Killer Cop Takes Own Life

The police officer shot another officer in a love-turned-sour affair has shot himself to death.

Police spokesperson Esther Katongo said the killer cop shot himself after being surrounded by law enforcement officers at Chainama Golf Club.

“The fugitive officer identified as Constable Jackson Mwanza has shot himself dead using an AK47 rifle today at about 07 30 hours in Chainama area at the Chainama golf course,” said Katongo in a statement.

“He had been surrounded by officers from yesterday till today when he killed himself. His body is in UTH mortuary. The AK 47 riffle recovered. He had a lot of ammunition in the magazine which he fired in the air before shooting himself.”




    where did he get ak 47 gun

  2. dockfath£r

    Graveyard shift

  3. Emmanuel

    This idea of just letting police officers roam around town with fully automatic rifles, really has to be revised. Firstly they are human too prone to mental breakdowns and all sorts of psychological issues and here’s our system awarding them with guns in public areas. Secondly I highly doubt these guys go through serious psychological evaluations before recruitment…. this helps spot homicidal and suicidal tendencies. The defense department really needs to sit down and revisit there criteria for recruiting. Really sad that so much life was lost.

  4. Major Edward

    My heart with condolences………! 😊😊😁😀😀😘😘😍❤

  5. BW

    My condolences to the family left behind

  6. Justin sitolo

    My condolences the first family

  7. Mwaba c


    • Daniel Banda

      Please replace the P for peace with an H for hell.
      How could he do that on Easter when he should have forgiven his enemies and for his being in an adulterous life with that girlfriend he wanted to kill. Surely he is first choice for hell grill.

  8. Kassy

    We go eat nshima n chicken

  9. puzzled

    mmm ba kassy u r celebratn 2 go n eat while ur friend ar mournin ther luvd one naiwe bazakakondwela

  10. The One

    Sad incident.

  11. Bbule Bbuzu

    He Who Kills Must Also Die, Go Well

    • Jimmy Kaidah

      What I understand is where did he get the AK 47

  12. Bbule Bbuzu

    He Who Kills Must Also Die, Go Well

  13. Robby Spartan

    Let God judge him

    • Daniel Banda

      You think they are forgiven when they die without repenting?

  14. Anti

    Problem of employing cadres

  15. Joz senior de I

    Honestly how can someone shoot himself at the back of the head with a long gun as a AK47…
    Sometimes we must learn to report what really happened, we are not too dull, we know how it goes “you kill,you get killed ” he was just shot.

  16. Big man

    First Mwata Katongo says he was willing to surrender the gun by calling his coleague from state house to come and pick that AK 47 . Then he shoots in the air before turning the gun on himself . Why didn’t he shoot himself at the scene of crime ? Why did the police surround him for so long ? Was there any resistance from him ? Why did he fire warning shots ? I think more could have been done to apprehend that officer so that justice could prevail . And you ladies be faithful to one partiner . If what is being reported in some sections of the media is true that the officer got a loan to sponser that lady at a named college , ninshi naeve mwamuna chingamubabe . Zambian ladies please………………..!

  17. Wise me

    Reassembled one who poured insults on me when I alerted him about his having joined Independence Avenue dangerously from Libala direction when my vehicle was very close. He looked a very mentally unstable and indisciplined cop. If he is not the one, then there could be another loose cannon there-about.

  18. BTK

    R.I.P Bt u should have used some bullet s to some corrupt hyenas.

  19. Fox

    Fuck u motherfucker fed-up wit life.

  20. Achebe

    To y’all ingrats & infidels jumpin’ like monkeys from this man to that man to yet more other men mungulu mungulu, ask her now hw it feels to be responsible for so many deaths.

  21. Matt one

    Job well done

  22. Jessen facts

    That how the devil works . we got to pray for our nation

  23. Diary 24

    Ladies and gentlemen make room for disappointments and always find a better and peaceful way to resolve such issues.
    Lives are lost in the name of love, was it really love or obesession?

    Home afairs check your employees oftenly and take an interest in their private lives additionally employ them on merit not on political grounds , government come and go but the pipo live forever…

  24. Sheldon Avo iii


  25. Itx Corrabo

    Minister of defence you must get All guns From this people [policemen] before the Kill Again.

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