OPINION: Lessons from GBM’s Return to PF

So much has been said about the decision of Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to rejoin the ruling Patriotic Front after ditching the UPND where he served as vice-president.

Others have plainly called him a political ‘prostitute’ while others think Mwamba has made the right decision to return to the party which he vowed never to be part of again for a cocktail of reasons.

For those throwing heaps of blame on Mwamba, your pain is understood. Why? Because the man, while in opposition, took every opportunity to say all the bad things, insults against the PF and its leader, President Edgar Lungu. Nobody ever thought he could take a 360 degrees turn within weeks to return to a party he called useless, a den of the corrupt and violent. He said this on April 4 at a briefing attended by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and other senior party leaders.

Mwamba called the PF a bunch of crooks and said: “When I made that decision to support the ideals of HH and the UPND, I did it with all my conscience and faculties intact and nothing has changed and need I emphasize here, I cannot be bought by a bunch of crooks as I believe in earning my keep through hard work and legal means and not handouts. I give, not take. I came into politics already successful and so unlike others, I am able to say I am incorruptible.” Just 3 weeks later, the story is different – GBM couldn’t pretend any longer and announced his return to the ruling party. He said he had been going through hell while in the UPND and accused HH of using divide and rule.

Some of the notable accusations Mwamba made against President Lungu were on February 28, 2018 when he said at the UPND secretariat during the launch of the Lusaka Province mobilization programme that the Head of State was a thief.

“Ka Edgar nika kawalala, ngati kafuna kani peleke ku court nili na evidence (Edgar [Lungu] is a thief! If he wants, he can take me to court because I have evidence).”

Further on July 2, 2018, he accused the ruling party of promoting violence.

“I have been in PF and I know what PF is capable of doing. They are the perpetrators of violence and this panga [machete] business, they are the ones who started this panga business in any political party in this country, only when PF came into power, of course, under the tutorship of the late, my good friend Willy Nsanda, that is when the pangas were introduced. It’s quite foreign, it’s alien to this country, to the Zambian people to use pangas”.

Who would be wrong to conclude that Mwamba was making all those claims only for political gain and not because that was the truth? He tried hard to prove his worth in the UPND but he couldn’t hang on lying for the sake of helping getting someone out of power.

There is a good lesson to learn from Mwamba. That one is frustrated in their political party should not be reason to leave. Many times, it’s best to stick one’s neck out and resolve the differences internally without jumping ship. Miles Sampa tried but it failed! He had to run back to his party, the PF. Now it is Mwamba making that return. Like everyone else, Mwamba has freedom of expression and he can exercise that right in whichever way he wants!  He can belong to any political party he wants. But the big lesson he and others must learn, including those in the opposition, is that exiting your political parties is never an option. You can’t keep packing your sacks and unleashing insults on others at the slightest of disagreements.

And for the UPND, this is a lesson that one can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  The UPND would be in a better position if they changed their strategy. But the trouble is that no one’s opinion matters and the party is being steered in whichever direction based on the desires of an individual.  Sticking to this style of politics will forever see the UPND in opposition without a chance of winning a general election.



  1. One zed manex

    Well written by the writer & we need to learn from our past mistakes & go back where we belong,it’s extremely hard to change ones kind of politics if you found him as a leader.He wants to use his strategy & anything new is more like undermining his ideas.He been there for years unless he is willing to learn new ideals,but with our brother from UPND he has his style & once you challenge him,it’s a mistake.if he doesn’t change then this will mark the end of him in zambias polictics.so many vice president have come & gone? The question is? Are all 07 vice President wrong???? The rest is for you to answer (?))) Coz not one person can be right all the time.atleast out of the 07 one could be good.

    • Leon

      Writer that’s your opinion but my opinion is do not support illegalities eg those who want this one to be party President rise up your hand ,that’s the a source of all misfortunes the other thing Zambians have learnt not to vote for tribe but good ideas other wise political prostitutes will always be with us

    • Cm

      You are right my brother

  2. Idiocy Detector

    So GBM has been missing pangas because when he proposed it where he went, no panga was raised. Kikikikiki.

  3. mulobezi

    Thoz throwing insults at GBM know his politiko muscle especially in areas wea th upnd z mo weaker.Bt th Fact stll remains that Thea z no politiko prostitute.sapoz he declares hs interest to join ck wud pipo still push vulger language on him?or he z only wrong wen he rejoins th Pf? I doubt.

    • abrakadal nanolz do santos

      And u think ck can allow gbm to join his party???

  4. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    With those insults on president lungu, and he is back to pf again.Surely politics is a date game.Ninjala chabe he is not a factor

    • young mp


  5. Double Zed

    Gbm Bye

  6. The Observer

    The lesson is Mwiponta mukabwela! GBM ciwelele fye nomba and hope the PF treat him as such and with a lot of caution. It is very disappointing that he can be showering insults and hatred at all those he differs with. In the first place he should not have left the PF or at least now he should have taken a sabbatical leave from politics and reflect. UPND did not expel him but suspended him so he can exculpate himself. In Zambia we need level-headedness in politics and not this thuggish behaviour, otherwise we will continue suffering. People like GBM should not be entertained.

    • Nicholas Zulu

      When u where still in school and u happened to never failed before, then learning never took place.If there was a perfect person living on earth then the word mistake would have never existed, so since we are all imperfect therefore I say GBM made the right decision to return to his part cause he learnt from the mistakes he made

  7. FGM

    A businessman to run a business successfully when in opposition in Zambia is a criminal act . GBM is a seasonal businessman and politician who understands the Zambian political terrain.

  8. Jms

    GBM is both a political proustite as we as returning to him is right. As a business man mwamba tried to bring his ideas I mean as a pure business man lucking leadership through democracy it was very difficult for him to associate due to his mind was focusing on capitalism and its impossible to false a horse to drink water again in returning no matter how cruel one is he can’t be refused to join the party as long of is for the people its nice he is gone because everything of him was dangerous

    • Joe

      Jms please read though your post before you post it mate so we can understand you better!

    • Foreskin nyirenda

      Wtf are you talking about

    • Bongo

      Ba JMS naimwe!
      Lembenifye muchinyanja bane😅

      • James

        I used to tell my pupils
        1 Never trust a pupils
        2 Never trust a policeman
        3 Never trust a politician
        They are all liars
        Thank You.


    …this Political Tom Foolery & buffoonery .
    You insult & degrade a Prostitute today only to return to her Chambers the following day with smooth words….. ! !

  10. LEVEL UP

    Look at this mumu called GBM..just a week ago you were insulting PF and its Government.what now are you doing in PF again?…
    You’re a fake politician.

    Thank God I will never participate in voting..count me out….African politics are dim…

  11. DAVIES

    GBM WZ PLANTED to destroy the UPND party now he has failed, that is y he decided 2 announce his failure we thank GOD GBM has gone with his bags of insults and we believe now that 2021 UPND will win the elections. ZAMBIANS take note of that.

    • Mpombo

      UPND cadres are a pathetic lot while lamenting that GBM used to insult they are the ones who are now Insulting.GBM was once defence minister and unlike Hechi Hechi he is privy to certain information which indicates that the PF is still winning in 2021.The UPND isn’t near the popularity that PF had in 2006 when they lost to MMD and people rioted.So its wishful thinking for UPND tribal followers to think they can win in 2021 especially with the 50+1 clause which will expose their Dundumwezi voting pattern.The next round will be a white wash.Leave GBM alone he was not insulting Chief diarrhoea Mukuni. 2021we’re aiming for the jugular to finish UPND never to rise again

      • Kalulu

        May I submit my philosophy
        NTP Policeman
        Thank You are

      • Smoz

        That will never happen my dear, you people can’t see anything. You are leaving in hell but you still support the wrong things! Think before acting.

  12. Kelly

    Davies i agree with u bro HH will win

  13. Mr. BJ.

    The numbers that GBM pulled along is masiful, Our colleagues in the upnd will find it very, very difficult to win 2021general elections. Ck one time said some thing which most pipo in the South didn’t like at all. With time some saying become the truth. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  14. Skb

    GBM did not go back to PF for POLITICAL reasons NO !!!!! It is for ECONOMIC reasoning. He needs those contracts which were once terminated by GRZ. He has found out ….. the hard way that it does not make BUSINESS sense to be in Opposition. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM!!! Well come Prodigal GBM.It will be too early for you to think of unsitting ECL even from within PF.

  15. Born to make it

    What a shame for the (ZEBIGE) GBM , i think it suits calling him Geofrey bwela muone. How is president LUNGU looking at you now, u have gone back kuli kaka bwalala ? Who is a BIG FOOL NOW? A station master can never be a leader, that’s why kambwili nimbwili he sticks to his ideology, copy from him.

  16. Principled

    You supporters of GBM,I Hope is arrived safely to you thuggers,he wanted to turnish the name of our party that it is a violence torerance because of him now he has failed we thank GOD For helping us to keep a thugger in our party all these years and release him safely to his family members.

  17. Daniel Banda

    If one needed to make fair comparison between PF and UPND on one hand and ECL and HH on the other using GBM as the medium of exchange, PF and ECL are the winners and UPND and HH are the losers. This is because GBM left PF as demoted a sacked ministers of defence and returned to PF voluntarily as a Vice President of UPND. Meanwhile the reaction by UPND cadres and other supporters now to GBM’s move has been vicious as compared to that of the PF’s cadres and supporters then. This shows which side has suffered more than the other by GBM’s democratic and Christian move. Christian move just like one of the two thieves who was being crusified on the right hand side of Jesus. He recognized his reason for crucifixion as being as his own and recognized that Jesus was the son of God being persecuted. He asked for forgiveness and to be accepted into the kingdom of God. Unlike the thief being crucified on the left side of Jesus who persistently mocked and belittled Jesus’s heavenly power and died as a sinner to come and be thrown into hell on the day of judgment. I suppose this what is happening among the two political parties and GBM. The question is GBM not entitled to choose between the two political parties having experienced both environments and be accepted by the PF being the party that is in government providing peace and development the country never experienced since we got independence from white supremacists. UPND and it’s supporters for the reasons best known to themselves continue to malign the PF and its achievements and leadership. The physical part of Jesus died and he resurrected in spirit. Those who endure the worldly suffering will be rewarded spiritually when he comes again to have an everlasting happy and peaceful life. Some of these earthly happening’s should help us to change the unappreciative attitude that has stuck in our hearts. Where would like to be when you die?

    • Batholomew

      You have a way with Word and I love your you presentation.

  18. Jones

    Sebana wikute boi

    • Daniel Banda

      If you Jones believe being an antagonist to Christian values is how you want to exist, so be it. In our kingdom we don’t Deanna being truthful it is you who will not gain anything by being hateful and hurting. Remain hurting until you burn everlasting.

      • Daniel Banda

        In our kingdom we don’t sebana for being truthful but for being hateful and deceitful.

        • One k

          Mashina zikomo.let pipo fear good.let gbm comment on voting partern in dundumezi and say bandibbida. To to

    • Portpher kasaro

      GBM that’s theright step you have taken. Thank you so much

  19. KK

    Truth be told, GBM has the right to belong to any political party of his choice at any given time. However, I have noted with concern a culture too alien to Zambia that has evolved. When GBM left PF for Upnd, he was their hero and when he showered pf with unpalatables Upnd cheered him on. I suppose he did that to be accepted or justify that truly he left the pf. Today, he is back to the pf and Upnd are saying good riddance while pf is cheering him on as shower Upnd with unpalatables. Where are our values, when do we tell someone that he is out of bounds. Another scenario, when chishimba kambwili got fired for corruption Upnd cheered on especially that he had issues with Tongas, today he is their darling and pf is regretting firing the man. The corruption is is forgotten. Chitotela is in the dock defending himself, Upnd and other zambians are calling for his sacking while pf is now cautious to sack him. Tomorrow if sacked and he proves to a following Upnd will receive him with both hands and pf may also receive ck with open arms. Where are our morals? Is it about going to state house and maintaining our stay in state HOUSE? My observation is that we are lost as a people and we are unable to call a spade a spade.

  20. Cmk

    As long as he does not return as a spy and/as a trouble maker. We are after development not criticism on everything done. What is good, just appreciate. And those critisising GBM’s decision to rejoin PF, stop it you are depriving his right to political affiliation choice. Nifwe bashi Lukala milandu twaleka fyafula. Shi mulekeni abomfye nsambu shakwe!

  21. Jay

    Zambia has no politicians honestly you pipo call GBM a politician? Wat following does he have?

  22. Briven

    Point of correction Mr editor.. the upnd is not in power not because of the style of their politics, but because the pf are true thief’s who have repeatedly stolen our votes, and GBM has simply returned to where he fits better. That’s what people without good value will do, just move about without direction. They do anything to satisfy themselves. pathetic.

    • Muller

      The matter of fact is pf rigg

    • One k

      Briven,do you get paid
      For opposiing everything?ask mwiinga,mulenga chilungamo.kamwamba mudala.2021hakainyela humwinne de tonga God or de chief whip?

  23. Kalumba

    Is an idiotic and only idotics will have him.

  24. Emmanuel

    President lungu should just consider GBM as a prodigal son. Life goes on.

  25. Kalumba

    The fool has come in.

  26. tom Chisola

    It’s a democratic country so no need of pointing fingers on one another.

  27. Mumba

    Aweh ninshi kanshi mwebantu of all the insults can’t u be ashamed of yourself aii mwebantu landeni po mwe

  28. shaka

    Why do you always talk about pf being stolen your votes? You will just die Like idiots. Where do the pf stolen your votes, and where were you when those things happening? .

  29. shaka

    Why do you always talk about pf being stolen your votes? You will just die Like idiots. Where do the pf stolen your votes, and where were you when those things happening? .ba briven muleikalafye.

    • Muller

      I thought the whole country knows that pf stole some votes from upnd, kanshi some are still sleeping. GBM is lost he is looking for a campus, rejoining pf is not a problem but the issue is who can trust GBM in pf now and pf knows him well, what is cardinal for him now is to open his own party, kwasila. No one is going to undress him, I knew it I knew it Ba tata GBM . go back to your diary or else all pages will turn against you

  30. Jimmy Kaidah

    G B M use to call PF to kabolala BT why did he joined to kabolala do you no why because he want uku laibala pamo he is business man remember I think God that G B M his left us now will won 2021 no doubt hhhhhhhhhhhh our president


    GBM caming back in it doesn’t mean that Pf is doing a good job in developing country Zambian. HIS just interested in the money that pf is stilling , pf is corrupt so as GBM

    • One k

      Kulila kwa mukami mudala.be factual, ask mwiinga mulenga chilungamo.


    GBM caming back in it doesn’t mean that Pf is doing a good job in developing country Zambian. HIS just interested in the money that pf is.
    stilling , pf is corrupt so as GBM

  33. Joko

    It’s his corruptic rite. …..

  34. Cmk

    If u can’t beat them just join them, simple.

  35. INDETU

    Thank you for comfortable readership. What a journey!
    Achuaa! ( As you are!. Absolutely no comment.

  36. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Please politians, you have 100% right to join to any political party, but please don’t insult people where you have left because what comes tomorrow, we might not know. Eating what you have vomited is not good. The bembas say, “mwimpontha, mukabwela”.meaning, don’t insult because you will come back later. This is abig learson to every human being. I thank you.

  37. philosopher Carl olavesen

    GBM is right to rejoin pf. Pf need to be careful With him.I think he might trying to get more information about pf. Then when HH (Up nd )Will be in power .he WILL be releasing all the information to acuse pf.

  38. ba kamba

    This z a might trick gbm z rejoining the pf to act as upnd’s information transfer mediater so watch out voters u are failing what u already pasted #politics z a dirty game I can c.

  39. Dr Lee

    Comment. Gbm from HH University to teach machakolwa(pf), he came to upnd to learn economy so that he can shine kuli ba chakolwa, even my dog laughed when it heard that news🙉🙈

  40. Dumbarton

    Ba dumbo aba failed to show his relevance on the political landscape especially after claiming to be a political power house not just in Kasama. His daughter contested for his former seat and the result should have made the Upnd realise that he had been kicked out of his proverbial bedroom. Overtime, the dumbo peddled dumb lies in order to remain relevant but the wise saw through his schemes. In the end he gave in to his stomach and the rest is history. Mr Dumbo just proved my hypothesis that Judas Iscariot must have been bemba.

  41. Pastor John Kashitu

    There fleshy and young men well experience,why same people, thus why problems are not finishing, God help Zambia in Jesus name

  42. Moses

    These politics are date games .

  43. Micheal

    In this situation tu sekafya

  44. Shachi Power.

    Politics, a dirty game? Or dirty pig

    s are playing. the game?

  45. ak

    bakolwe no ba upnd

  46. dbm

    he is spying for upnd,as 2021 approaches one should at least know what the other team is planning. GBM is to mature to return to his vomit

    • Hebk

      Mubepelefya.mind you he has gone with some members in kasama. Thus maximising pf numbers.

  47. Kenchimwe

    GBM you are welcome to PF. Pliz humble yourself and work well with our God fearing President ECL. U are the lost Son.

  48. Bola ni 90 minutes

    Nipamaka,GBM want to enjoy the life pf is enjoying .I hope he will be in pf as a member, if he is well known in Northern, why did UPND failed to scoop the seat in that area? The returning of Mr GBM to pf has got a meaning, either to spy or to destroy the party, every knows now that he is a bad seed dispersal, he left different fruits from were he dispersed his seed of which some are sweet, sour,biter,restless.Anyway, it’s democracy! I’m the way

  49. Jimmy Kaidah

    Kkkkkkk jst wait for 2021 hhh aleisa yali shibikwa

    • Dude

      Kwisa Aleisa? Up to now he has not reached? Ku waya waya fye. See you in constitution court again.

  50. No

    i agree with u , UPND will never taste unless there is a change of decision making instead of being controlled by an individual.

  51. James


  52. Mulilo kafyama

    If I was a guy and GBM my girl friend I can’t marry her, relationship can end immediately.

  53. Anthony

    Well come home sir


    Prostitution is not exclusively for Politics.It is also in CHURCHES.However, what is important is to understand ones values.Thr main value that a leader or member needs to exhibit is that which aligns God’s will.By this, one can understand that what matters is not changing places but changing ATTITUDE.This is because we all need to remember that the ultimate submission should be unto God whether in Church or Politics.

  55. FGM

    DP is likely to dominate Luapula , MMD likely to dominate Eastern and NDC is likely to dissect Copperbelt. Southern , Western, North Western and parts of Central likely to be under UPND. PF being the ruling party is likely to get support even in other parties strongholds. 2021 elections will truly be very tricky . Early hard work seems to be the best winning formula.

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