Registrar Freezes Kambwili’s NDC Presidency

The Ministry of Home Affairs has advised NDC President Chishimba Kambwili not to conduct any NDC Party activities as Party President because his endorsement is allegedly illegal.

Ministry of Home Affairs Spokesperson Nephas Chifuta said the Registrar of Societies is in receipt of a letter from estranged party secretary general Mwenya Musenge requesting the withdrawal of the recognition of Kambwili as party president.

“The Registrar of Societies in a guidance letter has highlighted that the NDC Party Constitution deposited at the department upon registration of the party, has clear and elaborate provisions regarding the appointment of the president of the Party.  According to article 18 of their Constitution, the National Party Congress is the supreme policy making organ of the party and comprises of 1000 members drawn from all the ten provinces of Zambia. The National Democratic Party Congress is the only party organ with the mandate to elect the party president at its national congress,” Chifuta stated

He said it is only the National Party Congress which can amend, approve and adopt the Party Constitution.

Chifuta “their Constitution also stipulates in article 23(g) that “in the absence of the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary General shall preside over the activities of the Party and give a comprehensive report to the Secretary General upon his/her return to the office.” To the contrary, the meeting proceeded despite the substantive Secretary General being in the office,”

He has since reminded the party to adhere to its constitution at all times and avoid short cuts in order to maintain order and remain compliant to the Societies Act Cap 119 of the laws of Zambia.

Chifuta said the process for the appointment of Chishimba Kambwili as president of the National Democratic Congress Party was not in accordance with the provisions of their Party Constitution and therefore, it is null and void.

The move leaves Kambwili in a quandary after having successfully campaigned to victory the Roan Constituency by-election.


  1. BBC

    PF making a ruling on behalf of NDC. Which party can make a ruling on behalf of PF. Roan is still haunting them. Next I am putting my vote on Kambwili whether he is on NDC or not. Ba Mwenya kuwayawaya fye. CK has made NDC popular and ba dull Musenge wants to ride on CK’s hard work. On what basis was CK’s roan declared vacant?

    • Hammer

      CK is reaping what he sow. He could have left PF officially and formes NDC. Now he put himself in a strange situation . He was holding on to PF and using Mwenya Musenge and group to form NDC. Now his name is nowhere at the registrar of societies as far as NDC formation and leadership is concerned . If you buy a house in somebody ‘s name you pay the money but the title deeds is in somebody’s name ? Who do you think the house belongs to? Especially when wrangles arise , the owner of the house is the holder of the title deeds. For me it is like a series I am watching . I am waiting for the next episode !

    • Umuntu mutwe

      In trying to harm others you end up harming yourself. The case of loan seat declared vacant.

  2. dockfath£r


  3. Future President

    Wow!I am amazed and perplexed at the urgency at which the registrar of societies has moved in to block the appointment of ck as NDC leader how I wish the same urgency could be applied to resolve the impasse in the mmd but I guess the mmd is not a threat like ck. My advise to ck there move should not worry u if anything it will make your work much easier in your effort to assend into the highst office they r making u more popular as for musenge how popular r u to compete with ck, this is the man who has just defeated Goliath in the by_,election in case u have forgotten.

  4. Kelly

    HH for real come 2021

  5. Anonymous

    Registrar of societies is working with the PF.just because ur masters lost terribly in roan and they want to listen to some outcast just to make NDC non functional.u are not going anywhere ba PF and registrar,stop being a cadre

  6. mulobezi

    Let wat Thea constitution states b th way fowad,its NDC themselvs hu came up wth such clauses nt Pf.if kambwili z a responsible Lida wy ignore th ligo process?he bhaves lyk his friend hu has Neva gon 4 convention Eva since he inherited.

  7. number 7

    Ck remain consultant and go to convention and you will surely win the presidency,No doubt.

  8. Winner

    He has not read the constitution as his membership is still questionable.

  9. Kings

    No Problem People, Kambwili Remains Our Choice To Pull NDC Through To The Target, Let Them Waste Their Time On Their Foolish Plans, Musenge Is Just One Of These Idiots Who Hate Kambwili Because He Is Really A Threat To Them. Atomic Bomb Ck Don’t Worry We Are Many Behind You.

  10. fruits

    It is now coming to pass ,ck will be in the state House soon just wait ,every time it is kambwili

  11. AM

    People of Zambia nowonder you are making mistake after mistake, don’t blame pf let the party fellow the rules they enshrined in their party constitution so that if they have chance to rule our nation they can behave and fellow the national constitution rightly,let’s not politicize everything.

    • Imjustsaying

      True, if NDC can’t follow what they put down in their Constitution, how do u expect them to follow the Zambian one? Let’s be real people!
      I’m just saying

    • michael zulu

      Thats true let him follow their constitution

  12. Chama

    He failing to follow the conctitution
    when he is in opposition what more if you put him in govement

  13. Lisa

    The opposition alliance is the only hope for Zambia. Pf is busy buying off influencial members in trying to weaken the opposition at the expense of national development. Let the genuine opposition support each other & save Zambia

  14. Kubeja badala

    How about these Tu ma one man parties like peter chanda’s, Danny Pule, wright musoni etc have they followed their constitutions if at all they have any? They are being spared because they are surrogates of the pf. Why should the registrar of societies move with speed to “guide” the NDC, Kampyongo is really abusing he’s authority on this one. The Roan loss has really deflated their egos.

    • Imjustsaying

      Badala please! Spare us please! Surely how can you support this??!!! Ala desperation is bad bane, nowonder mulapitilila State House with you “forward”. Kikiki yaba!

  15. Mario Zagalo

    @Future president, this was my first thought as well. Because of desperation they have exposed themselves. So what can we learn?
    1. Home Affairs through its spokesperson took it upon themselves to halt NDC and Kambwili from cementing his position as President. Why, well because PF are shallow, their plan is to have a trojan horse in every opposition party that can cause confusion at a press of a button.

    2. With MMD we can see how they have tolerated Mutati and Raphaels elegality because it keeps Mumba in check. They will use same strategy and create 2 NDC’s if need be. One for Musenge the other Kambwilis.

    3. GBM will eventually challenge his suspensiom come expulsion, Musenge will be allowed to fight his stay in court as NDC SG, this will be allowed to drag on until 2021. PF think this is the best way to control their perceived threats. All the courts in the land have told you that Mutati and Raphael are forum shopping, but Home affairs gives a blind eye because the foolishness was engineered at Home Affairs in the first place.

    PF PF….street politics. Shame. Instead of governing, the party is full of politicians and tamanga business men, squeezing their perceived threats to hold unto the cash cow.

    End for now.

  16. Joseph

    Who formed NDC? Is it Mwenya Musenge or Chishimba Kambwili? Ba Musenge mwikalefye tapaba naba mitemwa, icefyenifye, we all behind CK. Nganimwe nga TWA voteleko Ku roan, muleibwelamo ifintu fimo, mwaufwako be nsoni, finshi mulelwisha, Naimwe ba registrar muletala mwafwailikisha not ukunfwafye ku muntu ifyo fine mwakonka, awe You just ferring Kambwili in 2021, Ni C.K fye for 2021.

    • FP hold your fire

      Ati kampyongo kaya ngani kapyango is the one controlling the registrar of societies but worry not people of Zambia these idiots are all going come 2021

  17. bwalya yoka

    HH 4 LIFE

  18. Mario puzo

    KAMBWILI is a better threat to all the parties not only PF, so the ka slightest mistake will be detected, never the less all those are eye openers, kambwili don’t rush things and jump protocols do things by the book,if you were meant to be a president nothing will stand in your way.meanwhile it’s PF

  19. Manga

    Zambians enjoy making mistakes! The worst mistake you will make is to put Kambwili in state House, he’s already making short cuts, how about when you give him supreme power, he will be making short cuts through and through, and there’s no country governed through short cuts because what follows is war, remember Idi Amin, Mobutu Seseko, that’s what brought war in those countries, and up to now they are unstable! P!ease Zambians don’t be blinded by excitement! Kambwili is totally a wrong individual, don’t make him the Idi Amin of Zambia, its the common people who will suffer!

  20. Chigwe

    I doubt Chishimba Kambwili’s ability to the president of this country. If he is a leader, Micheal Sata wouldn’t have missed that in him. He can speak, move people but in terms of decision making, he is no where near.

    • Bwete

      Musenge is a big fool he doesn’t even have a direction infact mwenya musenge is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Am sure the idiot is getting some chicken change from the pf

  21. Sonekah mukeyah

    Am sorry aaahh!!

  22. dockfath£r

    Foxtroit Lima yankee

  23. Chachacha

    Let us know how to count time. Remember what Jesus Christ said concerning end times in Matthew 24 going down. Why is there contest in political parties? We are in the last days brethren.

  24. Lisa

    Ihere are no last days. You will die off & the days will keep running to sustain the generations to come

  25. FGM

    The squabbles that have locked the opposition parties are a disturbance on the citizens who are looking to the opposition parties to effect the much needed paradigm shift the economic woos we are in due to abrupt implemention of national projects for political expediency. The demon haunting the opposition parties should be quickly cast out. God bless Zambia.

  26. Wantop

    Lisa kkkkkk there are no last days!!!!! Read the bible,it’s not coming from an individual,but right in the word of God.2Timothy 3:1 downwards

  27. manasseh

    Mr.Ck go foward dont listen the p fools cadres.We are many behind you,we’re tired of nunstop politics in our country.southern prvnce ni ck chabe.wooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  28. SEE MIND


  29. Bwalya

    MR Musenge if you are not careful this is the end of your political career, learn to others how their political careers ends. People like Edward mumbi was SG for pf by then it was in opposition and he was msrdd by MMD Government to be against he’s part, were is he now.

  30. joel

    Musenge is nowhere possible near to challenge Kambwili.The man Ck is a very big threat to pf.The roan loss gave them a clear grip of who truelly Ck is today and for 2021.The man is a truelly sellable for presidency come 2021.

  31. UNIP

    Hey handle this care fully, there are tryi g to cause another bye election.

    • number 7

      @unip…you are saying the truth…another bye election looming..if kambwili and the new ndc mp resign to form another party..lets watch

  32. bushdoctor

    Another bye election in ROAN as NDC disintegrates.

  33. Daniel Banda

    Unfortunately, the few hot heads supporters of Kambwili think Roan is the entire Zambia. Presidential elections are development case not talk show. Those who depend on propaganda and rely victory on the number of times they have been on radio, TV and press social media will cry for votes accusing those who would have won because of their developmental works as having stolen the votes. 2021 will be ‘Sonta’ again. In this country people are resiliently strong to poverty to extreme levels. Remember, the last days of UNIP? Extreme lack of commodities and inflation reigne

  34. Bwete

    The registrat’s officess are full of Stupid pf cadres so what do you expect from a cadre, The registrar, Kampyongo kapena ni kapyango and pf are going come 2021 and they’ll end up behind bars together with their leader ECL (rubbish)

  35. INDETU

    Ho,ho,ho! Politicians and their miseries with the use of words.
    If the truth must be told, CK’s problems emanate and lie ( dead) in the use ( or misuse ) of words.
    Confucius said ” word must be used to say what is meant. If what is said is not what is meant, then what ought to be done still remains undone. The problem here is not political by one of terminology.
    Simply put ” CONSULTANT” is an advisor, an expert, not part of, an opinionist, a person who will not vote on a meeting. ( LAW & PROCEDURE OF MEETINGS-Charlesworth & Caine). I’m not telling you the book.
    When a consultant is in a meeting, he will only talk when asked to or interject when he sees that someone is off the subject matter. I read how CK define his defined his role in a newspaper. He said a consultant is same as president. Definately not in words and therefore should not be in deed.
    So, this is a simple matter, he must immediately do what he must do. He word be fine in (on) that measure.
    ( My friend used to say why worry & suffer).

  36. INDETU

    It should have read “he should be fine in (on) that matter.

  37. Saint

    Ck for president 2021

  38. Shadrick Chanda JR (JCS)

    As a well meaniful youth inspired in the zambian politics,i would like to advise the NDC leadership to follow their constitution in every move to progress its mobilisation instead of pushing each other,it was not wrong the party to endose Dr.CK but it was wrong to have it illigaly..now that the Regstrar of societies has comfirmed a wrong move..therefore i want to challenge the craimed NDC. SG.Mr.M Musenge to call upon the central committe have the legal meeting in adoption of Party President.

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