It’s Fake: Ndola Council Warns Public against Buying New Airport Plots

The Ndola City Council has warned members of the public not to fall prey to an advert circulating on social media inviting people to buy plots near the Copperbelt International Airport.

Council Public Relations manager Tilyenji Mwanza has said the Council has not issued out any plots, or approved the subdivision of land in the vicinity of the new airport.

She has warned that anyone who will purchase the illegal plots will be doing so at their own risk.

“Members of the public are, hereby, informed that the Ndola City Council will not issue building permits for the plots being illegally sold in this locality,” Mwanza stated.

She has further warned that anyone found carrying out any illegal construction activities that they will have their building demolished, in accordance with the Urban and Regional Planning Act No. 3, Section 49, of 2015.

“The Ndola City Council is requesting members of the public within and beyond Ndola, to take this advice seriously,” stated Mwanza.


  1. Ba Ndola

    She is beautiful, I totally believe her 🙂

  2. Gabriel mubanga

    When is the same plots going to be issued out

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