Dr Manasseh Phiri Dies

Zambia’s renowned HIV activist and prostate cancer advocate Dr Manasseh Phiri has died.

Dr Phiri, 68, died this morning at the University Teaching Hospital Cancer Hospital where he had been undergoing treatment.

Other than his illustrious medical career, Dr Phiri was also a broadcaster of note and an educator.

Dr Phiri had prior to be admitted at the University Teaching Hospital been receiving specialized treatment at Awryp Medical Centre in Johannesburg where he was evacuated in January 2019.

He was sent back home last week after his condition deteriorated and considered terminal.

Dr Phiri went public in 2016 about his condition that he revealed had been gnawing at him from 2014.

He was co-founder of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Zambia (PCFZ) with late broadcaster Chanda Chimba III.


  1. Waka

    Too bad

  2. Chansa

    You were inspirational. We will greatly miss you. RIP Dr.

  3. Leo Messi

    RIEP Doc until we meet again on the other side

  4. ShiBwalya

    RIEP Phiri! You fulfilled your job on earth. Thanks.


    My deepest condolences. Rest in peace my mentor

  6. FGM

    Sad indeed,! MHSRIP.

  7. Arstones

    Well done Doctor your work has left an indilable print and we are going to refer to many of such works for a long time to come.The commitment you rendered especially making the world understand the issues surrounding the HIV myths ,such a rare breed. Your persona was just so interactive and most sincerely an educator on Health issues including prostate cancer .An activist of a rare kind has gone, the practical man has left the earth though we still want to hold on to Him, Farewell my mbuya from the land of the wise,as a social worker I will always miss you RIEP.

  8. Edgar mopao

    Comment Mhsrip Doc I remember you working with mum under Zambia flying Doctor service Zfds..

  9. John Chinena

    Sad. MHSRIP!!

  10. Mmj


  11. Lawrence

    My heart felt sympathy to the community and everyone who shared time with Dr Phiri. We have lost not only a doctor, but also a leader.

  12. Chibesa N Mutenekwa

    Sad MYSRIP

  13. Skb

    Rest in Eternal peace Doc. Mother Zambia will for ever miss your dedicated service both on public media and as a professional. Farewell Doc. for you have ran your race.

  14. Bonnie

    A great loss to all of us that knew and worked with Dr Phiri. A great asset to the country; but his words and works shall remain as inspiration

  15. Musialela Nalishuwa Sianga

    Too bad my old friend , you used to put me on your show on the then tvz called todays folk. This was back in the 70s . Today you are gone . You inspired some of us to work hard in life you were a medical student then at Unza but participated in presenting shows on TVZ that made some of us to have self confidence thus contributing to what we are today. MYSRIP.

  16. Namumba

    Rest in perfect peace .

  17. HMC


  18. Leonard

    So sad will miss you and your good works may your soul RIEP

  19. Donald L. Mwape

    A great icon, activist in the health sector gone to rest to our GOD. We thank you for your service Rest in Eternal Peace Dr Phiri.

  20. Cleopatra miyoba

    My condolences to the family Mhsrip

  21. Joel musonda

    My sympathy to the phiri family ,RIP DOC

  22. Beauty chitambala mulela

    May your good soul rest in iternal peace my dear Brother! Your were inspirational! We shall greatly miss you and your great services. Go well.

  23. Georgina

    Am saddened by this news, such a brilliant Chief Medical Officer, who had a heart for his employees. My sincere condolonces to Zondie, and the babies. You have indeed left a legacy.

  24. Patrick Mwela

    Dr. Manasseh. You have run a good race to the finish; you have kept the faith. Now a deserved prize awaits you. Rest in eternal Peace.



  26. Fanwell Luswili

    My condolences to the family of a great physician and broadcaster. I recall in the 1990s when you used to share the mic with the other Phiri (Mateyo) on our Pick-A-Lot Sunday programme. You were such an inspirational broadcaster and the two Phiris were such amazing presenters, unequalled by any standard. You have been called to rest but your legacy will live on forever. “You have fought a good fight and you have finished the race. An award of a crown of righteousness awaits for you on that day”. MYSRIEP.

  27. menke jack

    RIP dear Dr. Phiri, you were an example and will be greatly missed. Jack Menke, Rotterdam the Netherlands.

  28. John

    So sad

  29. Samkange

    What a fine gentleman,met him when we were in Kitwe. MHDSRIP

  30. Nkombo Charles Mweene

    An absolute to all who were privileged to make his acquaintance(one way or another):He was my senior and protector from mockery in my 1st year (1968) at Canisius College(he in his final year)? A very inspirational and inexhaustible source/wealth of knowledge!Deepest condolences to the bereaved family!(MHSRIELEP)

  31. Chisenga

    Too bad,our luanshya hospital Doctor.

  32. Henry

    RIP gentleman for all seasons

  33. Moira

    Go well you made understand the true meaning of a mother to her child when l was scared of having a child.

  34. Lillian Moonga

    Rip Doc

  35. Tom Mokola

    Very inspirational then Luanshya Hospital Doctor, way back in 1984 when I was at Luanshya Boys Secondary school, in Form 1 he visited our school to present a health talk on HIV. Very elaborate in his presentation. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

  36. Mwewa Augustine

    My Dr, rest in eternal peace. Indeed you have run your race successfully.

  37. Chitambala Michael

    Too bad to lose such a wonderful Doctor, MHSRIEP

  38. Mbile Mwanalushi

    Go well Doc

  39. Christine.M Kapekele

    Mwebantu bashinganga Lesa kuti abonfumfwilako uluse neshina lya bushinganga/Doctor lyafilililwafye ukusevinga ba Doctor Phiri wesu very sad this life is so fragile. May his soul rest in peace 😭😭😭😭
    Ngabakutubukila Ba Doctor ngabalayasuka bwangu ubwite bwamfumu nibani. I can go on and on moaning by only God has all these unanswered questions. Nacibe ifyo finee fintu umwine Lesa wamaka yonse aciyanshile kubutantinko bwakwe.rip Doc.

  40. Shikantwa

    Haba gashle umfuwethu!

  41. Dickson mwansa

    Colleague and friend rest in peace. Accomplished doctor and artist

  42. MZ

    Fanwell Luswili,u Ar Real Fool!Who Ar U 2 Judge Who Goz 2 Hell And Who Entrz The Kingdom Of Heaven?

    • Newbie

      God told Adam, ” from dust you came and to dust you will return “. Stop with these lies of hell fire. Did Lazarus say where he was when he was resurrected by Jesus?

  43. Justin Lupinda

    Condolences to the Phiri family. May God strengthen the family at this difficult time

  44. JDS

    😢😢 Too bad Doctor that you are gone. As an HIV activist, you inspired many not to feel like it was a death sentence. You are gone but your encouragements will continue to help people who are positive to continue living positively. May you rest in Eternal peace.

  45. dock Father


  46. Allan Nkundwe

    I’ll personally miss him, I used follow him on both ZNBC radio and TV after news broadcast. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

  47. Abigail chileshe mutale

    Rest in peace

  48. Martha

    May his soul rest in peace. Remembered for Health matters program on ZNBC

  49. ACmilan

    I remember watching you on ZNBC 19:00hrs news Health Matters way back ,mulale umutende Ba TATA

  50. Lukundo


  51. Lukundo

    RIP M. P

  52. But why

    My condolences to the bereaved family. Rest in peace doctor

  53. Abbiness Muchangwe


  54. Bibian Mataa

    What a loss! RIP Doc!

  55. talalamusonda

    sad development

  56. Ellie Phiri

    Doc. You run the race. RIP

  57. Catherine Phiri

    You will be missed by many, what a loss. May God comfort the bereaved family, give them strength and guidance at this most difficulty time. MYSRIP.

  58. Ketty Nanyangwe

    May your soul rest in eternal peace Doc

  59. Victor

    Sad indeed..rest in peace dr

  60. musonda

    Sad indeed

  61. Beatrice


  62. Michael

    My Doctor, I remember listening to your musical program ‘sounds of Africa’ on radio Ichengelo miss you Doc, mysrip

  63. Kalinso G C

    Your works will be greatly missed. MYSRIEP

  64. Owen musonda

    My father may yo soul rest in eternal peace,we shall surely miss you we will meet on the other side.

  65. Monde terry

    Iyeee sleep well doc…u HV run a gud race

  66. Joe kasuta

    May his soul rest in peace?

  67. Mr.BJ

    Your years at Znbc with the other Phiri, Mateyo to be precise, were enjoyable. The other one in lsk the other in Kitwe, boy oh boy. The radio was all we had for enjoyment. Do not urgue you we’re not there. RIP Mannase!

  68. John Simukonda

    There is only one answer to this and, the answer is Jesus Christ. When he comes and the departed, have another new life.

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