IBA Condemns PF Cadres Attacks on Power FM, Radio Maria

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has strongly condemned cadres of the Patriotic Front for causing damage to property at Power FM Radio in Kabwe during the ‘Power to the people’ programme that featured NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili on Tuesday.

The Authority has also condemned the reported attacks and harassment of journalists at Radio Maria of Chipata on Wednesday after a political programme.

IBA director general Josephine Mapoma stated that broadcasting stations had a crucial role to play in providing information to the public, and any disturbance to a radio station is an infringement on media freedom and the public’s right to information.

“The Authority is particularly dismayed that the people’s right to information is disrupted when the media is threatened. We are further saddened that these threats have occurred in the week when we are supposed to celebrate journalists on World Press Freedom Day, which falls on 3rd May, each year,” she stated.

Mapoma has urged all political party sympathizers to follow the laid down procedures of registering their grievances about any broadcast material they find aggrieving as opposed to engaging in violence.

“Complaints or any misgivings about media coverage must be made to the concerned station within three months of the broadcast. Should the station fail to make good or correct the complaint raised within fourteen days, then the complaint can be addressed to the IBA,” stated Mapoma who further advised that “when an unfortunate incidence of violence occurs against a person and or a broadcast station, the incident must be reported to the Police, as the police are duly mandated to maintain law and order.”



  1. Yebo

    The IBA MUST and should take time to give advice to Kambwili so that he tames his mouth. Insulting people does not make one a leader.

    If that is the way of one making himself a hero then we are headed in the wrong direction.

    Who doesn’t know that Kambwili is a plunderer? People forget easily
    Remember that the Ndola Luanshya railway line is in Kambwili’s account.

    • But why

      Arrest Kambwili if you have evidence

  2. fruits

    Our promise to this government is wait and you see what will happen our targets is not the cadres but the stupid people sending them

    • kagunda

      Foolish pf cadres and foolish pf leaders disruption is not a solution you have started what you will not finish

    • Mr Peace

      Your excellency sir,these your cadres are doing nothing but de campaigning PF.Last time they harassed the workers who were demonstrating in need of the unpaid salaries for sometime.In Sesheke,policemen lost their job they went to school for,went to Lilayi for just because of the primitive acts of these cadres.Now they are tempering with the media which is not only condemned in Zambia but globerly.These your Cadres sir have become so powerful that I wonder if there is anyone who can control them.To asure you we common citizens find it very hard to go and vote because of the violence these cadres bring at the polling stations.How I wish you did something serious about this Mr President sir.

      • Serious and where are we going wth ths country and now it stopped being a christianity country because these uneducated cadres.


  3. kagunda

    You to ma cadres of pf and to ma foolish leaders as well wait you have started what you will not finish

  4. Terry Moono

    Violence will never end under pf, the pf youths feels secured because their leader who on the other hand directs them to defend the pf party is also a minister of home affairs. Hence, these cadres are assured of security . Therefore, they have all the powers to do anything in the country shame.

  5. Anthony


    • Future President

      cadres one thing u should always remember is that u have relatives who r well known in your communities, u may think u r clever when u r commiting those crimes but when people turn against u,u will regret the day u were born.

  6. Concerned citizen

    It is very sad with pf carders who think they own this country leaders come and go as you this is our country ladies and gentlemen let’s protect one another violence will not keep pf in power it’s Zambian people who votes not carders please leaders we Zambian we need a leader to lead us not to threaten our lives 2021 is the answer wait and see where carderism will take you when young have no jobs high cost of living God is watching

    • Future President

      cadres one thing u should always remember is that u have relatives who r well known in your communities, u may think u r clever when u r commiting those crimes but when people turn against u,u will regret the day u were born. I ln know one cadre in chilenje market I have received reports a bout him he threatens people and collects money from individuals am told his name is Johnathan I am yet to report him to the higher authorities.

  7. Mpundu Richard

    Iwonder why these people are being used as tools of violence,do this go to church or do they come from homes where parent toralet nonsense.

  8. Hammer

    Since journalists are the ones writing , they are busy crying foul and infringement of their rights . But no one is looking on how journalists have lost ethics, encouraging biasness , and actually misinforming the nation and being partisan. What happens to that kind of journalists? Do they deserve respect?

  9. Pindu

    This pf caders are spoilt by Their leader…pf issue nothing in 2020…coz all people we ve watch all your behaviours and we say inough for this pf powers…Mr president if u think u will be in power again no…u won’t we don’t fight free…country zambian…

  10. Hev rena

    I we yebo ,don’t justify violence just because some one is saying the truth.Accusing people of stealing and oppressing people is not a crime or insult.Even if it is wrong ,what IBA director is saying is that use proper channel of addressing grievances that you are supporting waumfwa!

  11. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Idiot pf cadres

  12. prince

    Ama cadres Ba pf ninshi bena Ba maka we want the law to visit then no one can torelate what transpired

  13. The Taliban

    Mr President sir,why is the PF gov’t has given more powers to the cadres?Please sir some of the people you have appointed to help you do the work are not doing it,so fire those who are performing cause they are not helping you.

  14. C4

    And u say u are a leader no u are a joker……why become a leader if u cant mange idots

  15. FGM

    In multi party politics cadreism should be controlled by police. Vigilantees greatly decampaigned UNIP enroute to it’s exite. PF should consult history.

  16. Chilaisha Ephraim optimist

    Sad news

  17. Kk


  18. Nyengo

    Ba kambwili can hav truth but insulting day and night ba president lungu is not good. President lungu support are bitter and can kil bcoz its bloved leader is under attack and he is quit. No leader please all in community or country no. Cadres can bhav if those feel are educated use good language against others not abusive language as ba kambwili does. More radio wil b under attack bcoz president lungu is in lusaka and in kabwe is bin insulted a cadre wil get angry and rise 2 defend they leader. Cadre are blamed 4 attacks and those attackin president must b warned 2 use acceptable language 2 avoid voilence

  19. John Simusamba

    In the shortest period of time those thugs who where insauting Ck they are not arrested. Now it’s that in kabwe arrest them!!!

  20. Wisi

    Nnyemba zokudiya mwana zipota amake mumale, chewa proverb the beans that a child eats troubles the mother in the stomach. Hi wait the PF leaders will pay for what there caders are doing today. Jail time for you idiots we are watching.

  21. FGM

    Police should be seen to work independently. The guiding principle should be the LAW.


    mmm kaya hope i just reach 2021 n c who wil take it

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