PF says Zambians will have Final say on Deputy Ministers

Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila has said the ruling Party will listen to the people on the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) proposal to reintroduce Deputy Ministers.

He was speaking when he welcomed former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) to the Party secretariat this afternoon.

Responding to a question from journalists on whether the Party had u-turned on its position to scrap Deputy Ministers to save money,  Mwila assured Zambians that the ruling party will listen and do exactly what the people will say on the matter.

“On the question of reintroducing Deputy Ministers, the Patriotic Front will listen to the people. In the meantime, NDF is sitting and we’ll wait for the process to conclude but we’ll listen to the people,” said Mwila according to a statement issued by PF media director Sunday Chanda.



  1. Jomwa

    No need we have PS as assistant ,think of expense even now some are still claiming their money some died leaving there money unclaimed .the economic is bitter why should we pay deputies who don’t even do the work just warming chairs.when this was removed they saw they had no work to be done by them

  2. Edward

    Deputy ministers are elerevant as at now, cabinet ministers, provincial ministers and permanent secretaries can be carried out to run the government and it has been all the way up now without any problems and there is no crisis at all on having them.

  3. Chilankalipa

    He should have said Zambians of Malawian origin will have a final say on the nonsense already known as nonsense.

  4. ernest

    is there going to b a referendum to vote, can’t u just see that this is unnecessary costs, do this country got money for that.

  5. Coillard

    That is not on the budget. If government has failed to increase c.sevants salaries which is budgeted for,where is money for this

  6. Mpundu Richard

    No need of deputy why wasting resources let that money go to poor people nonooo!

  7. Milton Mulenga

    Salary for one depute minister can pay more unemployed teachers I therefore suggest gvnt employ teachers in streets. Umuntu mutwe yama !


    Ba Mwila tapali


      Wanted to say Ba Mwila Ala insoni ebuntu icibipile ninshi nacibipa.Which people are you waiting for to speak when you even know that the economy is itching?

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