Police Arrest Luanshya Man for Insulting Lungu during Radio Programme

The Zambia Police Service has arrested a 31-year-old man of Luanshya’s Zaoni Street for making derogatory remarks against President Edgar Lungu during a phone in programme on Millennium Radio.

Fred Maanya is said to have insulted the Head of State on March 28, 2018 around 06:50 hours and introduced himself as Chanda from Kabwe.

“The suspect is alleged to have called the radio Station where he introduced himself  as Chanda from Kabwe and later made derogatory remarks against the Republican President. Investigations revealed that the suspect was not Chanda but Fred Maanya of Luanshya and not a Kabwe resident as he suggested,” police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo has stated.

“He is currently detained in police custody and will appear in Court soon.”


  1. pompwe

    Well done ZP & zicta pump some good morals in these cadres. Umucinshi ku bakalamba especially leaders.

  2. Gangsta grabs

    March 2018? But bafikala u can keep chakumutima. How did u find him anyway? Coz u cant find Gangsta grabs

    • Prince

      Naiwe wine waya mambala!!!

    • Loty

      There are lots of fools out there who think they can not be tracked down when they post obscenities on media. It’s very easy and we’re coming after YOU!!!!

  3. Smart k

    Well done zicta doin gud for us.

  4. Razor

    Archaic defamation laws left over from the colonial government which were being used to lock up freedom fighters but now being used to lock up fellow citizens

    • Thy Kingdom Come

      Very archaic and Lungu a lawyer, seems to love this. He thinks he is holy. Why doesnt he just use the law of defamation like everyone else living in Zambia? Why is it seen fit to protect him with defamation charges? That is so authoritarian. Only a tyrant would want to have such stupid protection

      • Daniel Banda

        I am sure you would go about even in taverns calling people names without being bruised. If violence that’s what you have been doing your face must be badly scared with your front teeth missing. The likelihood is that your best meal includes delete.

  5. Prince

    naiwe wine waya!!!

  6. Mazuzyo

    Nipo Lungu atukwa, nga nine kuti nafileka!

    • Idiocy Detector

      Why not do an honest self introspection and find out why you are the most insulted compared to all the past? The same answer you will get is what I have.

  7. Izzy

    Thats great job there done by zp in conjunction with zicta,to have brought the culprit to book,why should he be insulting the head of state.Moreover,at 31 years old,this man should be motivating the young ones but instead he insults lungu,ba police SG do something put this man in jail please,because thats very stupid.

  8. Truestory

    Ba zicta why can’t you uyu chimbwi calling himself Gangsta pliz.

    • Daniel Banda

      Help us by getting this Gangster Grab out of sight please.

  9. Truestory

    Umulandu taubola waya iwe kukadya beans.

  10. masumba masumba

    no conment

  11. SMZ

    Job well done Zicta ,Also track Airtel and mtn money thieves. Azamuziba Yes uyo wamene anatukwana ba tsogoleri.

  12. Jeff kanjanja Dr.

    Why insulting the president it’s so sad anyway can the media please show us the insults which were made by this same man thanks and regards to everyone.

  13. DC

    Ba ‘Zambia Reports’ and ‘Mwebantu’, please reconcile the dated:

    Zambia Reports says: March 2018
    Mwebantu says: March 2019

    That’s why readers seem to be mixed up!!!!

  14. papa

    insults sure

  15. slaydee

    Tell us the actual date when it happened

  16. umuntu mutwe!!!

    Ignorance is sin, teach him a lesson…

  17. Gangsta grabs

    Prince uzaponoka, defamation is only in zambia because bafikala and kachasu tate you have colonial brains

  18. Alu.B

    Respect is cardinal.How can you feel if you somebody hurling insults to your father?

    • Spade

      Who is your father? Go and do your DNA test, just in case you do not know. Mwilatolatola fye.

  19. Alu.B

    missed out hear between you and somebody

  20. Mulilo kafyama Stavon

    Let us respect our Leaders.

  21. Zambian son

    Let’s not insult but air out ichiletukalipa,so that the change can be observed please let’s respect our leaders by all cost

  22. Escape from Sobibo

    Ba ZICTA you should also arrest those who insults our leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema,,be Fair mweh

  23. sage

    Is it only the president’s character which can be defamed or everyone else’s character can be defamed,,,,,am saying this because most people are insulted almost everyday and the police dont seem to do anything,,, let this law apply only when its the president but when any citizen is insulted,,,,,,zp be professional and fair

  24. Geoffrey Malayiti

    Please kindly learn to respect the head of state. He is the father of the Nation. Regards to the Police and zicta.

  25. sailas khumalo

    Teach him a lesson so that others will lean from him please

  26. Mbuya wandi

    Job well done but why has it been so difficult to arrest those PF thugs who where insulting kambwili and the video they produced is available as evidence? Let’s be fair and be patriotic Zambians, one Zambia one nation.

  27. rapha

    our president has been in insulted than any other previous president, Why if I may ask.. should it that people have lost morals and respect to Elders and leaders at large??? Maya..only God Knows

  28. Spade not Spoon

    If any of you has never been provoked let him be the first not to insult.

  29. Smart k

    Well done zicta.

  30. sifelani banda

    but why is Zp failing to arrest those pipo who send tuma messeges ati send that money into this mobile number the name which will come is this this this?

  31. sifelani banda

    have they also arrested those who insulted imbili?

  32. Edward

    In our country there is a lot that needs to be doing but we’re all speeding our energy on senseless thing’s but we all forget what’s important and please readers think what’s important for this country make a better tomorrow for our country Zambia don’t just think for your own family’s. Remember why you are there it’s because of you thought that you could make a difference for the country no you on family.

  33. ZED

    he drunk marijuana and smoke JOY.thus why he made it without knowing the consequences.well done ba z.p

  34. His Exellencey

    Thank you next

  35. Bashi jinks

    Ba zp and zicta job well done.these chaps bachita over kutukwana nfumu yanga ecl. Mufwanteni azibe yesu mwana uyu

  36. Gc

    How can a normal human being insulting a parent of this nation ai please ba people umuchinshi usuma



  38. Justin Musambo

    Well done zp and zicta

  39. chililabombwe


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