PF Reacts to KBF’s Call on Lungu to Step Aside

Patriotic Front Copperbelt chairman Nathan Chanda has said Kelvin Bwalya Fube’s call for President Edgar Lungu to step down is out of bitterness and hunger for power.

During the launch of his “Zambia Shall Prosper II” book in Lusaka yesterday, KBF called on President Lungu to pass on the mantle of leadership to him so that they take the criticism on his behalf.

In a statement dated April 24 posted on the PF official Facebook page today, Chanda, however, said Fube, who is popularly known as KBF, had many times used wrong platforms to air his grievances concerning the party and its leadership.

He said KBF must “come in the open if he has formed a party”.

“We remind him to use right channels to air any grievances that he may have unlike the unbecoming conduct that he has been exhibiting of late which is very regrettable. We are fully aware that ba KBF wants attention and sympathy from the PF general membership and the Zambian people if disciplined for acting in a manner that is likely to bring the name the party into public ridicule, contempt or disrepute. He wants to play a victim. These are old ways of doing politics. If ba KBF has formed a party, he should just come out in the open instead of wasting the party’s time,” Chanda stated, further reminding KBF not to forget that he was among the delegates that elected President Lungu as party leader at the PF convention in Kabwe in 2014.

And Eastern Province chairperson Andrew Lubusha has stated that there was no vacancy for the presidency of the party and the country.

“While we remain grateful for any role he could have played in the party, it i very sad that his ambitions have led him astray. Surely, the party doesn’t owe him the presidency like he has convinced himself,” stated Lubusha. “It is abnormal…why should KBF talk as though there is a vacancy for the position of president in the party? There is clearly and definitely no vacancy  for president of PF so what is KBF’s motive?”



  1. 2021

    2021 ifintu ni lungu!!

  2. Razor

    So much for democracy!!!

  3. Family Man

    Let democracy take it’s course

  4. FGM

    Zambian politics have been the same since the KK days . Kapwepwe and Nkumbula were treated the same.

  5. Davido

    Iwe ka CHANDA we kamuntu leave kbf alone that’s the parties constitution he has the right to that and the party must go for a convention waumfwa were they must choose the leader of their own OK your master has dramatically failed to govern and for your own information kbf formulated the constitution of your failed kabwalala party and just to tell u CHANDA of is hurried in copperbelt musakamuziba mulungu

  6. CM

    That’s why in Zambia we cannot move forward, because some people are considered to be gods who cannot be touched. KBF has all political rights to challenge your so called God rather than waiting until everything go worse. You are there defending him because you are enriching together through dubious means so let him alone your God has

  7. Daniel Banda

    Surprisingly, everyone aspiring to leadership. Why can’t you just grow your businesses before to help improve our poverty status we will still appreciate you.

  8. Aaron

    Lungu is a dictator he can only do wat he thinks for him self not of a democracy

  9. Ubwamba na bukula

    Iwe chanda let kb exercise his rights

  10. Hadley Namakando

    Good people, when good things happen to you, don’t put your mind to, ie, don’t let your possessions possess you. Chanda is castigating KBF, for coming out in the open that he wants ECL to step down, so that alternative leadership takes over the management of PF, and the nation, so far KBF, is, if not the bravest high ranking official in PF, today, Ba Chanda, baba Davies Mwila, Amano yabu kandile, tayalefwaika muchalo cha Zambia, the fact that you are eating with ba ECL, others re not, ECL, has failed, how much time do you think he must be given, at the expense of the well being of Zambians, it is inevitable that a change of the head of state comes to Zambia, too many things have gone wrong within a very short time, reason being that the current crop of PF, leadership is uncaring

  11. Kings

    People Of Zambia Please, Don’t You Have The Eyes To See That Our President Has Failed This Country? What Is His Manifesto If At All He Has, Not The Late Sata’s Manifesto. K B F Is Wiser Than The President, This Is A Fact And No One Can Say KBF Has No Right To Challenge The President For He Is A Zambian Citizen. The Problem Is That You Think Things Won’t Be Well For You Idiots If Lungu Steps Down, But To Be Frank, Lungu Has Nothing To Give Zambians, Only Those Who Feeds From His Pockets Can Say He Contenue To Mess Up Things. KBF’s Book Talks Sanse.

  12. Chad

    What’s wrong with anyone wanting to become a state President? Cheap and misdirected politics. Leave him alone!

  13. Double Zed

    Kbf is the man of action we behind u.




    U think we are happy… Mealie meal K100 harvesting period… This is a taboo… We need deliverance and baptism…


    There are special group people in Zambia,, how these people going to survive? Zambia open up your spiritual sight like Paul,and Bathrowmeo… God,,, fish them out.. They think they are masters? Pharaoh was punished, Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, David, and who are them that God can fail? They will see…

  17. Wantop

    Kkkkkk deliverance and baptism I like it!!!

  18. davies

    Chalo Ca Bonse Don’t Intimidate Him Let Him Exercise His Right Leave KBF ALONE. EBWAFYA BA PF

  19. Adam Eve

    why do some ethnic group feel they need to rule Zambia once they have become rich?

  20. INDETU

    I have had a chance in the last few days to read and study the comments, interviews and other statements made in regard to KBF’s intention to challenge Predident Lungu come 2021.
    I’m not PF, neither do I belong to any political party. But I’m a voter and Zambian. In that regard, I’m interested as to who becomes president of Zambia.
    I hear the PF Caders in the sense of Gen 28:12-15 where Jacob dreams a dream and God shows him a ladder. The ladder indicates that if you want to ascend to the top, there are steps to follow. I don’t know what the PF Consititution says but I suppose this is what the Caders are putting across. In that sense they may be right.
    I’m not so sure what we mean when we say President Lungu has failed. I have heard our opposition leaders say this several times. T me however, the should tell the electorate what they would do if elected to office. The words “failure or thief” are all too familiar as election slogans that now they are rendered meaningless.
    I have also studied how president Lungu went through the ladder after the unfortunate demise of late Hon Sakeni ( MHSRIP), to where he is now. Correct, he might have been the most unprepared but within those limitations, Zambia has become more livable than at any time in our history.
    No doubt, it would have been far better had President SATA ( MHSRIP ) lived up to now. But for a person.who was not ready ——–.

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