Durban Storm Claims Two Zambians

A Zambian family based in South Africa has lost two of their children following a storm in their Crompton neighbourhood in Durban.

The deceased have been identified as Emmanuel Phiri and his brother Brian aged six and nine respectively.

Zambian Mission to Pretoria press secretary Naomi Nyawali said the deceased died when the roof of the house they were sleeping in crashed on them.

Their parents Mr Mesiya Phiri and his wife Cynthia were left injured but have since been discharged.

“The bodies of the two deceased children have since been taken to Pinetown Mortuary in Durban awaiting conclusion of police investigations and burial,” Nyawali said.

Durban has been hit by a storm that has left 51 people dead so far.




    Too bad, may the almighty God keep and comfort the family

  2. Luck muwaya

    Sad development

  3. ba kanyama

    My heartfelt condolences to the deceased’s family.rib brothers

  4. Impyakusu ichinyo

    I think Zambians must just come back home all else you will finish dieing Storm xenophobia south Africa yakanga

  5. Gift Njobvu

    too sad 😢😬

  6. LK

    too bad to the family.

  7. Verdugo

    too bad! They should just stayed in zambia

  8. Mmj

    too bad condolences to the family

  9. muntungwa

    Innocent little souls. May their souls rest in peace.

  10. bravo

    Have passion and compassion for your fellow country people.Not all days are Sundays remember that.

  11. simona Likwanya

    Prayerz to the affected family

  12. Daniel Banda

    These costal storms which have increased in frequency are worrying but they could be part of the signs of the end as told in the Bible. Let’s prepare ourselves spiritually.
    My condolences to the bereaved family.

  13. Simpito Mukandwa

    Too bad may they rest in peace

  14. Mastr mwale

    Durban Or Mazyopa?Can Sam Bod Help me?Why Go 2 Durban..?Coz The Picture Shoz No Difarence!Lukumbwa!!Go 2 Mozambique Ad Exprience Cyclone.Its Lyk U Lyk Thoz Disastrous Nemz…Cyclone,hurricane,storm,earthquake,etc.
    In Zambia O I Knw Is Hungr, Corruption,unemployment Ad Stupid Politics.

  15. Eucrates

    Uko Ndiye Kupuba Ma Zambians.Just Lyk Rwandanese,aheedddee!Upuba!

  16. Erikza entertainment

    Sad news


    May the Almighty God see the family through these problems.

  18. shi mafunde

    Hollop hollop ..
    is that the house? ,if so finshi mulechita mu chalo cha beneh??

  19. ba wileh

    Comfortable kwikaala apa tontwele, safety kulisunga weh mwine!!!.
    my deepest condolences to you the grieving ah ba munyinane my prayer is ka bami chitefye deport to Zambia and may God help you out of all your predicaments.

  20. Bwalya

    Too bad

  21. One love

    Too bad

  22. reub c

    My heartfelt condolences to you may our good lord continue to give you straigth wisdom in this trying moment….Amen

  23. dockfath£r

    Sad news

  24. Ethel Phillips (EMS Chaplain )

    Condolences Zambian Night Commissioner . Condolences Mr & Mrs Phiri . May G-D Give You Comfort in this difficult time . Shalom .

  25. Ethel Phillips (EMS Chaplain )

    Condolences to The Zambian HIGH Commissioner. Condolences to Mr & Mrs Phiri including both sides of The Families and Friends including classmates to the Late children . May G-D Give You Comfort in this difficult time . Shalom .


    Shame on some of these zambians.
    After being educted with zambian tax payers money. They left the country and start suffering worse.see the outlook of the demolished. One can understand that these people are just suffering there.
    Just come back home you people.
    Home is home

  27. Jimmy Kaidah

    Sad news bwafya

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