72-Year Old Takes Own Life after being Accused of Witchcraft

A 72 -year- old man of Chama District, Muchinga Province has committed suicide after being accused of practicing witchcraft.

Langwell Mkandawire of Matepe committed suicide after he was forced to undergo a traditional ritual to ascertain whether he was practising witchcraft or not.

Muchinga Commissioner of Police Joel Njase said the “motive behind his death is that the deceased was alleged to be a wizard by a witch doctor who had forced him to drink certain charms. A witch doctor identified as Justin Bwalya, 38, of Chibesakunda Village forced him to drink certain charms after which he allegedly found the deceased to be a wizard,”.

Njase said the deceased is alleged to have been ashamed at the turn of events and decided to end his life by committing suicide by drinking some poisonous substance.

He said that the scene of crime has been visited and family members have since been advised to bury and mark.

Njase said the alleged witch doctor has his colleagues have since been detained in police custody.



  1. Wiily hangombe

    Luck of thinking

  2. Paul

    thats nt a solution

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  5. ednabanda246@gmail.com

    Too bad

  6. Leo Messi

    At 38 you go into magic tricking the elderly naiwe tukakumwenako kabili uleya ulekula

  7. Matman

    The witchdoctor and his colleagues must be caged. Is the substance they made the late to drink allowed or approved by the Zambia Bureau of Standards to be consumed by persons?

  8. Jessen facts

    The damn witch doctor and those involved must be seriously punished

  9. Martin chiyesu

    Maybe the poison was the one given to him by a ka 38 year old bush doc.let them cage them for murder.

  10. george mulota

    shoulb be punished they are very stuipit

  11. Jimmy Kaidah

    He z stupid he should be punished

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