SP Tells Govt to Spend Dialogue Forum Money on Civil Servants’ Salaries

The opposition Socialist Party has urged government to direct resources meant for the National Dialogue Forum to civil servants and other government workers who go without pay for months.

In a statement issued by party general secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali, the Socialist Party has stated that it would not participate in what he termed “a shameful platform”.

“Let the millions of taxpayers money to be spent go towards meeting salary and pensions of our people. Those thousands not paid are a priority, not the pretentious Forum,” Dr Musumali stated.

“We were ready to participate with the church serving as a neutral arbitrator. The church mother bodies still offer some light in this dark and uncaring world that we live in. The initiative was however not given any chance. The Patriotic Front ignored and disregarded that initiative with impunity. The Patriotic Front apparently wanted a process it could conceptualize, execute and oversee itself.”

He stated that the party was only ready to participate in the dialogue process with the church serving as a neutral arbitrator.

“Today, we are being called upon to participate in such a shameful, manipulative and costly exercise! Just like with the debacle of the constitutional making process, this new attempt is an insult on the collective intelligence and wisdom of the Zambian people. The Patriotic Front is not interested in constitutional changes, electoral reforms, and the repeal of the Public Order Act or any changes that would enhance liberties for all – other than itself,” stated Dr Musumali.


  1. Future President

    GBM apologizes to ecl vowels to fight hh in 2021

  2. Kapunda

    Specify which government department remain unpaid for months and y?

  3. HH

    Mr cosmas musumali be Sirius with what you are doing

  4. justice

    If this is a ploy to gain access to state house, then the SP is using a totally wrong platform. ND is a serious business to which every concerned political party must be party as it hinges on the welfare of all Zambians.

    • Bk

      My brother the world. Can haveJoker and dreamers these are the likes of Musumali who are Living in Yesterday

  5. eagle D

    Commentgovernment has really not paid many pentions to people and dalayed salaries

  6. BLSimpamba

    It’s true the money whi is to be spent on the national dilogue forum ,could have been ultilised to pay workers & farmers who are yet to be paid.Just very recently ZAMPOST workers to the c/belt,COUNCIL workers in Kabwe TAZARA workers,FARMERS etc,All these are Gvt departments How do some people ask questions ati,say it in a detailled explainatioin,spot on SP.

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