No Allowances at NDF, Says Lubinda

Justice minister Given Lubinda has reiterated that individual organizations should meet the payment of allowances to their delegates attending the National Dialogue Forum in line with Section 15 of the National Dialogue Act.

The Minister said this in response to media reports that delegates at the Forum are receiving allowances contrary to the provisions of the Act.

But Lubinda has dismissed such reports saying there is no budgetary allocation towards allowances for delegates at the Forum.

“The National Dialogue Forum has no budget of its own to pay allowances to any delegates but I can indicate here that government is only taking up the responsibility of providing lunch, refreshments and hard copy materials of the proceedings of the Forum,” he emphasized.

Lubinda has therefore assured that his Ministry will inform the members of the public how much money has been spent towards the hosting of the National Dialogue Forum at Mulungushi International Conference Centre for all the days  that it has deliberated on the Siavonga Resolutions.


  1. pompwe

    Thanx for the clarification, because we hear a lot of lies especially from prime tv with abena siwale misleading the nation that each delegate receives 1pin 5 every day as allowances.

  2. clint

    Comment I can’t agree what Mr lubinda is talking about,l hav found no truth in him

  3. Razor

    As long as you give them free good they will keep extending as most of these people attending don’t even have good at home.

  4. Razor


    • Frank

      pliZ can someone enlighten me on this one,how much money was allocated for this exercise?i thought it was 2 million o 2 bilion Old currency now if delegates r getting nothing except food how many people r in attendancy chewing food for 2bills wow!

  5. See Mind

    Allowances is food and slept is enough !!!

  6. Da Costa

    Thnx fo de real update

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