OPINION: What is AC Up To?

UK based Africa Confidential, a once credible and respected investigative publication that gained wide readership over the years, has all of a sudden ceased being one. It has actually turned itself into a cunning publication jointly working with disgruntled elements in our country whose sole purpose is to discredit the current government in whichever way possible and effectively take over power by hook or by crook.

In their minds, these known disgruntled elements think the government does not know what they are up to. Their preoccupation now is to feed the international community and publications like the Africa Confidential with all sorts of falsehoods aimed at tarnishing the image of the current government and its leader, President Edgar Lungu, to the outside world and render the democratically elected regime ‘powerless’.

It is difficult to sustain lies where there is truth. In collaboration with their Africa Confidential, which has effectively turned itself into an opposition wing of the Zambian politics, these disgruntled elements in politics and civil society came up with lies to the effect that the government used money from the National Pensions Scheme Authority (NAPSA) to pay civil servants salaries for February. Their report was put in such a convincing manner as if such a thing had truly happened. But the truth is that there was no time at which the central government collected, or instructed, NAPSA to release pensions funds to pay off civil servants salaries. Taking advantage of the few delays in salaries in the civil service, these disgruntled elements, of which their leader is UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, are now on the loose giving out unsubstantiated information to their partners using unholy alliances to discredit a government elected by the people. His former vice-president, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, who recently left the opposition party to rejoin the Patriotic Front, has disclosed how they have come up with a strategy to decampaign the ruling party and its government using outside forces and to lie as much as possible at every opportunity. GBM knows a lot and he will spill a lot more about the disgruntled elements’ evil intentions of using underhand methods to come into power.


The Africa Confidential, with their informers, have been challenged to produce evidence of NAPSA’s release of funds to central government for payment of civil servants salaries. NAPSA itself has reacted to these falsehoods and clearly stated that what was published was an outright lie aimed at putting the institution’s name and government in bad light. If there was some truth in what they fed their collaborators at Africa Confidential, why aren’t they providing proof of their claims?

They are every day, without any speck of shame, abusing social media in all sorts of ways all in a quest to get to power. But this is not how it is done; this is cheap. Nobody has ever managed to usurp power using lies against a government that has been put in place through a popular vote. Let them just wait for the next elections to come and try their luck again. Victory will only come if they practice honest politics.


  1. Chilankalipa

    These are the same people who revealed the truth about the stolen money at Zampost and you as usual denied, but later admitted. How many more denials are you going to make before you bring this country to its bruised knees? Let us be honest at least once in our lifetime. Insoni e buntu.

    • Leon

      Pf is loosing popularity why are all organisations against you yet you claim you have support from the people which people are those that are not affiliated to any grouping soon pf will be saying the world is against us checly yourselves perhaps you have lost diretion and urgently need to be retired

    • ABC

      What has happened to prime TV sure this means no real news

  2. Chendabusiku

    A husband who insults and undresses his wife during the day and sleeps with her in the night is not worth the name. We need opposition, but their is a limit to how far you can go to destroy the very house in which you live. HH is what he is because His mother Land has made him to be who he is. He has also harvested what he did not sow (stolen). If he desires to lead Zambia, he should not destroy the very country he wishes to lead that is devilish.

    • ABC

      Chendabusiku the gvt has failed to prove HH stole if you are sure he stole take him to court and how pf will laugh at you

  3. Opinion

    The moment GBM is mentioned, then i realized it is a defensive mechanism.As at now, i don’t trust this traitor.

    • Daniel Banda

      You Opinion, you trusted GBM when he resigned from PF and joined UPND to the extent of instantly making him a Vice President and running mate. Now that he has resigned and rejoined PF you have stopped trusting him? The truth is that you are hypocrite.

  4. Daniel Banda

    The problem with wealth dubiously gained is that it fertilizes falsehoods. You must know that rich people who genuinely earn their riches don’t waste time wanting to run the world politically. They concentrate on making more money and sharing resources with the poor through social programs. These are people like the famous Bill Gates and others. It is also true to assume that rich people struggle to be good leaders. Look at how Donald Trump has faired so far. The big question is: How does HH expect to come and deal with a legacy of uncompromising opposition to his leadership if he is setting an example of a bad opposition leader? ‘He who gets into power through the sword will be removed by the sword. If you get into power by collusions you will be removed in the same way by the same accomplices. White monopolies know no human faces they only understand wealth from Africa’s resources. Think about it. When they came to Africa they had the Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. Today they want to pretend they are our Messiahs in order to have access to our resources and you want to help them do that? Your brother ECL will come to your aid when you become sick to the level of needing specialist attention. They will never send a plane to fly you anywhere but they will provide resources for you to apply unorthodox methods of becoming a president. You don’t mean well for any Zambian based on this understanding.

    • Bana Simon

      Well put. That’s why I don’t trust HH. He seems to get so much sympathy from outside world. Why is the western world interested? Of course it can only be bcoz of our copper. People let’s not follow blindly. Western world are tactful.

  5. Kapijimpanga

    Fili RKO tuleya all Zambians know the truth about hakainde the will never make amistake by voting for a man whose interest is for himself and Africa confidential

    • Frank

      if hh aquired his wealth dubiously y r u not arresting him.u r just jealousy of the guy he is just smart.

  6. The Cynic

    If you want to test the truth or falsehoods of the Africa Confidential stories. Then sue them in court. My guess is that they will be more than willing to produce the evidence in their hand. They do not engage in useless public exchanges.
    This has nothing to do with being PF or UPND. The point here is that when you manage public resources you must be accountable over the utilisation of those resources. IF the Africa Confidential story is true all that should have happened is for NAPSA & Govt. to confirm and this story would have died a natural death. If you are in charge of the Govt. then surely you must manage as you see fit and admit to actions which you believe are being done in good faith and in the interests of the country.
    On the other hand, if the Africa Confidential article is genuinely false then NAPSA & Govt. should either simply learn to remain silent instead of stoking the fire or tell the nation how they paid those salaries without NAPSA and proceed to sue Africa Confidential in the UK. However, it seems there’s something truthful in the AC article which has riled “the powers that be” and this highly energised posturing and over-reaction from both NAPSA & Govt. confirms this.

  7. Mario puzo

    NAPSA and the government are one,if the government wants it can scrap out NAPSA.

    • CN

      Napsa and govt are not one. Napsa keeps money belonging to the Zambian workers. The government can borrow money from this institution and pay back.

  8. Lyayo

    Well said , HH will never lead this country.Imagine with all his money he has failed to bring the body for his late brother.Satanist

  9. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    The reporter is not a zambian.Can’t you see that zambia is no longer a Christian nation but bunch of cruks .Government elected by whom? araa open your eyes and see what is happening here in zambia things are going parallel.Come 20 21 i will never, never, never vort for pf nooooo.

  10. pompwe

    HH is like Malema good at condemning govt, cant offer any viable solutions to his purpoted national crisis & he forgets that all these fake organisations he is using will sell his lies & tricks one day.

  11. Frank

    i wonder why u seem to fear hh too much,who told u that hh runs africa confidential and how can he be thier souce of news when he is not in govt.

  12. Frank

    thank u for giving him free publicity.

  13. Old Fellow

    Last kicks of a dying hose are always painful but you have to accept the reality.
    After all you have said it is your opinion to which you are entitled.
    Muli ba pompwe baba. Just wait.

  14. BJ

    Out siders don’t build only distroy. When one washes linen in public, especially so to those out side, they always make a mountain out of a small lump. Pipo who are fond of speaking ill of our country Zambia are not true Zambians. Lies don’t pay. Ubufi buya nokubwela. Ndeloleshafye!!!

  15. INDETU

    This is not a small matter. It must be thoroughly be investigated by the powers that be. There’s a proven that says ” a single spark can calls a prairie fire”. The source of such provocative stories can not be an ignorant person.
    Why do people want to damage the name of a country for their personal political gain?
    There lots of legitimate ways one can gain popularity, than damaging the country’s name.

  16. Kings

    If Zambia Was A Car, It Was Going To Be On Four Big Stones Awaiting The Owner To To Show His Or Her Fitness, I Mean Edgar Has Failed Us, N A P S A Plse Can You Shut Up Your Mouth. Learn To Call A Spade Its Real Name, A Spade, Not Big Flat Spoon. Twanaka Naimwe Ba Nkusa Namushitisha Amaka Ya Calo.

  17. Sage

    Your opinion

  18. hanjalika munjile

    pipo who deny tht hakainde hichilema is a criminal ,if he was ,would ve bn convicted longtime ago .do you believe that all castigated individuals where guilty or all those proven innocent where really innocent? Some hard core mafias are smooth criminals they leave no trace of their dirty works they even kill to conseal their crime taken to court, there is no witness .tht doesnt mean that they didnt commit the crime ,NO ,they are smart thiefs .thats hakainde hichilema he s a criminal .

    • Frank

      u have said it no evidence but y r u accusing him,if he sues u today wil u prove yr alegations in court mind u he can it.so be careful with what u say hanjalica.

      • Doubt Katwishi

        Just bcoz he is not in jail does not prove his innocence. You and me know that not all that are in jail are criminals and that, not all criminals are in jail. That’s the fact and sad part of life.

  19. yokosa

    Sue who, he is just a poor man. frank let them insult hh they will remain poor like that.

  20. CN

    Leave AC alone. They write the truth unlike your lies and propaganda from your media

  21. wisdom is power

    Shatup imwe balazo Ba UPND hh made him self rich nendala ashitishe ama companies, so now do you want him to come and sell the entire zambia so that he become the richest president in the world noways! HH hakaivotela heka

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