Two Die in Kitwe Accident

Two people died on the spot in a road traffic accident on the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriageway after the vehicle they were in rammed into a truck near the Toll Plaza.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo identified the deceased as Peter Masandiko aged 49 of Kitwe who is a police officer and a yet to be identified female.

Katongo said the accident happened when Masandiko who was driving a Prado registration number, misjudged the speed of the first vehicle a truck and trailer motor vehicle registration number ACZ 377, CAZ 3342 T which was being driven by Webster Makasa, 48, which was slowing down at the humps as he was approaching the Toll Plaza hence hit into it from the rear.

She said Masandiko sustained multiple body injuries and died on the spot with another woman who was a passenger in the vehicle yet to be identified believed to be between the age of 25 and 30 years old  also died on the spot after sustaining  multiple body injuries.

The bodies of the two are lying in Ndola Teaching Hospital Mortuary.



  1. phinias

    The two bodies are lying in the mortuary having sex ooooh the dead are now serious

    • Arthur Mpashi

      How can you be so heartless? How can you honestly post such a comment? What ever you reasons maybe, lives have been lost here families are grieving, you on the other hand seems to be happy about this sudden and tragic loss.

    • Spy

      Shane on you. How on earth do you mock the dead? These are the chaps that should be followed by the cyber crack squad and brought to book. Our Leaders day in day out are preaching peace and good morals and he is is the only comment you can afford to post about the dead?

  2. Humphrey

    what an accident!i suspect the man was drunk.sad for the families.may they be comforted through this ordeal.

  3. IZZY

    Too bad

  4. Kambwili

    Hakainde leka ifi ulecita,fore warned…

  5. BW



    ninshi ba kambwili hh iz tha father of deaths

  7. Smart k

    My Condolences to the deceased family.

  8. Ingy

    Gone too soon girlfriend . Forever sisters in spirit. I miss you already. 😢

  9. dockfath£r


  10. Trust

    Comment TOO BAD

  11. Owen chipuluka

    May there souls rest in eternal peace

  12. Owen chipuluka

    People of you sometime when you are writing a comment, look at the headline of the story you are commenting on. Then much with what you want to write, assume they are your relatives how can you feel? So phinias think twice before commenting.

  13. Mwansa Naosa

    Matters 5

  14. Santa Qruz

    My condolences to the families, may their souls rest in peace 😢😢

  15. Hadassah esther katutwa

    Sad Story…. ..RIP

  16. Hadassah Esther Katutwa

    people of God lets learn to respect n love one another …Phinias thats being inhuman how do u say that dont u have a heart sure…..

  17. Mr Green

    So sad. May their souls rest in peace and may God see through the grieved families in this trying moment.

  18. Chiwahisha Gift

    So Sorry. My Their Sour Rest in internal Peace.We Shall Meet in other Side.

  19. warner

    we should stop using véhicles, lets just usés ox-cats

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