KBF Unmoved By PF’s Manoeuvres to Expel Him

While, the Patriotic Front is busy finding ways of getting rid of Lusaka Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fube from the Party, the man looks set to contest the next elections.

Fube, commonly known as KBF, has decided to give a blind ear to all the discussions and attempts to have him thrown out of the Patriotic Front.

Over the weekend, KBF made several stoppages in different towns on the Copperbelt and met various groups, among them some Patriotic Front members and the clergy as he strategizes with his political moves.

He looks resolved to fight for the presidency as he continues to engage members of the ruling party that feel left out on a number of issues.

During some of his meetings, KBF learnt how selfishness has taken over the Patriotic Front as only a small group is benefiting from whatever empowerment program comes up.

“Yes, we met with him and we discussed a wide range of issues. Truth be told, our President is surrounded by wrong people. What is happening to him is exactly what happened to Rupiah Banda as things stand. The grassroots are suffering and there is no hope because only those at the top are benefiting and don’t have a heart to share,” one of the Patriotic Front members who met KBF said on condition of anonymity.


  1. Jomwa

    Bwana lungu we are able to see your works but the people surrounding you are bad seeds which make the nation not to happy with your leadership. Please whenever you want to do something good you must remember the song by Petersen dear Mr president. That song has a lot of meaning in leadership. You will be able to see that your MPs are biting you all the time

  2. zedoc

    They say you know a person’s character by the friends he has. The character of EL’s friends speaks volumes about his own character.

  3. Tonka machembele

    If things are not settled in p.f for u.p.n.d it’s thumb up.tyankaaaa .

  4. Joseph mwelwa

    Time and life wasted by vision less person.It criminal’of ICU.

  5. Kapambwe Mwewa M

    The President said its KBF’s right to contest for the PF presidency but people with nothing so credible to offer to the nation in their various capacities are the ones who are so much against KBF because their works/contributions in PF and the government can’t be praised at all by an educated and fully informed person but by carders who just think of their stomach. They are scared that if KBF rose to the helm of the party they won’t be enjoying the underserved easy money they are getting/making now. Let’s please put Zambia first and not our stomachs!

  6. Jailos banda

    What’s happening

  7. CM

    Never be intimidated by the thugs, we want leaders who can listen to people

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