Lungu Pledges Refined Document from Dialogue Forum

President Edgar Lungu says his government will deliver a people driven constitution as part of the endearing legacy.

During the official launch of the National Dialogue Forum, president Lungu urged the delegates to fully participate in the process and deliver a refined document.

The Head of State said that the dialogue forum may be extended to cover all the areas that were required to deliver an acceptable document.

Delegates are supposed to deliberate on the amendment of the Constitution of Zambia Act number 2 of 2016 as well as reform the law on the Electoral process, the public order and the regulation of the Political parties’ bill based on submissions from various stakeholders.

President Lungu commended the church, traditional leaders, civil Society organizations and political parties that have turned up to attend the National Dialogue Forum.

He has expressed hope that resolutions will culminate into acceptable amendments to bills under discussion.

The National Dialogue Forum opened in Lusaka on Tuesday with the notable absence of the three Church Mother Bodies names the Zambia Council for Catholic Bishops, Council of Churches in Zambia and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia.

Twelve lawmakers from the UPND have joined the discussion while the rest of the legislators have shunned the caucus.


  1. Sylvester Moomba

    One can not find both fresh water and polluted water from the same fountain. All those who were involved in the signing and approving the current constitution full of lacunas must stay away from promising citizens for people driven document through their leadership.

    • mulobezi

      Sam pipo opoz nearly anything that comes their way.wats wrong?is it a culture or a myth?


    There times when we must understand a person not by what he says but by what he doesn’t say.
    I therefore understand the presindent’s words on endearing legacy to mean HIS ENDEARING LEGACY.
    This then shifts the responsibility of delivering an acceptable constitution to the people of Zambia (as it should be), from the forum to PF.
    The second point I understand from from the article is one of consensus. The word consensus does not mean everybody. Rather, it means vast majority.
    You named some absentees, namely from UPND, Church mother bodies etc. This means the vast majority of those who should attend have indeed, attended. The document they will produce should be acceptable to Zambians.
    My own view point, is lack of cohesion by our Hon.Mps when such documents come before them in parliament. They either walk away or altogether stay away! They will probably take comfort to hear and learn that their own chiefs were in attendance.

    • Yaano

      When you have people who don’t differentiate good and bad the country can’t develop. You see you can’t force people to dialogue when they don’t believe in what you have put on the table. Try to read through you will find that there’s a lot of manipulation. But after what ever they will come up with they will come to parliament where it will need 2 thirds majority then it’ll be burried.

  3. Bk

    Let’s move on

  4. Gessik

    On whose behalf are these people shunning this process ..l personally want to believe they are doing it out of misguided interests . one can only pity the people they represent .Anyway let them stay away ,meanwhile let there be progress

  5. CN

    Nothing of substance will come out of this. It was crafted by the PF and will ultimately be approved by PF. Another wastage of public resources.

  6. mulobezi

    Coz yo mind z devlish that’s wy u ar saying so.

  7. Ndoleshafye9

    If lawyers can not attend the National dialogue forum it means that they don’t support and don’t believe in the dialogue.

  8. koswemwaikete awamapo

    How many times are you going to bd imposing useless laws to innocent Zambians…
    You manipulated the first amended constitution,now you want to force those who know your uselessness to attend,for what,do you reallt know at some point you will be out of offices?
    I see jail closing in,ba pompwe imwe
    7 year term won’t work
    3rd term won’t work

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