National Dialogue Forum Opens in Lusaka

The National Dialogue Forum has opened in Lusaka with several delegates turning up at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi has been ratified as the National Dialogue chairperson.

During the opening ceremony Forum Secretary, Patrick Chisenga called on delegates to rise above partisan interest and debate the agenda for the benefit of Zambians across the Country.


And Justice Minister, Given Lubinda is hopeful that the Forum will come up with resolutions that will make the Zambian Constitution, one of the best legal documents in the World.

Delegates are supposed to deliberate on the amendment of the Constitution of Zambia Act number 2 of 2016 as well as reform the law on the Electoral process, the public order and the regulation of the political parties’ bill based on submissions from various stakeholders.

Meanwhile delegates have without objection ratified the nomination of Professor Muyunda Mwanalushi, as the Forum Chairperson.

Professor Mwanalushi has assured delegates that he will work according to the expectations of delegates during the duration of the Forum.

However there was a technical challenge when it came to electing members of the standing Committee where the requirements was that one of the eight candidates was supposed to be a lawyer.

After a heated debate among delegates, Professor Mwanalushi told delegates that the forum will vote for seven candidates instead of eight as a way of creating room for a lawyer to be among those to sit on the Standing Committee.

Delegates are now voting for the two vice chairpersons and a spokesperson for the forum.

Notables among those standing for the role of spokesperson include Chilufya Tayali, Isaac Mwanza, Gershom Musonda, Hyde Haguta and Wright Musoma.

Boniface Cheembe is vying for the position of vice chairperson.

Others are Guess Nyirenda, Danny Pule, Cecilia Zimba, Given Katuta and Mary Mulenga while Tutwa Ngulube withdrew from the race.

President Edgar Lungu will officially open the National Dialogue Forum tomorrow (Thursday).

The opposition UPND is plotting to boycott the forum while some of the party legislators have vowed to attend arguing that the forum is in national interest.



  1. Jonathan

    As soon as I read Chilufya Tayali I confirmed that this is all a joke.

    • Mb

      Let slaves of HH shun this national event they fear for positions

      • Zamzam

        Don’t bring bitter and call hh as the master but recall that even PF did the same the stunned the NCC in the time of mwanawasa,if I remember well all pf mps where absent only the likes of Savior chishimba,madam sinyangwe etc.so let us be object

  2. Daniel Banda

    Let this pass with or without HH’s stooges so that he sees that he is not a factor. Maybe he will understand how inadequate he is to run a country like Zambia. Those white capital monopolists will not succeed here let him just come down to earth.

    • Zamzam

      Pipo recall even PF did the same to mmd in the time NCC in mwanawasa time

  3. Hev rena

    Govt is always eager to fund talk shows and by elections,but very reluctant to pay suppliers,buy medicines,pay backlogs of pensioners or farmers.How many times have we amended constitutions which end up being hijacked?

    • shu shu shu

      We don’t get all the inputs we need because some people like under 5 like absconding.

      • Zamzam

        No it is not absconding but it is revolt coz if I tell you that most deligates at this forum have been bought and compromise ,just check on composition of deligates the like of tayali,Danny pule what meaningful things can come out of that

  4. bravo

    The only characters who can’t analyse issues and read between lines are the loudest and busy yepping over issues that they can’t even comprehend.lack of knowledge and wisdom is indeed a curse.wait and see what is next in the sequence thats when maybe some will understand the solution to the equation.


    To the point the incumbent is always changing the goal posts to suit them, you wait and see what amafi will come out of this.

  6. petrus chipuluka

    upnd boycottin de indaba? No problem upnd is not a factor

    • Zamzam

      Upnd is a factor just wait and see what things will come out of that forum there just there for allowances

  7. Bola ni 90 minutes

    We are suffering, let’s those who benefit attending the so called dialogue.

  8. Ziba Success

    Comment GBM has done well

  9. wise

    G B M is the one who was giving pf information,it is not a surprise hh was blinded.ck be careful pf are now using musenge to bring confusion

  10. Observer

    You cannot have the so-called best Constitution in the World if you cannot have the best legal minds in the World. Evidence suggests we are seriously lacking the right intellectual material to carry out such an exercise.

  11. Brian bugga

    This forum is a waste of money, what exactly do they discuss

  12. Corruption in zambia(SHEEMĂ—100%)

    Some deligates took the indaba as the money making methods as a result some will boycott it,do u think Tayali is a good factor to all Zambians wait and see what will come out.

  13. One zed manex

    Under 5 is not a factor & his MPS if they don’t want to attend,let them stay, zambia is not just some small banch of MPS it’s about millions of people who put you in office to represent them & if you can’t do them the favour,then wait for 2021 & you will be taught a lesson.we electorates we need representation on national matter’s.

  14. Fisunge

    One zed manner you’re right this people who vote for upnd Shud think twice why Shud there representatives refuse all the time to represent them next time they Shud not give them their votes because it’s worthless it happened even during the referendum I was personality told by the door to door campaign teem that if you say yes it means that lungu will be president now look at we’ve missed these MPs of south_west provinces Shud be held responsible for misleading the masses in the southern province in particular

  15. chox

    Those who are saying UPND is not a factor, what motivates you to even have the guts to comment about HH and the party? go on with the imposed NDF and lets see where it takes us. you are exposing your greatest fear by thinking that UPND is not a factor, the party that “lost” by only 1.8% in the lat election is not a factor? Come on guys! Where is the church in all this? Where is the Ministry of Religious Affairs in this? These are simple questions that you guys need to ask yourselves.

  16. Phiri Banda

    HH is becoming hot, every time hh. Dununa guys y hh??????

  17. Ba fikala

    Fuckers! busy saying factor this no factor that” idiots discus isues on natational dialog. nowonder u vote in thieves

  18. Kunda C

    I hope that even issues concerning napsa pension benefits will be revisited. I was disappointed to be told that I will be paid K1 500 per month and not one lumpsome after i”ve done 33year of service to the mining industry. This is theft

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