Mutati’s MMD to Take Part in Dialogue Forum

President of the MMD faction Felix Mutati says his party is participating in the ongoing National Dialogue Forum (NDF) because it has interest to cure the conflicts, particularly those that emerged from the 2016 elections.

Mutati said it is pleasing that representatives, including members of parliament from across the political divide, got accreditation without exception, an indication that they will attend the forum despite claims of some intending to boycott.

In an interview after getting accreditation at Mulungushi International Conference Center yesterday, the MMD leader said the turnout of nominated representatives who got accreditation gave hope that they would participate substantively in order to create the necessary changes in the political space.

“From MMD’s perspective, if we are to make progress in dealing with issues that are slowing down the unity of this country, we must be in that place (NDF) where we can make our contributions. Unless we make it together as one, those conflicts will continue to emerge,” Mutati said.

He said among the contentious issues that should be addressed  include the 14 days interpretation in which one can successfully petition a presidential election, making the Public Order Act more flexible for all political players and enhancing the powers of the Electoral Commission of Zambia to better conduct elections to minimize conflicts.

“The bottom line is that never judge a book by its cover. Come and engage, express yourself, argue in this conversation. All stakeholders must engage because we all belong to a society called Zambia and unless we make it together as one, those conflicts will continue to emerge,” Mutati said.

He also reiterated that the National Dialogue Forum would help cure the syndrome of by elections through proportional representation.

“These are good dividends that we must harvest as society in order to advance the country Zambia,” said Mutati.


  1. Lolo

    Politics chabe, @ Kambwili’s presidency in NDC was illegal and they suspended him but in MMD we don’t know who the legal president is but nothing has been done. NDC is a………….to them.

  2. Herv Rena

    Good approach Mr President,but its sad that you don’t sweep your house first by having a serious dialogue with nervous.No one would take your words seriously.

  3. Chinyembagift

    That’s good to attend

  4. Jms

    Its good for him but I dought if mutati is fit to be president because he is unable to defend his sit which is torn apart shared by Nevers Mumba . A leader has to be strong who is willing to protect the party not dividing it in such you are not allowed to participate and A TRUE LEADER CAN NOT FITURE IN ANOTHER PARTY UNLESS HE IS WEAK sometimes we should try to reason well and start analyzing things and why don’t other people never ashamed of themselves this is the indication of have good education but one (1) thing is missing WISDOM .its very difficult to obtain wisdom if you don’t respect the Lord what I mean is why accepting being a leader when another part within that party their is a leader. if you are for people reorganize your party otherwise they have REJECTED YOU

  5. Jms

    IN LIFE THIS HAPPENS (1)WE HAVE PEOPLE WHO KNOW HOW TO TALK BUT LESS ACTION like Felix. (2) SOME TALK LESS AND ACT MUCH THEN (3)SOME FEW DO BOTH so please some are nice just to be given responsible

  6. bravo

    Kkkkkkkkk yaaaaabaaaah anyway this is Zambianology kkkkk yalikaba

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