PF Central Committee to Decide KBF’s Expulsion Request

The ruling Patriotic Front has said the matter where the party’s Lusaka Province committee is seeking the expulsion of lawyer Kelvin Fube and member Julius Komaki for causing confusion has been referred to the Central Committee.

The Central Committee is due to deliberate on the matter this Saturday and decide on what action to take following a recommendation by the provincial committee that the duo be expelled, according to party secretary general Davies Mwila.

The Provincial Committee had on May 2 recommended the expulsion of KBF from the party on the grounds that he is undermining the office of the President with impunity and that he is causing confusion and instability in the rank and file of the party.

And on the same day, the Provincial Committee received petitions to have Komaki expelled on the basis that he is trying to usurp the Presidential powers of appointing the Secretary General and that he is equally causing instability within the party.

Addressing the press this afternoon, provincial chairperson Paul Moonga said the party structures felt that KBF and Komaki’s behavior was against the ruling party’s disciplinary code of conduct.

He said the duo acted in a manner that is likely to bring the name of the party into public ridicule, contempt and disrepute.

“One Fube Bwalya has been demanding for a handover of power from the Head of State, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu and this Julius Komaki gave an ultimatum of 48 hours for the Secretary General who is an appointee of the President to vacate his Office. Believing in the rules of natural justice, we did write to both Komaki and Fube on 3rd May asking them to put in writing within 7 days reasons as to why disciplinary measures should not be taken against them. We further requested them to appear before the Lusaka Provincial Disciplinary Committee on Wednesday 8 May and Thursday, 9 May respectively so that they can exonerate themselves against the charges levelled against them but to no avail,” Moonga said.

The two have also been slapped with another charge of insubordination.

“The Provincial Committee has therefore unanimously resolved that article 19 of the party’s constitution which provides for expulsion from the party depending on the seriousness of the offence committed be upheld and both Fube and Komaki be expelled by the Central Committee,” said Moonga.

And Mwila said no party member was immune to discipline.

“…the party is bigger than individuals. No one is too special as to escape discipline. Anyone who is going against the rules and regulations of the party, the party and its constitution will deal with such individuals. The Central Committee will make a decision in the interest of the party,” said Mwila.



  1. Herv Rena

    This Fine is really daring his excellence,surely does he understand that he is the ultimate.? Let Fube know that he is trodding on soft sand…

    • Leah Musolo


    • Retain KBF he did not commit an offense

      Leave brother KBF alone please. This is PF intra party issue. Outsiders are not previledged to know about your internal differences. So why spill the beans in public?

  2. Mario puzo

    For now these are the people we don’t want near us chase them now,imbuto shibi ukutali

  3. Gangsta grabs

    Just crying at Sata’s funeral made Lungu president,the chinese thought he was sata’s widow,kaseba was outcried,but me and intelligent pipo like KBF we knew it was kachasu.thats why they want KBF gone,si party yanyoko leka naye ankalepo pamupando

    • Munson dangol

      You are so right my brother tears can make you famous

  4. Jk

    People in the PF Executive need to understand the word freedom of expression. You can’t impose a disciplinary action when you don’t have a great idea for it and also to impose a leader to people when you know the people will only save for a last time. It’s better to have a new leader who will be available for years and the party will be stronger with a new leader. People look at the period of the old leadership and the time when you vote for a new leader. KBF you are the David of PF be Blessed everyday of your life.

    • Zattie Bee

      But how about upnd and hh, how long hh been there losing? Replace hh with someone.

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Dictator lungu

  6. HOMMIE 24

    i fell in love with kbf jst after reading his book.its a shame that in pf there is no room for powerful intellects like him

  7. Voice of the voiceless

    We love Zambia bcz,Zambia is bigger than political figures. The problem in leadership is that, those who are on top rank doesn’t want to be challenged. It gives worries to us who know what democracy is all about.Let us give room even to those who are able to express their views. Some coward people will surport even the issue that is not genuine. Let the wise rise to rule cowards will always be escorters of those they surport.


    Young Man KBF you was too hurry u suporse to wait until 2025 to polish yourself fisrt in your mind! Look now u expelled in members PF !!!

  9. SEE MIN


  10. Jomwa

    We must respect other peoples opinions we shouldn’t dectate ,we are living in a Democratic country and a party in particular, the vote will tell whom they want

    • Frank

      if ecl is so popular like u claim why then are u so afread whenever someone wants to challenge him.How then are u promoting intra-party democracy,allow divergent views to florish there is nothing wrong for anyone to have presidential ambitions we are in a Democratic country.

      • Zang

        Just like how talk of hh’s popularity but still losing elections kkkkk

  11. CM

    It’s sad that we are living in zambia where democracy is compromised. And what you people should know is that you won’t defend your hypocrisy for ever, one day you will vacate those offices and you will be subjected to treason for what you made out nation to pass through.Mulelesha nabantu abakwete vission you vissionless leaders.Elyo nganimwe ba Davies you are totally a failure

  12. Vincent hachibala

    The people who are in higher ranks really do not understand the freedom of expression . One thing that they should understand is we people think differently and that they should allow people to express their own perspectives but facts and authenticity must not be compromised. This country of ours is becoming so dangerous I even wounder why we are called a christian nation because we don’t seem to be like one. The police are being used unnecessarily to arrest people anyhow while a poor Zambia has no access to security especially in shanty compounds where crime is rampant shame! !!!!!.One needs a permit to worship God for what reason, God is offering salvation for free but a human being who just feeds on grain is issuing a permit for someone to worship. I think it is said that what we don’t know is greater than us and surely those busy persecuting innocent people through selfish leaders will pay a huge price because God is watching them and their days are numbered.

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