74 Treated At Kitwe Hospital for Food Poisoning

About 74 people have been treated and discharged from Kitwe Teaching Hospital for suspected food poisoning after they attended a party, hospital authorities have disclosed.

Kitwe Teaching Hospital public relations officer Phoebe Chileya has stated that the 74 of Musonda Township, among them 48 children, were admitted last night.

“Among those admitted were [eight] minors under the age of five…40 were between the ages of six and 14, and 26 were 15 years and above,” Chileya stated, adding that most of the patients were stable and had since been discharged from hospital.

Only four have remained admitted for further observation, she said.

“The patients consumed food that was contaminated with toxins that are harmful for the body. We are hopeful that the four that are still in hospital will soon be discharged to join their families,” stated Chileya.




  1. Gangsta grabs

    Arrest the cook the police fools.if it wast Kambwili’s party food he would be in jail by now.Z popoz arent shit!

  2. Basu The Great

    Bad Story

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