Mutati’s MMD to Hold Convention in 2020

The Felix Mutati-led MMD faction will in the coming weeks commence elections for party structures across the country in readiness for the convention expected to be held in 2020.

The faction’s chairperson for elections Gaston Sichilima stated that the party would hold elections from branch to provincial level.

He explained that the process would culminate into a National Convention to be held “anytime in 2020”.

“I want to put it on record that time has come, as we have been mobilising the branches and our members in general throughout the country. I want to announce that all structures need to be ready for elections from the bottom: you are talking about the branch, you are talking about the constituencies, you are talking about the wards and we go the provincial,” Sichilima said.

“These elections are to enable us to be ready for the convention which is going to come in any time in 2020. This is meant to ensure that all structures have got officials at any level. These elections are from bottom to top because when we talk about the convention, we are talking about who to chose in the top leadership.”

And Sichilima said the party remains “intact” under the “leadership of Felix Mutati who was elected at the Convention in 2016”.

He claimed that there were no factions in the party “apart from the former Party president Dr [Nevers] Mumba who has not accepted that the party has moved on under a different leadership”.

“I want also to appeal to MMD members and the general public that MMD has no factions, it is just one MMD and currently we all know that the President is Felix Mutati who was elected at the last convention,” Sichilima said.

“I am appealing to all members to be ready for these elections…I also want to say that let’s not confuse the membership. If you are not ready for these elections, pave way for those who can come and provide leadership in MMD.”

The MMD’s announcement of the convention through Sichilima is not surprising as it remains one of the parties consistent with intra-party democracy.


  1. Razor

    How do you start planning for a convention when the matter is still in court. Wait for the court process to be concluded or else you may be cited for contempt.

    • Doubt Katwishi

      Convention? Wow! surprisingly for one party I know it is no go area. Mention of it, you risk membership.

  2. Cbj

    Imwe who is the President for MMD kanshi?

  3. Oscar Mwanza

    This should be Law and UPND should emulate this.

  4. Boring

    OMG, something about MMD now whether it’s Mutati’s or Mumba’s just makes me yawn. Waste of time

  5. Dr Fonicks

    It is quite confusing because I personally don’t know who is MMD President. please clear the air so that we know the truth. Mr. Nevers Mumba claims this and Mr. Mutati says that. I don’t make anything out this drama. Those who know the truth can you enlighten some of us who are lost concerning MMD Presidency.

  6. Mario Zagalo

    @Dr Fonicks. Its not that hard to figure it out. Refer to 1st comment by Razor. Open the good book to proverbs, recall how the 2 women both claimed to be mother to the child conducted themselves. Afterwards it will slowly start to become clear who the pretender is. Clue; Why call for another convention when you were the most recent “party” in Zambia to have a “convention”?

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