Police Re-Arrest Mwaliteta after Entering Nolle in Offensive Weapon Case

There was confusion at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court this afternoon when police rearrested Lusaka Province UPND chairman Obvious Mwaliteta and businessman James Sichomba after discharging them of the offence of possessing offensive weapons.

The State entered a nolle prosequi in the matter Mwaliteta and Sichomba  are accused of possessing offensive weapons or material.

It is alleged that the duo on March 27 this year in Kafue had in their possession offensive weapons or materials, among them improvised machetes and a metal hoe.

They are also accused of being in possession of a  wooden pick handle, two stones and a knife without lawful excuse.

The case is before Lusaka Magistrate Alice Walusiku.

When the matter came up , the State applied that the matter be discontinued because the Director of Public Prosecutions has entered a nolle prosequi.

But Mwaliteta’s lawyer Zevyanji Sinkala told the court that he filed an application to have the matter taken to the Lusaka High Court for constitutional reference.

Magistrate Walusiku, however, dismissed the defence’s application on grounds that the High Court already guided that the case be heard from Kafue.

The court then discharged Mwaliteta and Sichomba.

After they were released, police rearrested them outside the courtroom before taking them to Kafue.

Police had a tough time taking the suspects to the police car because UPND supporters prevented them from apprehending Mwaliteta and Sichomba.

Police had to fire warning shots to disperse Mwaliteta’s supporters.

The police managed to overpower the cadres and later sped off with the suspects.


  1. man kafuwe

    but ma pfools,police officers became pf caders,y arresting someone for having defensive weapons

  2. Jomwa

    If those weapons were in possession then why taking long to judge the culprit. They say justice delayed is justice denied. Do the judging as fast as possible or else you are waiting for some new incidents and that will die a natural death,we have seen these before.

    • Jonas

      But why treating mwaliteta case so hushly while almost or more weapons where found during the by elections in sesheke but no offence was given to the pf.cadres

  3. clint

    CommentWhy govt, is not arresting pf caders who are wrong with our nation .Be serious govt?

  4. Chilankalipa

    Lekeni umwaice bangwele imwe. Atase!

  5. Emmanuel munda

    Investgate the death of chibulo not only politicians.why are police so political

  6. tilibeezeluuuu

    F*ckne police had fire warning shots to disperse Mwaliteta’s supporters what nonsense mwemishindo u think when u short someone that’s when u can be promoted with some ranks or whatever iwe naiwe chi-big foolish nanikani control these so called junkies teach them how to use their stupid akpfools 47… Loading comments.

  7. bayoka

    Emulandu wine cikafisha mu2020 because of carders let me tell you carders has no office balipoka ama office bakapokola why ba president awe awe awe eee twakana tukapilibuka kwati nipabusanshi mwilamona kwati calo cenu filaluke mono.

  8. Kings

    So Ba Pf You Don’t Know That Mwaliteeta Whom You Are Mistreating Means Torturing The Whole Southern Province For No Proper Reasons? Let 2021 Come, You Gonna Learn It A Hard Way. Ecl Should Think Twice Before Time, That Man Is Innocent.

  9. Daniel Banda

    All the silly comments and insults are no solutions to this situation. Looking at the handsome Mwaliteta it beats me that he might be a violent person. If on the material day he was in a car that had no trace of any suspicious weapon could the police have gone to his home to fetch him and accuse him? UPND cadres in their minds do they think they will get justice on behalf of the accused using violence or are trying to confirm that the accused belongs to a violent and lawless organization? Is that how you want us to anticipate the UPND governance if you win an election? promote our nation’s Christianity by demonstrating good, sensible and maturity behaviour.

  10. Simfukwe

    Who is mistreating mwaliteta? Mwaliteta himself knows the root course of his problems ask him if he will ever stand for any political election in. Kafue why? That is his root course of his problems

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