Kang’ombe Retains LGAZ Presidency

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Pikiti Kang’ombe has retained his position as Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ) president.

Kang’ombe beat his rival James Ntalasha from the opposition UPND by a margin of 86 to 24.

The victory seals off an eventful week for Kang’ombe whose comments on the ploy by the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) to reduce the powers of mayors who are directly elected by the electorate through a popular vote.

Kang’ombe has rallied his fellow councillors to ensure that they protect their independence under the 2016 constitution.


  1. Teddy mulenga


  2. Bright munthali

    This young leader should stand as a member of parliament in 2021.hopefully become a member of cabinet.



  4. Gessik

    The sky is the limit your honor .Keep focused

  5. Ingwe

    Congrats my Mayor kang’ombe show them kachema down Viva kang’ombe

  6. Ackron Nkandela

    well done

  7. Ng'uni Japhet


  8. Alberto Munsele

    Chabe so

  9. Nimulo

    well done

  10. wheredoustayfucku

    F*ck up

  11. Kubeja Badaala

    Your Worship not your honor…

  12. ROKA

    But he has turned Kitwe into a shanty town,the roads,the so called city center. I was shocked!It’s no longer the Kitwe I knew when I lived and schooled there!

  13. Wilfred

    CommentYou deserve it.

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