Mopani Mine to lay off 600 workers

Over 600 Mopani Copper Mines employees will be laid off next month following the announcement by the mining company to cease operations at Mindola North Shaft and Central Shaft.

Mopani Copper Mines Plc has confirmed that it has met with the unions and relevant government ministries to provide an update on safety and the necessary operational steps that need to be taken to ensure Mopani has a viable future.

Company Public Relations manager Nerbet Mulenga has said Mopani is planning to cease operations at Mindola North Shaft and Central Shaft and instead focus on their other essential capital projects.

“These include the Synclinorium Concentrator, Mindola Deeps shaft and Henderson shaft in Mufulira. We believe this approach will enable us to focus on achieving both safe and productive outcomes which are essential to position Mopani for a successful future,” he stated.

Mulenga said the two shafts have reached their economic life, adding that the closure has always been part of the plan.

“The closure of these two uneconomic shafts allows us to apply the funds provided by Glencore towards the completion of the expansion projects, which represent the future of the company and mining by Mopani on the Copperbelt,” he added.

And Speaking at a joint press briefing, MUZ president Joseph Chewe has said the unions will help protect jobs of their members.

Chewe said the unions, being representatives of the workers, will not allow Mopani to reduce its labour force.


  1. bayoka

    It is not good enough to the works how they are going to savivor.

  2. Joshua

    More jobless, ba pf you see, the more taxes, you ve introduced, even in bore hole’s, insoni ebuntu.

  3. abraham silwembe

    This is very bad indeed

  4. CN

    So is this ” more jobs, more money in the pockets of Zambians ” Definitely this is more poverty and more misery. And this is PF

  5. Makai

    So bad for the workers how are they going to sponsor their families… more than 600 workers ..very bad…😅😌

  6. The Taliban

    Please the so called the PF government kindly just looking for serious investors than the failed Mopani

  7. Indoshi palupe


  8. manhole

    this is bullshit

  9. Mazuzyo

    Mwashitishe icalo! Amaka mwapela ba Mwisa!

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