4,000 Miners Petition Govt to Repossess KCM

Over 4,000 miners on the Copperbelt have petitioned government to repossess Konkola Copper Mines because the investor, Vedanta Resources, have allegedly failed to run the mine.

The miners, who presented a petition to the Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) and United Mineworkers Union of Zambia (UMUZ), have accused Vedanta Resources of failing to  focus on mining as stipulated in their licence.

They have strongly urged the government to step in and ask Vedanta Resources to leave and pave way for other investors.

The miners charged that the mining firm had been reduced to a shell.

And Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) president Joseph Chewe, who received the petition, expressed worry on how the mining firm has been running its operations.

He said KCM under Vedanta has now resorted to selling scrap metal, further expressing fear that should that continue, Chingola and Chililabombwe will soon turn into ghost towns.

“We share the concerns of our members and we are in full support that Vedanta Resources should leave. Yes, it should leave because it has lamentably failed to carry out mining operations instead it is selling scrap metals,” said Chewe.


  1. Enwood Kaonga Kamanga

    Chingola, Chililabombwe are our towns and GOD has blessed our towns with plenty minerals like copper for the betterment of citizens and the Government. Truly speaking, the so called Vendetta, have failed, let it go, otherwise poverty shall overtake us. Our listening Government, come to our aid in Chingola and Chililabombwe. These people can’t employ any longer, students doing ATTACHMENTS at kcm do it literally at nothing apart from knowledge. Contractors aren’t given their monies in time, hence deployments. Where are we going? May the Government save us please!!. Deployments means reduction in TAXES to the Government also. Come to our aid.

  2. Stanley

    I Dnt Knw Why Govf Has Failed To Run Mines On Its Own.Giving It To Investors Who Cnt Even Treat Minerz Properly.I Strongly Agree

  3. Simpito Mukandwa

    Bwafya bweka bweka mu Copperbelt especially towns like Chililabombwe,Chingola,Kitwe including Nampundwe nisotambe tata ifilechitika

  4. PC

    Where is the ministry of mines while all this is happening?

  5. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let Vedanta Resources leave the premises so that they can pave way for other serious investors. By the way, where is the Minister of Mines? What is the Mine Workers Union of Zambia saying about this issue? Why should the Government of Zambia allow such an investor to resort into selling of scrap metals instead of mining? Please PF top Government officials help the miners in Copperbelt Province.Finally, when Costa Mwansa hosted the Director of Vedanta on Diamond Television many people in Zambia were laughing at him but see what is happening now. This shows that Costa Mwansa was right when he was interviewing the said Director concerning the KCM Mines. Please ”bwana” President, help these lamenting miners!!!!

  6. Mpundu Richard

    Why the government is so silent about this matter.

  7. Jason

    Comment: Indians must go,we don’t want them. This is our country not theres. Vendanta must Go to where they came from.

  8. Rachel

    This is one not hate speech. Ba mwenye balifilwa. Tukalande shani? Tulefula nomba likebwhat happened in chililabombwe today? Government, where r u? Musukwa mines minister this is happening right in your constituency. Are u a shareholder or what?

  9. X MINER

    Minister of mines, people are appealing direct to the president, where are you???? We want your voice…

    • Doubt Katwishi

      People please be aware that govt makes decision based on facts and not emotions.This sometimes takes time to gather. Remember we have a responsible govt in place and they are doing all possible in the interest of many. I am sure the unions have taken up the matter to the govt.So please exercise some patience.

      • 1muko

        Ba Katwishi Naimwe,lekeleni Abantu Balande Maybe U U Hv Sold Yo Years,,th Bible Says”keep On Knockn It W’l Open 4 U.

        • Doubt Katwishi

          Kikikiki selling years to you? Just work hard there are no such things mwana.

  10. 1muko

    Kkkkkk The APresident W Say “even N Congo Mines R Facing Prblems’,ths Morning He Answerd Jst Lyk That Over Th Kwacha Depreciation He Said Its Nt Only Zambia;, Other Countries Also Hz Ths Prblem!Hw Do A President Gv Such An Answer? Its Lyk Yo Yf Gvs A Rport That M/meal Hs Finishd,would U As A Hsbd Say “even Our Neibor Hz No M/meal?,,arab Spring Z Imminent,,take Not “zimbabwe Z Now Supplyn L/stone Wth M/meal,

    • Doubt Katwishi

      1 Muko, I think it is right for the president to say that. Some challenges are global. There times you cannot isolate yourselves.

  11. X MINER

    Kkkkkk! if the president of GRZ does read comments, i can assure you he will do something. he is the SATA of today, kkkkkk awe mwandi!!

  12. INDETU

    Everyone is crying and calling on Govt, the President, and investors to take us out of some misery or other.
    I think that is the MMD mentality of taking away Mwaiseni Stores and bringing Shoprite! What do you achieve, externalization of forex, more poverty etc.
    Retired miners are the answer to this issue. I wrote in an earlier article on IMF or World Bank that when our minerals are externalzed money does not come back to Zambia and in turn we have no reserves and the Kwacha has no support.
    AND NOW, you want another investor! About a month ago I discussed a similar issue with someone who deals with someone who deals with our retired miners. This should be their issue and I can’t offer an opinion now.
    But in my heart of hearts, I know that the only person who can give AN ANSWER, AN HONEST ANSWER, on this matter, is Hon. Milupi.
    I don’t know Hon Milupi, I have never met him. But ask him. He may, if he wants to, give you an honest opinion.

  13. INDETU

    One may also recall that during the period of mourning for the late President M C SATA ( MHSRIP) Directors for Vendetta visited Zambia and had a discussion with the then Acting President Guy Scott.
    This was also during the time of street protests in London about Vendetta ripping of Zambian’s resources. May be from the record of that meeting, a matter may be learnt.

  14. Bwalya Brian

    Why is it so difficult bring in new investors and for that matter why not bring White’s, Indian are the waste people to bring in the country they bring nothing but poverty to people because of there selfness, this is an important issue in fact it is an emergency which government needs attention..let not Zambia be turned into south Africa where when we need something from the government we bring in the fighting blood shading……

  15. Supreme white man

    Hahahah!!!!!!! Do you think your government passes the capacity to run these mines ?? Just crawl back under your poverty bridge and wallow in despair. That might work

  16. jos

    So sad plz let the government do something

  17. josphat

    let the government do something

  18. muntungwa

    Let ZCCM take over in a caretaker capacity while we look for some credible operator. We have enough experienced zambians to run the mines

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