Musenge Withdraws NDC from Opposition Alliance

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) wrangles have deepened with ousted secretary general Mwenya Musenge withdrawing the party from the opposition alliance.

Musenge who has been removed as secretary general by the Kambwili faction and relegated to chairperson for chiefs and traditional affairs maintains that he is still the chief executive officer of the party.

He said the move was meant to bring the party on board unlike the current situation where an individual made a decision that the party was part of the alliance without involving the party members.

During a media briefing held at his Chillers corner, Musenge said the guidance of the Registrar of Societies that the changes made by Chishimba Kambwili were null and void hence reinstating members who were suspended.

“This week Wednesday I will have a round table meeting with Mr. Kambwili to resolve the impasse and I am appealing to NDC members to remain calm and desist from issuing statements that will go against efforts to reconcile the party” he said.

Musenge has denied allegations that he is set to re-join the Patriotic Front as he is the owner of the NDC.

But when reached for a comment on the turn of events Kambwili said that Musenge will not manage to destroy the NDC in all his schemes.


  1. mulobezi

    That’s nice musenge show ck yo maturity.

  2. kinda

    musenge and GBM are comedians in politics arena

  3. mulase

    Musenge is the legitimate leader of the NDC.The problem with us Zambians we forget easily.A few days ago this so called Mbwili dragged PF to court claiming that he was a legitimate member of PF nd not NDC..today u ar supporting his illegal position as NDC president.Mulampapisya mwebena kopala kwena.The best CK should do is to become a comedian nd join Bikilon nd believe me u that he can make it to plot one.A few days ago one country I won’t mention here elected a comedian as State President.So let him try that formula.

    • Spare mee

      Kkkkkkkk you don’t listen. You mean ck is one of the best comedians in Zambia?

  4. Hammer

    CK thought he was playing a Smart game but it is now proving difficult for him. The court case where he was challenging his expulsion from PF is not yet even concluded by the courts, it is just that everything was taken over by events when his mouth betrayed him . And on paper he is not part of NDC.
    So we are going to witness an other court comedy of 2 NDC factions. I am just enjoying the drama

  5. Nachula

    Comment GBM and CK are the same ifimasele imiponto why can’t they form their own party and how they will run them.

  6. Sibweni

    Ba kambwili fund the NDC Birth and he own’s it. Mr musenge SG owns it and who is the owner of NDC only registar of political parties knows the truth.

  7. McBrian Samba

    Unless you are also confirming that you are as well a forgetful person. Remember, it is just recently when the speaker of the National Assembly Matibini ruled that Kambwili is not a member of pf but an NDC President, hence his declaration of Roan seat vacant. So by you claiming that CK is not NDC but pf, do you mean that the speaker made a wrong ruling on the Roan seat?

  8. Fox

    I Foresee CK Becoming UPND’S Next VP.

    • Spare mee

      For me I for see Elias Chipimo Jr as next UPND Veep. And ck a rolling stone.

  9. bullet gems

    Comment Mr Musenge be principled and don’t be used this propaganda is already known humble yourself to Kambwili.these people want to use you and then dump you.I feel sorry for you

  10. Mpombo

    Not ifi naimwe we are waiting to hear the mother of all press conferences from GBM.During the press briefing its believed GBM will among other things reveal
    1.)The rampant tribalism which has sustained Hechi Hechi to cling to power in UPND
    2)Hechi Hechi’s propensity to use violence to achieve his insatiable appetite for presidential ambitions
    3)Hechi Hechi’s betrayal and unreliable character when it comes to friendship and leadership
    4)Hechi Hechi’s manufacturing and stage managing of alleged assination plots to win sympathy
    6)Hechi Hechi’s scheme of auctioning the country by getting money from outsiders with a view to conduct the second selling of remaining parastatals to finish the few remaining Zambians to use their blood in international Satanism
    7)The UPND plot to hound Easterners and Bembas from working in government immediately if they win elections
    The above is a synopsis of the predictable flow of the press conference according to sources close to GBM.#Only a Tonga can rule UPND but not Zambia

  11. REAI D

    Let’s join PF

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


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