2 Witnesses Testify in Chitotela’s Case

Bicon Zambia Limited director Davies Chansa has told the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court how officials from the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) asked  him when the Kawambwa-Mporokoso road was done .

This is in the matter in which infrastructure minister Ronald Chitotela and three others are facing four counts of concealing and being in possession of properties suspected to be proceeds of crime.

It is alleged in one of the counts that Chitotela, Gregory Chibanga and Brut Holdings Limited, between July 3, 2016 and October 30, last year in Lusaka, concealed lot number 148 of farm 50A situated in Makeni disguised in the names of Diris Mukange, property reasonably suspected of being proceeds of crime.

It is further alleged that the trio between the same dates concealed part of subdivision A, lot 22183/M situated in Ibex Hill, Lusaka, disguised in the name of Diris Mukange, property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Chansa, a civil engineer, said he told the ACC officers that the Road Development Agency (RDA) engaged his company to provide detailed engineering and consultancy services and preparations of tender documents for the road in question.

He said he prepared the tender document and design cost of the road.

Chanda said  he captured the data he found on site and proposed the works which the contractor should undertake on site.

Another witness from the Ministry of Lands narrated how ACC officers approached the ministry asking for registration of properties allegedly concealed by Chitotela and others.

William Mwale, a registrar from the Ministry of Lands, said the ACC approached the ministry to establish the status and ownership of two properties namely  farm 50A/148 and lot 22183/M/A.

He said he proceeded to produce a printout from the ministry’s land register and gave it to the ACC officers.

Mwale said the printout revealed that the registered owners of the two properties are Lubinga Kateya and Austin Liato.


  1. One zed manex

    Will wait to hear from the courts

    • ECL is a Buffoon

      Nothing will happen to Chitotela as long as he toes Buffoon’s corrupt directives and does not utter a word against the buffoons kings

  2. Martin chiyesu

    Hon chitotela leave the office to pave way for investigation pliz.

  3. FGM

    The unfortunate thing is that the law is now being selectively applied. Who doesn’t what administrative applies to public workers when alleged to have committed a crime. May be we are in a New Culture.

  4. Mina

    Chitotela buying a property from Austin Liato!

  5. Kings

    Exacutive Crime Suspect Chitotela Should Step Down If Lungu Is Not A Criminal, Because Defending A Wrong Doer Automatically Brings Alot Of Suspisions In People’s Minds. Its True That The President Is Sarrounded By Criminals. Ba Lungu, Are You Really Sure Things Will Be Going Like That? Defending Such A Person As If He Keeps Your Secrets. Boss Naimwe Mwashupako.

  6. Yman

    God is going to punish you readers the way you are treating us and some of us we hv gd papers thn you one day will crie believing in your self each of you

  7. Kapunda

    Wait don’t play with government

  8. Jimmy Kaidah

    Boma ni boma they is nothing like minister or president
    Imanga wait and see ECL is problem we er facing in Zambia for bwafya

  9. bayoka

    Political issues, that is because of being at that post, now you are looking for kawambwa mporokoso road, you people be steble, in my mind think that is hatred, citeniko fimbi ngatamwaka fyakucita bane you are just westting your time.

  10. Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda

    This case is going nowhere as Chitotela is under an oath of corruption.If pf wants to gain popularity again its time they start doing right things.They shudnt take Zambians 4 granted otherwise 2021 z coming & blv it or nt u’ll be out.Corrupt party.

  11. Commander

    This government is fully of bakabolala, but if he was in opposition this time nga balikaka pakutila kube by election, katwishi abena Zambia uwabalowa nga ninani ukushishita

  12. Ask

    This case will remain in court till 2021,corruption even in toilets, i don’t know how the coming generation will be.

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