GBM Re-Joins PF…Apologises Lungu for Insults Showered on Him

Former UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has resigned from the opposition political party and immediately re-joined the Patriotic Front (PF).

Mwamba, popularly known as GBM has also apologized to President Edgar Lungu for having uttered disparaging remarks against him.

During a media briefing at his office in Villa Elizabeth, Mwamba said that Hichilema repeatedly undermined him as his deputy and opted to work with his inner circle.

He said that Hichilema was an arrogant person who did not heed to advice.

Mwamba said Hichilema had rendered his deputy presidents irrelevant hence the turnover of vice presidents was too high.

He said that losing five vice presidents showed that Hichilema was an intolerant person.

“They should abolish the position of vice president because it is irrelevant. No wonder they have lost five vice presidents. My brother always side-lines his vice presidents and deals with a kitchen cabinet,” Mwamba said.

Mwamba said that he was always reaching out to Hichilema before matters completely got out of hand.

He said that they held meetings aimed at clarifying their deteriorating relationship but Hichilema never kept his side of the bargain.

He also apologized to president Lungu for having insulted him before defecting from the PF in 2016.

“I will be failing if I do not publicly apologize to President Lungu for all the disparaging remarks and insults I showered on. I publicly apologize to him,” he said.

In re-joining the PF Mwamba said he had followed the majority of his supporters’ wish and not form an own political party.

Mwamba said that the UPND had opted to disrespect him after having helped them build structures in Northern Province.

He said Hichilema was using some weak elements from Northern Province like Patrick Mucheleka, Mutale Nalumango and Bernard Mpundu to maintain a presence in Northern Province.

Mwamba said he had forgiven all the UPND officials that voted to suspend him after the National Management Committee.

He said that as vice president, he was never allowed to interact with MPs freely as they were directly under Hichilema.

“Even in PF the vice president Inonge Wina is in charge  of  Ministers but in the UPND  it’s the president and the Secretary General, I have forgiven HH because he is being cheated by his litigants and my relative Muchekeka “, he said.

He becomes the sixth UPND vice president to resign since Hichilema took over in 2006.

The list includes Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, Francis Simenda, Patrick Chisanga and Dr Canisius Banda.


  1. king kong

    Nowonder politics is a dirty game,so wat was GBM thinkin at first wen he was defecting ai? useless politician.aona vintu vavuta ati nibwelele.kkkkkkkkk the lost son is back now to destroy PF finally.

    • Leon

      Pf be very careful that man was sent to spy

      • Bk

        UPND has had Many Vice Presidents than any Party in Zambian Guys Let’s not Run away from Facts these Guys are tribaliat Remembere What The late Daniel Munkombwe said. This for Tonga’s only

      • Bk

        Viva PF

      • Silver

        Yes I also think de same

    • edwardluunga


    • MK

      Sir Just Appoint Jack Mwimbu Or Mwitwa they will show Loyalty to you

    • Bk

      You were trading on dengerous ground’s HH is mafia he just wanted to fulfil his self Agrnda

    • MM

      Harder Nabena Bmukolwe welcome Sir

    • LK

      You are money hunger leaders.

  2. Mr Chopet

    If my memory serves me better, this is a man who publicly stated that its better he forms his own political party than rejoining the PF and what is he now saying today. This is extremely ineptic and frivolous I will strongly castigate Lungu if he takes back this big old pig back in PF. Indeed politics is a date stupid game, shame on you Ba GBM, Ba HH, Ba Lungu and other politicians because you’re all stupid and dirty minded chaps misleading our beloved nation Zambia. That’s why I will and van never vote for anyone in Zambia unless I know I will directly benefit not ifi ifyabupuba ifyamafi Ba kolwe.

    • edwardluunga


    • Idiocy Detector

      If Mwamba is normal then all Zambians are mad and I am not one of them. Insoni ebuntu. GBM is not better than a dog that returns to its own vomit. He is worse because dogs do not have brains but his brain has been repositioned in his bag that carries his Ts. Stupid idiot, where you not the one who called your fellow thieves their correct names? Have they suddenly returned what they stole? Have they suddenly started caring for the poor? Stupid idiot.

      • Foreigner Mulongoti

        UPND and insults. You can’t just comment without insulting mwaba shani kanshi?

    • Kudya

      Munkombwe said ‘it’s politics of the tummy ‘. Paku akana ubunga tabonfwa insoni.

    • Leon

      Reminds me of that which jumps from true to tree

  3. Emmas

    The time for national unity reconciliation, nation healing and tolerance for Democratic tenets to flourish is during this Easter period GBM ,you are welcome,its your right to to decide!

  4. wisdom is power

    UPND is for those who doesn’t think properly and who has no fear of God. Naimwe ba GBM muletekanya mukaitwala namukanwa kankalamu, thanks for realising that you did wrong

    • Idiocy Detector

      Where did you learn your perfect broken English? You can use your vernacular in case the Queen’s language was chasing you out of your classroom.

  5. Passer-by

    Back to my roots

  6. Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    Awe Ba tata Ba GBM, mwalintuka sana pamo nomubiyo uyu uwaku ba Thonga ufwaya ukumpoka ichalo uyu mwita ati HH nangula Hakainde. I don’t want you back in my party PF just go and form your own party not in my Government. I’ll send Ba kapokola nama soldiers bandi to teach you a lesson.

    • Mr smith

      Nice one ka! Kikikikiki!

      • mr life

        Ba mukaloti after you see things is not going well sure sure .

    • Young Gee

      Yes please do that



    • Chakumalast

      Mwiponta mukabwela mwembwamwe

  7. bushdoctor

    An individual can not fight three things on this our earth , the GCG, that’s God, church and Government. If you don’t believe this try to fight any of the three and see the results for your self.

  8. mubanga kelvin

    Well come back dady!”thats a sign of maturity -congrats for the boldness ; a step at the right time

  9. CK Kambwili NDC

    Well done bane just continue confusing yourselves like that meanwhile am slowly coming… Pembeleni mukanya bamu kukulu, elo naiwe ka Lungu if you will take back that big pig (umuchopo) ninshi tawakwata amano, remember the ideologies of your predecessor King Cobra, ifi efyabupuba efyo Ba Sata tabalefwaya nangu panono so uicheme kembo, ine nkamikupaula bonse when I go to state house in 2031

  10. Alpha

    Alright i see how politics are
    vavuta ati ni ululee

  11. mj

    who next

  12. Kelly

    Foolish gbm HH forward come 2021

  13. Khan

    Welcome back sir


    awee apopena mwachita bwino ba gbm ebwaume ubo bakalamba mwaiseni mu pf ulimwana wapang’anda.

  15. Fines @five,five

    Comment ,,,,Thank You ba GBM to come back my PF and you have done the right thing
    1,,,You will never be a Vice President and no ministry for you ,Example Miles Samoa from Opposition leader to Mayor servant to Amos Malupenga
    2,,,You were highly respected as HH was cleaning you from madness again you have gone back Ku malushi ,,multi cipuba sana ,,Example Cancious Banda still languishing after leaving UPND
    3,,,The Late Mc Sata dropped you from Defence due to insults to Military staff and replaced you with Edgar and you crossed to the other party but you can’t work with graduates because you are a failure in life and just work on criminals and in profitable issues !!
    LESSON ,,,Mr GBM ..you should know that world wide there is democracy for checks and balances ,,,you can’t blaim oppositions because that’s the format for democracy ,,To hell with your intimidations and cowardise behavior you are not a factor
    Thank you go well kabili imwe ukutukana eko mwanashana ,,,Rest in peace na Lungu wobe bakaboyi Ku ma Chinese ,,

    • Foreigner Mulongoti

      I see chakubaba maningi Fines@five,five. Waziba kuti manje HH alibe chance mu 2021. Forget about those votes he got in Bemba land in 2016. They will all go to ECL and it will be a landslide.

  16. The big dog

    In upnd we dont need people who deos not add any value to the party so mr gbm jst hav a safe journey we dont need u anymore

  17. Doubt Katwishi

    Agony is when u divorce your wife to marry a sweet 16, and just after your marriage has been dissolved, the parents of the sweet 16 returns the salamu that they do not approve the Marriage.:-)

  18. micheal mubanga

    I will never vote in 2021 election unless you buy my vote fuck

  19. Mwale Z

    Nevr Trust GBM.Nimutila Kubili.N Way Welcome Hm As A Substrate,,,kkkkkkkkkk,,,chldish Politics.

  20. Daniel Banda

    So we say time will tell we mean it, you can ignore our insights at your own peril, when we say HH is deceitful and has no capacity to change the economy of this country. That is coming from a prophetic standing point. Note that we are not saying he can’t win an election but to look at the future of this nation. Time will tell watch this space.

  21. Better Zambia

    This is proof that Zambia politics is not about working for the people buy it is about power and money.

  22. Dol

    Politics are useless

  23. Doubt Katwishi

    Agony is when u divorce your wife-Gina Bwafya Mwaba (GBM) to marry a sweet 16- Nelly Dora Chola (NDC) and just after your marriage has been dissolved, Mr Mwewa Musinga the parent of Nelly returns the salamu that he does not approve the marriage.:-)

    • Mapesho

      Umuntu uyu 6th vice president? Now looking for a seventh one? Kwena. What qualities is he looking for. I think he should just advertise on go Zambia jobs.kikikiki

  24. Jimmy shaba

    In politics there are no permanent friends nor enemies.

  25. Kapunda

    Boma ni Boma waona ka?

  26. Fame

    Oooo!!! Sorry Myself i dont vote waste of time.

  27. Dad 2

    I will never ever vote for anyone.I don’t believe in politics..I would rather kill myself than voting for useless human beings that will never help me in life.. Beside, I feed myself. I suffer alone, what more do I search from someone?..Nowonder we are African.only full of no nsense….

  28. omenty siampazanga

    But Zambia politics very embarrassing in Africa ,why Zambia become like a pagan nation ?

  29. Valentine

    I can only ear someone’s voice from NDC whose neck is big saying that Chapwa Lungu apita 2021 kikikikikiki yabaa! This is politics not potatoes bane.

  30. Dad 2

    See now what is going on in this country…busy killing each other over girlfriends..busy insulting each other, politics will not kill me..
    Who will change Zambia?
    How I wish I can just find my own Kingdom…
    Am tired of this no nsense.

    Mongu Rice is better than Zambian leardership…
    I don’t have a president..I will never trust any useless president…I am just myself… I rule myself.. I am my own president…
    Don’t have time for donkies

  31. Gerald

    Gbm is a political prostitute.Recently you said you can’t join Pf but forming your owner political party! What is in you mudaala! at that age you want to used pfool government.Go go you are too fat

  32. BM

    Congratulations Mr GBM you use your Democratic right. Icibemba citila aconi kekala umuti katemwenwe.

  33. Mm

    Politics is the dirty game sure

  34. Wantop

    Kkkkkkkkk zambian politics awe sure!!!!!

  35. tazy

    Bull sh*t

    • Bana Simon

      It is finished with the bashilumbulwa party.How can you marry for the7th time? On moral grounds surrender your leadership.

  36. Chizzy

    Paipa Zoona This Game

  37. gifour

    even chiluba told levy, we didn’t expect this you are welcome

  38. King Rubbish

    Gbm Can’t Shake The Whole Entire Nation Because Of His Defection From Upnd, Zambians I Don’t Think You Are Normal, Degree Holders Praising That Kambwanga As If He Is God. Criminal Re Joins Criminals, Koma Lelo Naona Kuti Gbm Nicipuba, Ok.

    • Wezi

      GBM has not shaken the nation, but he has definitely shaken UPND. Unless you are in denial.

    • Foreigner Mulongoti

      King rubbish cipuba ndiwe na HH. You are blinded by tribalism hence you cannot see the bigger picture. problem you treat your HH like a ka small god.

  39. Taonga

    Gbm is not a trusted person,I think he is up to something with HH be careful lungu


    Go idiot gbm go 4gud u hv no value good 4 nothing idiot u behave a prostute panyo gbm

  41. kim


  42. Dobo

    GBM is like postute careful

  43. Ba zulu

    Dirty game of monkeys fighting for bananas

  44. Gift mpanji

    Go back koswe iwe hh forward 2021

  45. fwakister

    Yalikosa pa zed
    Everything happens with a reason
    So pipo don’t be so exiceted

  46. dockfatth£r


  47. GBM

    Alikwisa driver aleisa aleisa aleisa mmmmm I think this driver can’t take us to plot one .let me find my self in a boat. A bad driver has made the people drop out of a bus.

  48. Hollywood

    My ears are widely open to a blif conference tomorrow by GBM wapya munzi

  49. mukonge kafufula

    Still loading…….

  50. Sichone Njenjema

    Politics a dirty game where even the pure come out impure. Where to survive you have to get your hands dirty

  51. HomeJet

    voting in Zambia is wasting time.
    fake politics, people are jumping from one branch to another looking for money.

  52. Gotv

    You are welcome Mr GBM

  53. Vincent

    2021 HH GBM babufi sana balefwaya bapoka HH part GBM please stop this this is Zambia

  54. Kelly

    Stupid, idiot foolish the so called gbm and HH forward

  55. Jimmy Kaidah

    Kkkkkkkkkkk GBM WEMBWA this is why Jehovah’s wittiness don’t votes
    the only person who we change the world is Jehovah chapwa
    With my own opinion I think HH is good for now

    • Matman

      Kkkkk, yayaya, Jimmy Kaidah, HH is good for now but for what when you have rightly put it across that no man can change the world? Is HH not man or has he changed to become Jehovah? Put no trust in man but God and him alone. Look at how much UPND was praising GBM, and now that he has resigned from them, look at the blasphemy and insults. God is not man that he can lie, neither is he a son of man that he can change.


    GBM well come back! but u should hv respect to every one in this world regardless of yo wealth

  57. mwita chrispin

    Akusunganeni bafikala mwalibelela ata ati ba lungu foolish president hh and imbwili nomba apa

  58. Kams

    Shili shank? Mwebapontele.

  59. Bruno mars

    Let him exercising his foolishness. Who cares he is not a factor.

  60. Mr Hazard

    welcome Back murals hope you have come to build the party not destroy.now what about sibongile is she going to join of as well?

  61. Mr Hazard

    welcome Back mudala hope you have come to build the party not destroy.now what about sibongile is she going to join of as well?

  62. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    We don’t trust anyhow bane………

  63. Mk

    Swebo Tuyanda Mabisi.we want Jack Mwimbu

  64. Daniel Banda

    Imwe UPND cadres stop scandalizing GBM. Get on with your lives. Don’t pretend, that you are not feeling the pain. If you are crying over this spilt milk then you are telling us that you can’t be democratic and can’t run a fair government. Don’t waste our time by aspiring to become a ruling party because you will distabil

  65. Man Gershom ingwe

    Please people let’s respect each other not insults let’s think about God is resening and watching us

  66. Mr. K

    You can’t work under. Tonga’s you are well come to our roots tribal balancing is not by appointments but by self filtered feelings of individuals to join a political party of their choice upnd is tribal any sane person wishing to join upnd is insane unless he she is a tonga

  67. SEE MIND


  68. Justin

    If these stupid things continue to happen who will stand for us vividly? Surely speaking,this is a game they think we’re foolish for electing them.The answer is no, we are putting them in power to come and lead us to free corruption country . However,We youths will stop voting for them because we are not empowered government leaders tend to enjoy their money in reckless living. In my view,I think both of them are fake how can Lungu except such to happen…No…No..No

  69. Bs

    Eeee,niuulule,atishani apo ?

  70. Jms

    Never mind a dog vomits and eats again due to lucking mind don’t blame just ignore

  71. Jms


  72. Mr. Bemba land is great

    Hakainde don’t from today on wards to stop riding on other tribes for presidency gain you have now gone to organize 10 political parties the church is also on your list remember Zambians are not tribal stop your tribal remarks breaking bemba myth is directed at paramount chitimukulu why should go that far? We are looping at who will give you the political fortune that you long for

  73. Joshua

    Their is no different between GBM & mr IBU. be careful ba pf.

  74. Wana Gift Muheuka

    Ba ECL Sure,How can you accept Who used To insult You.Anyway accept But Be Careful with Him, He have a plain for you.

  75. Daniel dmt

    Politics is a dirty game

  76. Kenny mulelema

    Umwana ekala chilya anya thank God ba Gbm you are back and I would like Mr president to give you a post of mp.napila mushalepo bwino

  77. Jms

    All those hypocrites such as mr Bemba land is great I can’t understand how people progress nevertheless many are behind the broad way without realizing their last step.we are ashamed as a country to see people as you who have worst and harmful words in their minds be careful that what ever you do it goes back to your parents.

    • Foreigner Mulongoti

      Jms I can see you are not good at the Queens language why cant you write in your mother tongue whether it is chiTonga, siLozi, chiKalubale, chiLunda etc.

  78. Blezz

    Ummmmmm that’s wired

  79. Foreigner Mulongoti

    All you people who are busy condemning and insulting GBM are not being fair. The man has told you that he was being sidelined by HH, so what do you expect him to do?. Its like a wife who is no longer loved by her husband she can leave and marry another man, or even her former husband. As for him rejoining PF, that is his democratic right. No one can decide on his behalf.

  80. future

    once an enemy always an enemy.ba PF be active _BM is now hunting little by little

  81. Dryfit

    GBM You Are A Fool U Are An Idiot At The Same Time, Including The One Who Received You Mu Pf, You Thnk Wht You Did Was Ok? Mona H H Is Stil In Power You Ar Just Westing Yo Time, Wil Rise Again Even 2121 Wimona Kwati Nausenda Abantu Bonse They Hav Followd U Bufi, YOU GO WELL I THINK YOU ARE A BIG PROBLEM NIWE WALELENGA HH ALEPONA Twala Ingulu Mu Pf, Mu UPND U Have Being A Vice President Bt Mu Pf Balekubika Kapaso,

    • Yb


      • Doubt Katwishi

        Change of goal post, it is because of GBM that they did not make it to plot 1 not otherwise. Wow!

    • Mapesho

      If GMB is a fool including the one who received in pf, what about the one who made him vice president in UPND? Is he not equally a fool? If not twice a fool for him not to see that foolishness.

  82. Chinyembagift

    Pf careful

  83. bngake@yahoo.com

    Zambian Politics, these pipo are playing with our minds, and we keep on voting them, WHY? Recycled readers, awe mwandi. When are going to have serious politician in zambia

  84. George Mwanba Penda

    Mwatusebanya Bakalamba Kubabemc Takwaba Ba Ngwila Bulime Shame

  85. Kalemba

    Yaba bwafya

  86. democratic party suporter

    I think its a good move by mr mwamba bwalya for apologiesing to the entire pf for the insults lenderd in the previous 2-3yrs bt my advice to the pf is that the shud forgive him and nt not to trust hime with a superior position if he wants a position he shud restard as award chairman then he will proceed to higher position by then u will know his true intension coz u dnt know what he z upto now

  87. Mk

    WELL COME SIR you can’t work under work Under Arrogant and Stingy Chaps and Tribalist guys

  88. keck

    mwaise ba GBM i head that you go to kaputa to destroy UPND good ukansendeko tubapwishe abatonga naiwe HH utamfye bonse abashili batonga in your party balakulila amano ok wakeup chombela

  89. keckson phiri

    suffering gives knowledge (ubuchushi bupela amano) is GBM a cadre or not?pf be careful

  90. Chuma Chibwe

    Tefintu politics of these days are quite something else

  91. Girl Child

    Truely funny I look forward to Politics where people do not leave and rejoin another party because they have been suspended. Where they do not rain insults because they are asked to leave the party. Politicians must know that wherever they go there are rules and regulations which must be adhered to. When the receivers receive such a person they must be sensitive that they are receiving a deviant who left because they broke a rule and that they will leave again because they will leave again because they are what they are. Confusion bringers. GBMs whole speech is on UPND why because they broke his heart else he would have still been with them. It is dangerous to take back someone who was sleeping with the enemy. Zambian Politicians need to change and stop being bought by money because then money will always move them. Buying Politicians is a bad strategy cause it like having a husband or wife who you have married for money. Good luck with him PF but I would keep him in the background because he cant be trusted. You have alot of members who you can trust use them. This is the mistake UPND made to leave its trusted members and use someone who had already messed up in another party. President keep this guy in the sideline because he cant be trusted

  92. kamwendo munjila


  93. Onemasa

    Voters card 4 sell k399 negotiable

  94. Moses chanda

    Bati kwena how can you welcome such a man like him again danger iyo

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