2 Die in Failed Zesco Cables Theft

Two people have been electrocuted to death in Katuba after attempting to steal armoured Zesco cables.

Police deputy spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga said the two people have yet to be identified with their bodies deposited at the University Teaching Hospitals Mortuary.

“Ngwerere Police Station received a report of electrocution from Zesco in which two unknown male adults aged between 35 and 40 years were electrocuted,” Hamoonga said.

“This occurred between 29/04/19 at unknown time & 30/04/19 at around 0600hours in Meya Village in Katuba area after Mount Meru. The two attempted to steal Zesco armoured cables but unfortunately got electrocuted in the process.”


  1. Hakainde Hamoonga

    Yes bafikala u have been sorted by the lights no need to buy new cable

  2. G4s

    May yo souls rest where such like pipo rest

  3. ian Smith

    Not all days are Sundays, ignorant have taken them to early graveyard electricity very dangerous, it’s warning to every Zambian persons.

  4. masauso

    may there souls languishes

  5. Jack

    Shame what a shame

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