Mujajati Sues HPCZ for Terminating Job Contract

Dr Aaron Mujajati has sued his former employer, the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ), for terminating his contract of employment as the institution’s Registrar.

Dr Mujajati has dragged the HPCZ to the Lusaka High Court over the termination of his contract of employment and he is claiming for over K800, 000 as salary from May 2019 to October 2020.

In his legal action, Dr. Mujajati is seeking re-instatement to his position.

He wants HPCZ to pay him over K800, 000 as his salary from May 2019 to October 2020, a period subsisting part of his contract.

According to his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court Registry, the former Registrar contends that in January this year, health minister Chitalu Chilufya announced his the termination of his contract of employment as HPCZ Registrar.

In November 2018, the Health Professions Council of Zambia under Dr. Mujajati banned CBU from administering the three medical programmes at the institution following failure to meet the laid down standards.

This was after inspections at the University revealed over-enrolment of students, inadequate lecturers, engaging unregistered lecturers practicing without licences, among other violations.

Dr. Mujajati added that the institution exceeded the accepted lecture-student ratio after over-enrolling by 494 candidates for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programs.


This move did not sit well with Dr Chilufya who said it was inhuman for Health Professional Council of Zambia to close down health institutions and schools on “flimsy grounds”.

Dr. Chilufya then removed Dr Mujajati as chief executive officer and Registrar at HPCZ and transferred him to Ndola General Hospital as a consultant.

Dr Mujajati is also claiming for leave days, damages for loss, inconvenience and mental stress among other reliefs.


  1. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let the Lusaka High Court do their Court handle this case without fear or favour. Let justice prevail over this case because it involves a Government Minister. We are watching where the case is going and how it is going to be judged.

  2. Hammer

    Who employs staff at HOCZ. I thought these are government wings and All those are civil servants. under MINISTRY OF HEALTH who I thought can be dispatched anywhere. So what is the basis of suing?

  3. Abena

    If quality has to be adhered to, we j u st have to accept that the Health Professionals Council was RIGHT and whoever saw wrong is WRONG.

  4. Abena

    If quality has to be adhered to, we j u st have to accept that the Health Professionals Council was RIGHT : over-enrollment is wrong and whoever saw wrong in seeing wrong is WRONG.


    this guy sued the HPCZ coz is among the founder of this council and kwenzeko tumadilu komweuku thats why is not happy

    • Daniel Banda

      Let us take your comments as comedy. HPCZ was formerly called Medical Council of Zambia (MCZ) it existed before the doctor qualified.

  6. Daniel Banda

    The problem is HPCZ is a government statutory body under the Ministry of Health. The Minister of Health appoints and disappoints the HPCZ Board members and its CEO if I am not mistaken. By the way, was the learned doctor fired, demoted or redeployed within the system? I Wish him the best.

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