Subsidiary assets while late Anderson Mazoka, a former employee of the Anglo-American Corporation would lobby from within the Party as a member of the MMD at the time. This ‘well calculated’ ploy gave rise to the inflow of cash to individuals involved most of which would be used to buy off some of the strategic government enterprises that would later leave many Zambians out of employment and thrown into untold destitution. Hichilema himself benefitted immensely from this transaction landing him and his birds of the feathers, strategic businesses.

    I can borrow from the words of former Zambia Privatisation Agency Director, Mr. James Matale who in an interview with Bivan Saluseki on the Sunday 16th of December 2007, described privatisation as an act of unprecedented vandalism.  Yes, it was, and what is even worse, the vandals would return to claim to be messiahs to the very people they wantonly condemned into misery. How cheek!

    Hichilema along with his colleagues sold their souls to the powerful business interests and in the process lined up to take pot luck of this country’s enterprises and assets as though they were goods falling from the back of a delivery truck.

    This ploy would later fail to deliver results to their ‘masters’, all thanks to the street savvy of the Fredrick Chiluba’s government. The government refused to offer some fake corporation established to procure the entire mining conglomerate to the annoyance of monopoly capital that had already invested heavily through the greedy Zambians both in the then MMD government as well as in the privatisation process. In 1998 when the privatisation of the mines was almost concluded, the schemers had to engage into plan B. This gave rise to the birth of the UPND in December of the same year 1998 with Mazoka as its leader and with an even heavy flow of cash from the foreign corporation for party mobilisation. They pinned their hopes on the disastrous outcomes of a poorly implemented privatisation to muzzle power and ultimately deliver their promise to their financier.  It follows therefore that UPND was never founded on any grounded political ideology other than as a tool for foreign monopoly capital hell bent on recapturing the country’s natural resources especially mineral deposits throughout the country.

    *Setting in of desperation*

    In all their schemes, indications have always looked to be in their favour but ending in the opposite. First was the loss with the privatisation, then the election in 2001 to Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. It is no telling how a party led by a former branch Chairperson of Bauleni Compound could mobilise such huge sums of funds for campaigns if not being bankrolled by the foreign interest for obvious reasons.

    The financiers suffered yet another setback with the death of their principal on the 24th of May, 2006 a few months before yet another ‘promising opportunity’ for business interest as elections were fast approaching under which UPND had earned itself a lead place in the UDA Pact seen as a formidable force to unseat the MMD of Levy Mwanawasa.

    However, there was a problem, since UPND was not a political party as its members believed it to be, but a well-orchestrated business interest formation operating under the puppet strings of international big business. To retain its interest, the financiers had to bring on board one of its own to take the lead and continue from where Mazoka had left it.

    To make it easy for Hichilema’s ascendance, Mazoka’s cousin, Rex Natala on June 6th 2006 would initiate a tribal campaign that would eliminate other eminent and better suited contenders following the, ‘only a tonga must replace Mazoka’ statement. Bad as this open tribalism was, something worse was brewing underneath. Hichilema was to be made leader not only of UPND but of UDA as he was the only near alternative having been a core proponent of the ‘evil genius’ agreement between the UPND and its funders.

    Any takeover by another person be it its then Vice President Sakwiba Sikota or its spokesperson Patrick Chisanga whose eligibility was already discounted based on tribe would mean a lost cause for their funders. That is how Hichilema had to move from the boardroom enjoying his wealth gotten from privatisation into the not known arena of politics. There was no way he would refuse his new deployment because he owed his wealth to the UPND financier’s generosity. The rest as you know are multiple losses.

    As the UPND approaches 20 years of its existence and over two (2) decades of foreign-based business interest’s consistent financing, patience has totally waned. Hichilema and UPND has failed to deliver any returns on their financier’s investments for such a protracted period. The party, especially its leader, has been given strict conditions to deliver the country to them by any means necessary or lose everything he has benefited since entering into a pact with them. This explains the desperation that Zambians have been subjected to since 2015. Hichilema and his UPND have tried with no success to destabilise the country with the aim of installing himself as President to the pleasure of his funders who he owes his life with no success. This explains such desperate manoeuvres that include but not limited to the following:

            i.        Calling for international suctions on Zambia to stifle the citizen’s livelihood so as to result in an uprising;

           ii.        Calling for a bloody uprising by his supporters in September 2006 when he declared that they were now freedom fighters who should engage in a physical fight.

          iii.        Childishly call on the Zambian military to emulate their Zimbabwean counterparts to take over power from the bonafide Republican President. The period saw a barrage of attention seeking publicity tantrums by HH and his minions in an effort to incite the citizens with no results.

         iv.        In his usual cut and paste style, Hichilema has not failed to relate developments elsewhere to the Zambia context. The case in point his copying on the South African developments that resulted to the recall of President Jacob Zuma, with him forcing his members of parliament to initiate an impeachment motion in parliament.  The subsequent development is the clandestine efforts to buy his way to victory by paying off members of parliament to vote in favour.

    This is albeit the fact that matters raised either rarely relate to the President himself or cannot be admitted in parliament due to their being active in court.

    It follows therefore that these desperate acts by Hichilema and UPND are acts of a man in political and economic intensive care unit whose life is dependent on financial life support machine to which his financiers hold the final say as to when it should be switched off.  

    Hichilema is a troubled man who cannot stomach the imminent loss of his rented wealth that some Zambians have believed he had earned genuinely. Now he is embarking on what Bembas term, *‘tufilile munsenga’*, he would rather, see the country burn up in flames than to live to see the day he will fall from grace for all to see how much of a phoney he has been all these years.

    I would not be surprised to see some more attempts by Hichilema and UPND to derail the government through more attention seeking antiques.

    Zambians should not be surprised, I repeat to hear that Hichilema and UPND is have taken Edgar Lungu or the Patriotic Front party to court all in the aim of wanting to show his discontented funders that he still has some life left in him.
    I am calling on all well-meaning Zambians to ignore and dismiss Hichilema’s and UPND’s attention seeking drama with the utmost contempt it deserves.

    To all the citizens, I urge you all to remain patriotic to the Country, stand guard to defend it against selfish people who want to deprive you and your children’s children their rightful heritance. We only have one country as such; let us protect it from villains that have hired themselves to the foreign business interests. UPND must be reminded that Zambia is not for auctioning to the highest bidder such as Anglo-America.

    Zambians can look to any other political party but not UPND. This is a party that entered into a pact with the ‘devil’ to hand over the country’s wealth in the hands of the monopoly capital.

    _The author is a scholar and once UPND in 2008. He is based in Sydney, Australia._

    • Mpombo

      Nice article it has come at the right time Am happy to see that evidence to show HH stole has been given in this article

    • Daniel Banda

      Charles, if most Zambians had grey matter like yours, crooks like the character you have precisely described in your article and their white capital monopolists would have no chance in Zambia at all. Never, Never and Never should Zambia be taken into colonialism again. Zambians let’s not make that mistake of trial and error that will cost us our resources and freedom. UPND has no capacity to govern. Let the fragmentation kick them out of the equation naturally.

    • Truth man

      I think your mind is that of an illiterate than a scholar you claim to be! The privatisation policy was in the MMD Manifesto and Hakainde just like Valentine Chitalu were employed or appointment to sell parastatal companies that were unprofitable and hence a drain on public resources . So ,your strong blame on HH shows only how biased you are towards him and is an indication that you are a fake scholar! Scholars propound on the truth and facts not lies. Mind you, privatisation was an act of parliament and not a one man show like you are trying to portray it from your simple piffly mindedness act.

    • Ahmed lubinga

      We have heard such stories before, and we know the motive of the writer! We even know how much you have been paid through someone based here by tese corrupt criminals to write such baseless and malicious hogwosh against HH and the Upnd! Don’t worry yourself and in fact,if you were a sensible man I would have advised you to stop wasting your time with such useless articles because Zambians don’t make decisions based on what you write on social media but rather on what affects them in their everyday life! But since this is how you earn your living by being a useful idiot to those who have runout of ideas on how to govern, by accepting a few pieces of silver to embark on a crusade to try and tarnish the image of an innocent man who with the help of your false publications will easily ascend to the presidency with the support of the suffering masses whose hope is in HH and the Upnd,because Zambians are too intelligent for such a spectacular display of great fear of an individual!we saw this in Sata’s time by Chanda chimba ii and the entire ZNBC but it didn’t work, it was too little too late,people already knew what they wanted and so is the case now! No amount of propaganda will remove the suffering the people of Zambia are going through right now at the hands of your evil employers, “the pf” I personally used to respect scholars like you and respect them a lot , little did I knew that u were such horrible and disgusting mercenary of the enemy of the people ! Shame on you.

  25. Sir mo

    Bana Simon u ar saying u don’t hate the tribe but the Tonga pipo,maybe for u to give birth to Simon the nurse who helped u was Tonga,are u still going to hate the Tonga pipo,has somebody wronged u or u ar doing it bcos somebody tod u tongas are bad,think bana simon before u say rabish things.

    • Mpombo

      Bana Simon said behaviour which includes but not limited to the following i)Attacking of other ethnic groups in Maala after the 2016 elections
      ii)All Tongas celebrating prematurely in 2001when it seemed Mazoka had won,with Macha Chilemena leading the charge by storming ZNBC and threatening to fire anyone who isn’t Tonga
      iii)All Tongas celebrating Kambwili’s victory in Roan as if their life depended on it
      iv)All Tongas supporting UPND as if its the only political party in the country and contributing k150/month to a secret account to fund their small god hh

      • Ahmed Lubinga

        Why don’t u also complain that there are too many Bembas in pf and government positions today as if they are the only normal human beings! You are just a bloody tribalist and in fact I think you are just wicked and evil!

        • Mpombo

          Ahmed give us mps we appoint them Why do you want ministerial positions when you have rejected the party Vote for the party so that you can prove yourself right

          • Ahmed lubinga

            That is not the way democracy works my friend! You may not have mps from certain regions but you can’t deny those regions of an unbiased representation in government institutions with positions such permanent secretaries, deputies ambassadors and even directors! You can’t run a country by basing your appointments on who or which region supported you that’s dictatorial! But even so, I don’t need to give you any names for anything, it’s clear that you hate Tongas naturally and there is nothing that can change your perception over them! It’s a pity that we can fellow citizens who hate others for no apparent reason at all! You need serious prayers!

  26. Mwy

    Yes their have done a nice job to fire GBM so zat other pipo may learn a lesson that no one above the other, this nations is not for Bemba’s only.

  27. kalumba banda

    Ok Perfect!! now brother in Australia,you have not included a group photo where those imperialists are together with the man in question

  28. Wanyala

    From today I will never support upnd,so uy

    • Ahmed Lubinga

      A monkey will always be a monkey no matter how u dress it! Why did you support in the first place, after all nobody forces anyone to support anything he/she doesn’t like, it’s your democratic as well as tribal right!

  29. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Who cares

  30. Joz senior de I

    If only Dr kambili can see what GBM is going through, he isn’t even thinking of joining this so called UPND.

  31. Mk

    Mmmmmm too bad for UPND. Wrangles are not good in top leadership.
    Now, people should learn a lesson that HH can’t be removed from presidency. See, he came with an idea of alliance without saying who is going to lead it. All these are tricks of getting to Plot 1. My advice to leaders of small parties is, Leave HH alone to avoid being frustrated after helping him. He can’t remember u bt his fellow……It can lack of wisdom if CK, Hk or others can abandon their visions and help a tyranny to ascend to the throne.

  32. Lisa

    The writer should also know that distension of a woman’s abdomen does not always mean a pregnancy. Gbm was simply a hookworm in UPND. Let him jst join a wagon of political prostitutes that have migrated to the corrupt Pf at a fee. Gbm has been mute since 2016, has been so domant as a woman carrying a false pregnancy HH has proved to be morally upright and deserves support of many Zambians if the country is to move forward,

    • Dude

      Sorry Lisa, we don’t see the morals you see in HH but tribal.

      • Mpombo

        Thank you dude for your Insight

      • Ahmed Lubinga

        That’s the problem with tribalists! They don’t see anything good beyond a name! What a shame! HH has tried to bring all provinces to an inclusive party leadership for purpose of national unity but all that some sworn tribalists say is they are just being used! How then can one unite the country if not by allocating positions to all regions?? All pf positions are concentrated in one region even ministers, ps’s and diplomats! To you this is okay because it done by pf, it is not tribalism and it isn’t regionalism, it’s fairness in foolishness???

        • Mpombo

          Ahmed wena its not about bringing people from different regions in the country.Thats just cosmetic.Its the way your god ascended to the throne and the voting pattern Google ECZ results for 2016.The problem with you guys you look at other tribes to be fools as if they don’t see your behaviour.Just check the behaviour when a Tonga is in charge of an institution like police station,school or Shoprite ilazanda.This tribalism started by Tongas won’t end or finish until they change the way they vote and stop getting excited when one of them become a boss.

          • Ahmed Lubinga

            You know, you never cease to amaze me with your indisputably high levels of ignorance you are publicizing ! National unity is about bringing everybody on board for an inclusive participation in national affairs! Whether you call this cosmetic or inclusion that your problem, but what is of paramount importance is having all regions represented in a political set up ! Which your party ” pf” has failed to do. But u can’t see all that because you are blinded by pride and excitement of being Bemba or someone from the northern region originally! U can’t see that your poverty factory has succeeded in manufacturing and distributing poverty and misery to all parts of the country except for their homes and close relatives !?? I hope you are not one of them!!!

  33. Fisunge

    Iwe chi Ahmed lubinga you should have some sense in you don’t you see that pf has really unified Zambia starting with mama inonge wins,edify hamukale,mubukwanu so finshi ufwaya we chipuba we tongas are known by their selfishness you can’t rule Maka Maka hh

    • Ahmed Lubinga

      From your language, I am able to tell that u are a typical pf cadre, gullible, dull and to a large extent, “STUPID” of course to you that’s unity where u call others as being tribalists while you practice it yourself! Which unity are you talking about when from within the pf hierachy all top positions are shared between two tribes and u call that unity!!!!! What nonsense!

  34. Fisunge

    Ahmed to tell you the truth we have married off sisters to the tongas and we know the they have been treated like shit by the relatives of their hubby’s any one can agree with me so the best thing tongas can do is to change I saw it in the mast must newspaper as headline saying give tongas chance to rule it won’t happen as far as bembas are concerned it started in the unip era so you tongas Shud ask yourselves why just wait for 2021and see it will be the same pattern of wako Ni wako and this Ni kafwafwa

    • Ahmed Lubinga

      Oh! Come on, you can keep that to yourself, you are not God and you are just a single voter who can decide what do with your little vote, but you know what?? Your tubal campaigns will not work because the majority Zambians have listened to this tribal nonsense for way too long now and thy now know that you can’t eat a tribe, Bembas, ngonis, Tongas , lozis etc are all suffering alike under the pf and to be honest with you, no one will be able to still people’s votes this time around !!! And HH will be president of this once great nation that has been reduced to a small highly indebted hypocritical Christian community of Bergers ! Shame on you blind followers of immoral men and women of great magnitude of national destruction.

  35. Mpombo

    Am beginning to like you Fisunge.You seem to be a rare gem in the political arena!!!!

  36. De shaz

    Let him go…..he wants to destroy the party…. let mwaliteta be the Vice now

  37. Daniel Banda

    The architects of the scheme to revenge the perceived tribalism by the PF government’s appointment of more ministers from other provinces than the South Western sub-region will continue to cost the dependent political party dearly for some time. This is because of the confounding factors surrounding the product they are trying to sell. Tribalism might not be the issue but the combative approach that the lead political party has embraced as can be seen through the verbal abuse in social media by its supporters and violence during by-elections. If violence has cost you what you so much need try submission and love.

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