UPND Bans Officials from Commenting on GBM Suspension

The opposition UPND has moved to curtail the negative impact the suspension of its vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba by banning the Copperbelt provincial leadership from commenting on the matter.

Some top party officials have been calling media houses directing them not to cover any official commenting on Mwamba’s resignation.

“I had called one media house to issue a statement on how we youths are being used by our political party leaders only to be told that I am not allowed to issue a statement as directed by our provincial leadership,” said a source familiar with the development.

The youth leader in one of the constituencies in Kitwe said the move smacked of dictatorship.

The National Management Committee of the UPND on Friday unanimously voted to suspend its vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba for alleged misconduct.

The UPND has had a high turnover of vice presidents that includes Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, Patrick Chisanga, Francis Simenda, Richard Kapita, Canisius Banda, and now Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba


  1. Lacoste

    It may look like gagging people’s opinion but it’s only prudent. There’s an exculpatory letter to be answered and while this goes, it’s only fair that sentiments don’t fly around which may execbate or otherwise – the already volitile situation.

    • Bk

      GBM was told about the Tribalism In the Party they just wanted to use him

  2. One

    Has GBM resigned from the party?

  3. Chendabusiku

    Ba #One “ the Bemba adage Goes like this “ muleipusha imbwa Ngetu ifwele” loosely translated “ do not ask for the gender/sex of a dog because it is already naked” the issue of GBM and HH is a foregone conclusion. They should be congratulated for trying to stick to each other for this long. The incompatibility was evident long before the union. It is just that, like love, desperation blinds. HH was so desperate that he thought that getting GBVM would guarantee him the vote from northern provinces. HH has already made a terrible mistake by courting Kalaba, the evidence of that mistake is already in the public domain. Humiliating defeat In Bahati. Because of desperation HH is poised to make another colossal mistake by courting Kambwili who in my view is more shrewd than GBVM. HHIs violence will be laid bare this week.

  4. Kaoli wa mwilungu

    Aka ka muntu ni ka dictator in opposition. What more nga kwata ama instruments of state machinery…..kaya.

  5. Oldies

    Makes amazing reading with these desperate hungry for plot one politicians…. Who’s who? Power is sweet, Zambia and Zambians’ need a servant, gifted to services this country country, not hate filled politicians. “God serve Zambia”.

  6. But why

    Each one has a right to their opinion.

  7. Nicholas bwembya

    Can they the 2021 general elections with such behaviour.I have lost interest in them.kuwayawayafye upnd.pf Will win again.

  8. KING

    The day HH is going to shave his bull head that’s when i will join upnd…and Dumbo don’t worry u re welkam to join mighty PF

  9. Fisunge

    Kwena this hh Ni chimbwi ufwile intangalalo please kambwili don’t make a mistake of having hh on top of you tatasha lobe ala don’t be used like a ladder to state House. Tekwesha ba CK twapapata umfwaneni fye Na balungu chawamapo ukuchila kachema wachenene abantu Ku namwala mukamunyenshe umupwepwe akalapile uyu makaka teti atusunge Ni mbwa yalya ichilonda no umuchisha chinani kabwa popi


    Zambia is biger than one tribe,so ba UPND don’t think u can win election without bembas coz bembas are many here in Zambia.and you should also know that gbm has a lot followers behind him.so chapwa imweeee tamwaka win epo imweeee

  11. Hantobolo

    Kikikikikikikiki yako nomba.

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