Miles Sampa Drags Fuel Attendant to Police over Facebook Post

Comical Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa pulled off another of his stunts by dragging a petrol attendant to the police station for allegedly posting on social media that the civic leader had left the filling station without paying.

Sampa made the announcement of his dragging the petrol attendant on his social media platforms.

“So this afternoon a petrol attendant decided to abuse social media by posting false pics on facebook claiming I had put gas in my personal car and refused to pay “because” I am a Mayor,” said Sampa.

“When his post went viral, I went back to the Filling station and effected a Citizen arrest on the petrol attendant.”

He added: “I have taken him to Woodlands Police station for criminal defamation.”

Sampa said he had had enough of social media abuse on his persona.

“I have had enough of malicious social media abuse on my persona and we will now meet in the Courts of law to all malicious abusers targeted at me,” he said.

Sampa has been a social media happy public personality that once flashed his refusal to pay his bill at Sable Restaurant in Kabulonga for alleged poor service.





  1. Kelly

    This is zambia bakamba wait and c ,were we are heeding to

    • Future President

      GBM resigns from upnd re_joins pf I hope all his insults on ecl have been forgiven

  2. Daniel Banda

    You are spot on Your Worship. Does that fuel attendant not know where your office is? ‘Vinthu mufumbenge!’ You should learn to ask before you spread information. Citizen’s arrest is we must all learn to effect. In fact the author of the article is an accomplice. What stunt of the mayor’s actions is he talking about for a normal action like that?

    • Sampa is a stooge

      Sampa is a criminal. He is boastful, narcissist. Bullying a fuel attendant. If he has guts, let him bully his conman friend Mathani who has bribed ZRA officials to get off the hooks of tax evasion. He owes K350 million for transfer pricing penalty, tax on evaded money and interest for the last 27 years. His Finsbury Investment is a money laundering vehicle. Professional Insurance, Leasing Finance are used to evade tax, facilitate externalisation of profits without paying a ngwee of tax. Sampa was his employee and did not dare to speak out. Simaata Simaata and late Wadood spoke and suffered at the hands of this money laundering mafia king of Zambia.

  3. Matman

    This way people will start to fear. Ba Samoa job well done. It’s too much of these guys trying to tarnish other people’s images. I’d he was paid to do that, let him speak. May the employer fire him or else he will lose business because clients will be saying, padya ungasebanike

  4. Ian Smith

    That is how do you start singing some songs without finding out root cause of it, learn to control mistakes to someone than jumping into conclusions look where this poor man has landed on

  5. abantu

    sometime people need ukusambilisha not everytime count us a boss

  6. HH

    I Sampa did not took the man to police you the same people were going to say it is true Samoa Left without paying which is not true. And this man is a thief so that’s what he always does he wanted still the money sampa paid.

  7. Hollywood

    Yes Sampa job well done let him face the law. he is a thief ndiye mwamene amabela telling his fellow wakers lie that the man left without paying so that he hide the money .ubushiku usheme nechimbala chilocha.

  8. lol

    Easy ndeloleshafye fili ekotuleya

  9. Renard Ng'andwe

    Job well done Mr sampa.Let him learn to respect elders.

  10. Wantop

    Kkkkkkkkk great lesson,unaona ngati ushaina kansi ukolopa kkkkkkk enjoy the cell and repent,there’s still time dear brother

  11. Mpombo

    May we know the name of the fuel attendant so that we know if there where ulterior motives .coz I suspect a disgruntled angry obnoxious tribal inclined UPND cadre here

  12. Jonathan phiri

    GBM is not stable

  13. king kong

    Boza imaletelela!!

  14. Kalumba Banda

    Manners learnt!

  15. ghost

    Sakamana ?

  16. Kamuchonka taurai

    Job well done Mr sampa.it’s a lesson to people post rubbish on social middia.


    which filling station is that so that I completely avoid fueling my car from there.

  18. Mbulwe

    People should stop using social media to defame others.Make posts about yourself.Good one Ba Mayor.

  19. DC 10

    May you pls tell us the name of this guy and the name of the filling station. These guys working there shd hv bn doing this to alot other customers fr some time now. Pls let us know the name of the filling station we stop filling there… Pls.

  20. DC 10

    May you pls tell us the name of this guy and the name of the filling station. These guys working there shd hv bn doing this to alot other customers fr some time now. Pls let us know the name of the filling station we stop filling from there… Pls.

  21. Jimmy Kaidah

    Bwafya bwa PA calo

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