Mushimba Shows Off Part of the New Look KK International Airport

The soon to be launched Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is taking shape with Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba flaunting some images of ultra-modern facility.

Mushimba wrote:  “Did you know the new Kenneth Kaunda International Airport terminal will be a self-contained mini city once completed? The new shopping mall, the restaurants, the hotels, the gyms and all other amenities befitting the description.”

He added: “Please see some of the recent pictures taken of the development as it takes shape.”


  1. Clement Chileshe

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    • Ackron Nkandela

      am Ackron Nkandela from chirundu my NRC no 152266/18/1 I would like to intern with your company

    • Foreskin nyirenda

      Shut up!! Wechi nangwa

  2. kbt

    the kenneth kaunda international airport and the Copperbelt international airport in Ndola will greatly change the appearance of zambia forever, because we are entering world class infrastructure with these two modern buildings

  3. Ackron Nkandela

    yes it will be better great at all

  4. abilima

    Considering what we have, this is okay. But the Turks had a masterpiece design under RB that Mr. Sata cancelled and instead gave us this okay structure.

  5. Mario puzo

    Aba red no comments? just congratulate kanshi….

  6. Mario puzo

    Awe naimwe red devils!!aba red say something, abena hh Shani apo?

    • Kufahakurambwe

      May the foreigners and the 5 % of Zambians enjoy this Airport that the 95% of us will be paying for it for several years to follow. Trending #Who let the dogs out!

  7. Mario Zagalo

    Finally, it’s looking good. Something for you to be proud of as its completion is coming under your watch. May Zambia continue to develop. Now that we have addressed the starter….

    However, some of us sober ones still contest with the inflated cost of this project and other ones across our nation Zambia, some projects inflated at over 230%. Let’s not forget that over 75% of Zambians do not and have never flown in an aircraft, so as pretty as it looks, there are very few beneficiaries here. But the bill is still passed on to the ordinary Zambian. Let’s borrow responsibly, And let’s continue to develop our beloved Republic. Na pya!

  8. Gershom ingwe

    Thank God for us Great Leader in Zambia because without God we do nothing God continue to bless our President elect and intere Zambian people God bless

  9. Sting

    The only person who has made sense is Mario Zagalo.

  10. Andrew

    The will be shared among all Zambians to settle, but very few will use that facility in any way.

  11. Andrew

    meant the debt

  12. Chilankalipa

    Nothing wrong with having such international standard infrastructures at the normal construction cost. Trouble is at whose cost were the figures abnormally inflated? Whose pockets have been lined and over loaded? We all know and we will surely know when time to enter prison boundaries come.

  13. Mr. K

    The reds don’t see that’s why they don’t appreciate

    • Mapeshi

      I have heard aba red bali ku convention.That’s why they’re not commenting. They are busy and we excuse them.

  14. INDETU

    You must not call this BRAND NEW Airport. It was a refurbishment. Therefore it is ” BRAND NEW SECOND HAND.”
    The Turks had proposed a Brand new and much enlarged Airport.
    We will still look third world, no doubt!

  15. Kapijimpanga

    The reds cannot tell the differences between brand new and refurbishment all what at the brand new airport modern infrastructure which was not there before so the reds don’t see they cannot see

    • Dude

      Are the reds partially or completely blind? Just asking!

  16. yona

    Yes is True

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