Police Recover 9 Guns, Ammunition and Army Uniform from Criminals

Police in Lusaka have recovered nine guns, 228 rounds of ammunition and a Zambia Army uniform used by criminals during robberies.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has stated that a motor bike has also been recovered.

“Police at Westwood Police Station have recovered Nine guns (two pistols,One Air gun and Six rifles) and 228 rounds of ammunitions. Police have also recovered a Zambia Army Uniform and a motor bike which the criminals where using during the commission of the crime,” stated Hamoonga. “The  two rifle guns were  stolen from Mr Chintu Mulendema, aged 62, on 27th March, 2019 at around 19:00 hours at farm number 5752/M in Chambulumina area in Lusaka West while the rest were stolen from Mr Dominic Bedward, aged 45, of farm number 679 in Kachema area. This occurred on 4th April,2019 between 11:00 to 1600 hours. Police are currently holding one suspect in custody from whom the firearms have been recovered.”


  1. Handema junior

    Nice work ba westwood police, it’s my Police


    Great Men well Done keep it up

  3. George Mulota

    gud boys

  4. citizen

    That is why we call you ‘the Zambia police’
    Good job, keep it up

  5. Jj

    Good job

  6. BTK

    Why are you talking about Guns,ammunitions & motorbike,what about money so you mean the guy was block.

  7. Danny

    yeah that’s good work not just seated lyk the pumpkin in the field just eating government money for nothing without hard working, that hw u shud work ok.

  8. vov

    Job well done ba ZP, search for more criminals.

  9. paisley

    Nice job

  10. Jimmy Kaidah

    Good work keep it up

  11. Chenda Basopo

    Job well done zambia police. You forever have our confidence for being industrious in some security operations aimed at maintaining law and order.

  12. Alick

    Nice job keep up bazungu
    Make sure they receive maximum penalty😜

  13. Mulilo kafyama

    Well done bakaboke

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