PF Welcomes GBM

The Patriotic Front has welcomed back Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to the party following his resignation from the UPND yesterday.

Mwamba was until yesterday UPND vice-president, but decided to leave the party after accusing its leadership of sidelining him.

PF secretary general Davies Mwila has further dismissed social media reports that the top party officials shunned Mwamba’s rejoining of the party, saying member of the central committee Paul Moonga attended the event.

And Mwila said his office would await the official communication from Mwamba on his decision to rejoin the PF and has since encouraged the former defense minister to “feel at home and work with the structures”.


  1. Kelly

    Foolish gbm wait 2021 HH is coming

    • Bk

      Sir You are welcome Don’t worry about these region Politician I know you Have a hole in their party which they nursing

      • Zamzam

        Iwe which tribal infact it is him Go Back Mukwiba GBM who is tribal and petty and dull,he is not well come in pf but that is the beginning and the end of gbm

        • But but but

          But the PF once told us such prodigal members would not automatically be accepted. I think they said Miles Sampa must first go through a process of reapplying.
          Anyway ba GBM is a senseless coward who is afraid to go solo and start another party. Sata decided to go it alone because he had confidence in his ability. Ba GBM just wants an easy ride on an established party’s ticket into the Vice Presidency and afterwards the presidency. Work my brother. Money doesn’t buy everything

          • Mazuba

            Bamudala if is true that you have hh alone aaa rhe something is wrong on your upstairs

        • Biloko

          Misfit has gone to his true level of politing. The PF predicted this when HH out of his goodness appointed him Vice president against all odds.

      • paxah

        dont think we re very stupid gbm all the bad stuff you said about pf tomorrow will be upnd.i think you and pf are dogs

    • Mpombo

      Like the foolish and stupid proverbial ostrich the UPND members are hating with spite.They are belittling the depature of some one who was near the presidential party bedroom.Wait until he starts demolitioning you layer by layer then you will know how he has left a gapping hole in your tribal grouping. Why’re you now complaining at the way he was insulting PF,if it was wrong why didn’t you condemn him then only for your tribal ears to open now and realise that what he was saying where insults.Going by the rantings and whining of UPND members one can safely conclude that GBM has hit a raw nerve and a desperate campaign is being waged to make it look as if UPND is not hurting #Only a Tonga can rule UPND but not Zambia

      • TJ

        Thats pure true Ba mpombo.In addition,to destroy and defeat an enemy is to dine and eat from the same table.The big man GBM can associate with any party of his liking.Congratulations!

    • Imjustsaying

      Akapitilila State House nafuti! Kikiki guys forget about UPND winning 2021, u guy can’t mobilise a party u don’t have even structures to talk about and u are busy say “we will win” win where?
      Politics is about strategy and grassroot mobilisation not propaganda using social media like Zambian Watchdog. If I were HH I would have banned Zambian Watchdog coz it’s not helping the party at all, all they write are just lies, rumors and propaganda.
      I’m just saying….take it or leave it.

    • mulobezi

      Had GBM joined ck pipo wud have celebrated just lyk wen NDC won in roan. Mwamba has a democratic right nd no one shud rise against hs decision.its politics not religion.

  2. non political

    God bless you Mr GBM for what you have done

  3. Inuendo

    Fellow citizen, with no offence meant, can someone correct me when I state that we are being taken for granted by this current crop of politicians. All of them.

    None among them seem to be credible needless to morally and politically upright.

  4. Inuendo

    Today, this one resigns, castigates his previous p/party to the core and joins the other.

    Tomorrow another one resigns praises the castigated party and labels it as credible, most tolerant and stable.

    Its the same culprits criss -crossing political bridges with all the hallmarks of gratifying their egocentric aspirations without embarasment.

    What a bunch of shameless political leaders we have!

  5. Hev rena

    Just last week this mam castigated PF calling it a party of thieves and now he is part of the thieves,yaaba,hypocrites! He’s been bought.

    • Chidumbo

      @Hev Rena. I ask didn’t the PF read his insults? Since they are welcoming him does it mean they agree with his opinions about them when he Insulted them ? . Do they genuinely welcome such hypocrites? Yes because they are all hypocrites.

  6. Simpito Mukandwa

    Yaa Ama Politics

  7. kasi sirrom

    HH is the best wait 2021, GBM wafusha HH forward no backward !!!!!

  8. Chakumalast

    After they finish you up Elo mwaisuka icipalakasa you’ve closed the harmer meals iye sorry dear bakucipata bamakamba ati ngati uli pabwino poipa paitana

  9. hk

    thats nonsense ba GBM..

  10. Bola ni 90 minutes

    After calling them thieves, they received him,what a finished part is PF?

  11. Razor

    He wants Arizona trucking his company to start getting tenders from Zesco again.

  12. Zambian youths/VOTERS

    Very bad careless politician who can not rethink what he does on ground,get out leave HH aloan nowonder his Hammer meal is not working along Katanga Rd full of long greeses.

  13. mmmmm

    awe sure Zambian politics Ku wafilwa

  14. mr t

    welcome back GBM

  15. Sir mo

    What kind of politics do we have in Zambia,today ur calling some pipo bunch of thieves & tomorrow ur with de same thieves that’s chopet.hower govt is not PF it’s MMD cos all de pf members we hav,av passed mu MMD,mutati,luo,Masebo etc.lets go for a neutral govt upnd.

  16. Sir mo

    How I wish we were like states with 2 top parties to stand,if one lives one party no chance to join de other party

  17. joeka

    GB has made a wise decision,i salute u papa

  18. Kings

    We Know Almost All Your Tactics You Foolish Politicians, You Are Not After Saving The People Of This Nation, But To Enrich Yourselves, No Wonder You Jump From One Party To Another. Gbm You Are Fit To Be In Pf Because You Are A Criminal Like Those You Have Now Teamed Up With. Is It Not What You Said When In Upnd, Kwena Niwe Kipuba Mudala Iwe.

    • KK

      Yes not fit to be in Upnd. 75 to 0 vote how do we expect him to remain in Upnd where people had no confidence in him. Then you day chipuba. What did you want him to do while against the wall. This world is unfair mwe

  19. COILARD chilyabanyama

    dirty game always dangious,let us pray Zambia country to be Christan national

  20. pf nafuti 2021

    Pf is the only party in zambia welcome back GBM

  21. welcome "BUT"

    GBM u re welcome BT ibwili or HH wil fix zambia.come 2021mark my words.

    • KK

      Well said! But this sentiment was expressed with regard to GBM. I pray you will not say the same about ck in future. Remember Zambia is a blessed country. I imagine if Upnd won with HH and GBM at the helm, where could this beloved be now. God bless Zambia

  22. Mr. BJ.

    In our language we say,” Inama ifwa Ku mushi, mumpanga bayamukutolafye”. So for one to be President of a country like Zambia, you need to win at least 8 of the 10 provinces. With ds arrangement of 50 plus one, hmn, kaya mwandi! Failing to manage a home is failing a nation. One President mismanage five vice presidents. Takwaba, nangu maule kusuka lyaibwelamo. Ndeloleshafye!!!

    • Kabebelepo

      Nipa zed this is real cyclone mmmmm politicians

  23. Truestory

    This is just my opinion about UPND. I see this party as a party that receives anyone who comes out of Pf and think he will make them win that’s a lie. First it was Mr C Banda who became useless when GBM joined them, the man was thrown out like a roten rat and GBM was a Darling to them, today they are saying kaleya. Okay? And now its Kambwili who is a Darling, mark my word UPND Kambwili is more dangerous than GBM, mukalila. Just let him alone, that guy is dangerous am telling you. Remember what he said about the innocent tribe of the Tonga people? He said Tonga’s would rather vote for a stone than even voting for Jesus. Mwalilaba? That’s the man who was always saying HH will never rule this country. Namulaba? Let me warn you ba UPND let Kambwili be on his own. Y can’t pick people like G Nkombo, Mwetwa, Kakoma and others who are true members of your party than dancing to the tune of people who will bring nothing but distraction to your party. I rest my case.

    • Biloko

      You have accepted gbm not because you love him but because he is leaving UPND and he is bemba the same reason is why you don’t want kambwili to work with hh.
      Your tribal agenda as long as you are failing to rule the country fairly will not succeed because all are suffering.

  24. Kelly

    laddiss and gentlemen pay a courtesy to my statement, a mad person can not have a consolidated obbrigation to certain achievement in life with a normal and matured person. thence the so called gbm call work with wise men like President HH bcoz the element in gmb has been concealed

  25. Kelly

    We dont want kambwili in upnd no .

  26. Mr. BJ.

    In politics, there are no permanent enemies nor friends. As you rejoin your old party, try and avoid opening old wounds. Bashi Mwamba mwabweleni mu party Bashi Chilufya bamushilile. Ndeloleshafye!!!


    Thanks dr GBM for exercise your democratic rights by rejoining pf.but you also need to change your way of kafukushi.What i see in you is that you have the boss mentality and not that of a politician. A politician is a leader who must lead by example. Political nomadic is not helping but leads to political scavenger. Remember you were pf senior party member but today you are pf scavenger cz of your chifukushi.
    Lastly. Bwana you have a very big mountain to climb both in pf and zambia in general to build your political reputation.

  28. wise

    HH was blind this is how pf is, G B M was getting information from upnd to pf . Pf is giving musenge money to bring confusion.kapyongo be careful

  29. Mulenga Emmanuel

    We welcomed you with two hands in our party but we beg you in the name of Jesus Christ to work hard and do what people wants.

    • Mulenga Emmanuel

      We all know that pf is a good party which stand to help every one in this country they is no other political parties which can work like of.

  30. Brayo

    anyway sitingadabwe politicians are full of crap and beansocradistic

  31. Kokoliko

    Where will these Zambian politics and it’s blind leaders taking us? All political parties in zambia are full of Robbers may be accept for one or too parties.An it’s a pity that Z ambians have been taken for granted but one day,,,,,,,,,,,,

  32. mulase

    They ar no permanent enemies in politics so goes the saying.I remember The late President Micheal Chilufya Sata appointing someone to a position of a Minister who used to insult him.Those in PF can attest to this.Whether u like it or not PF has gained in this case in terms of numbers nd UPND has lost period!!!Muli la la la la anzanu aPF ali ku njoya

  33. Ingwe

    Everyone has gotte aright so let’s respect each other and encourage him to do the right thing and is a human being and is a good man not vavigayo vumukamba walya vigayo niwamene uyo HH chifukwa chanjara na power mpaka ritente

  34. malaya

    That’s how politics are in zambia.

  35. Jms

    You will never see a first class welcoming a fifth class. Fifth class people go together

  36. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    A goat can never meet with a ship wl always has a way to the fellow goat….he has gone to his family.so who a triblist… genius always survives in genius world

  37. M S

    It’s too early to make that decision Ba GBM,anyway this is zambia

  38. Kababa

    Ndelolesha fye

  39. Luckson chibwe Lasil

    Mr GBM u are like the lost son mentioned in the bible, the only thing PF can do is to forgive u and welcome u.

  40. reub c

    Thanks Mr SG MWILA for clear the air now we can seen victory in the eyes of PF 2021 ni PF nankwe nankwe .Mr GBM you arewell come back to big family ,only the full will be talking rubbish ,but we has PF we are very Happy to you all who have seen the down fail of this baby cry party UPND… 2021 and beyond it PF and ECL

  41. hazzy

    We all human being, ecl he has a heart of forgiving intact that’s humanity.

  42. If you cant beat them just join them

    That is they say politics is a dirt game

  43. The Wise One

    After calling the upnd all names while as defense minister in PF, the upnd still welcomed gbm as veep. What can stop the PF to welcome gbm back, since politics is about numbers?

  44. Yman

    Its too much sampa well comed given a position nd GBM vry soon I will be lifted up kkk surely when ar we going to be in offices ba youth go to teaching council only the old ones sitting on laptops I fill vry sad hw can i pay you teaching registration fee when I dont have a job noooo its unfair twalayafye kwamununga its too much

  45. petrus chipuluka

    ka upnd wen did u start sayin dat apa manje muzaona, since yo regional party was formed we hav seen nothin imwe if u want to win drop shakainde for he is de one who privatised our industries hence todays sufferin

  46. Fisunge

    I think GBM have just decided to defend his uncle’s people like the tongas do now we Will see GBM is going to Tell all his people about the journey he had will hh that’s y hh he’s worried and if kambwili he’s going to join hh it will be disastrous for hh because all the bembas will hate kambwili for merging with upnd and that will be the end of both kabili Even the original upnd will hate if CK becomes Veep and they will leave like CK to join pf or form they’re own parties

  47. One Zambia one nation

    GBM will be arrested together with is friend? In 2021 mark my words

  48. Mweemba Knowledge

    Syaaneene Tamukwene Pepe Which Eva Bt Remember H H 2021 will be in power whether u lk it or nt h h forward god is lead to answer u

  49. Waddle

    You may not know how far you have reached to get what you want, you have given up so early bazungu

  50. FN

    Toilet game is ok

  51. Relevance

    Ba dumbo aba failed to show his relevance on the political landscape especially after claiming to be a political power house not just in Kasama. His daughter contested for his former seat and the result should have made the Upnd realise that the had been kicked out of his proverbial bedroom. Overtime, the dumbo peddled dumb lies in order to remain relevant but the wise so through his schemes. In the end he gave in to his stomach and the rest is history. Mr Dumbo just proved my hypothesis that Judas Iscariot must have been bemba.

  52. Simbao

    I told upnd that the decision you are making to choose GBM over Dr Bands as vice president is regrettable. GBM has no trace of good political leadership and lacks muscles to organise reasonable grounds on his own unless on an already made grounds. It was a poor decision that was desperately made by upnd. To GBM, all the best in your new venture, and to upnd hard luck in your next choice.


    Bad game


    Pliz help the junior

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