Chingola Man Burnt to Death

A 27-year-old man of Chingola has been burnt to death by unknown people in what appears to be gang related rival fights.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga has confirmed the development but says she has not yet been furnished with full details of the matter.

“The incident is alleged to have happened around midnight in which a petrol bomb is suspected to have been thrown into the deceased’s bedroom while he was asleep. He has been identified as Nelson Mhango, 27, of house number 3 of SS section in Chiwempala Township. The body of the deceased has since been deposited is in Nchanga North General hospital mortuary,” said Katanga.

Mhango becomes the second person to be burnt to death in gang related activities after another gang member, Isaac Chiwasha, popularly known as Debra Richie, was burnt in May last year.


  1. Hkc

    Teba SOKOTA fye abalecita ifi. These idiots are jst going 2far.pliz police hlp us b4 we bcome police officers on our own

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let the perpetrators of this ungodly act be brought to book. Zambia Police Service, get full information about this criminal case from the residents of SS section in Chiwempala Township.

  3. tilibeezeluuuu

    Look at me you idiots this is the case that you can say shorts warning to the suspect when been caught not that one’s Mwaliteta’s case i don’t even know if it’s a case to be found with…..anyway b4 i go further f*ck u…upset maningi.

  4. izzy

    Too bad for that tragedy and mhsrip.

  5. Escape from Sobibo

    Police In copperbelt you’re doing nothing
    Kanganja must be replaced ,he is not doing well too!!

  6. Bbolex

    Who kills some while he sleeps, barberic!

  7. Mulilo kafyama

    Too bad

  8. George mulota

    I think chingola wants to become a problem pOlice pliz do something about these gangz

  9. Basu The Great

    Chingola Has Turned Into Sodoma And Ghomora

  10. The Duke

    Such scum of the earth must be hunted and arrested and jail the lot for life. The police must up their game to stifle this phenomenon before it gets out of hand.

  11. Concerned citizen

    This is a very sad incident please our police officers be serious

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