Former Minister Kabanshi Arrested for Abuse of Authority

Former Minister of Community Development and Social Services Emerine Kabanshi has been arrested by the Joint Investigations Team (JIT) comprising the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) of the Drug Enforcement Commission and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Kabanshi, 54, a politician residing of Plot 800, Kanakantapa area in Chongwe District, has been arrested for abuse of authority of office, contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offence are that the former Minister in her official capacity as Minister of Community Development and Social Services, jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown, on dates unknown but between  January 1 and August 21 , 2017  in Lusaka did allegedly abuse her authority of office by unduly influencing the engagement of Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) as payment service provider under the Social Cash Transfer Programme, an act prejudicial to the interests of the Government of the Republic of Zambia and beneficiaries under the Social Cash Transfer Programme.

Additionally, Kabanshi, on dates unknown but in the same period , in her official capacity as Minister of Community Development and Social Services allegedly did abuse her authority of office by directing the extension of the Zambia Postal Services Corporation scope of works under the Social Cash Transfer Programme to include areas which were not covered in the initial contract.

According to the investigating team, having probable and justifiable cause to believe that the said contract was duly terminated by the Ministry, the former Minister allegedly did abuse her authority of office by directing the rescission of the termination of the contract between Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST) and the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, an act prejudicial to the interests of the Government of Zambia.


  1. Mr. K

    Am sorry mom things sometimes come by the will of the devil you are a hard worker no body thought things can go this way we need. Gods intervention

    • Phillip chindongo

      I really liked Ireen, she was a hard working woman it’s really sad I like this, may our God go ahead of her

  2. Mulilo kafyama


  3. Truth man

    Respect the law and God shall save you. Only laws can serve a country like Zambia because of greedy and selfish citizens who always want to reap where they have not sawn !

    • BaLazo

      Never take corruption to the shows of USA or EU otherwise you will live to regret. Who is next?

  4. Commander zeel

    Shame even Women can be found wanting sure
    Mother why would you do that
    Sad development there anyway God will give you courage to get through this

  5. Drugsquard

    The sacrificial pawn as usual. The big fishes continue swimming freely and in splendour. The day of reckoning is coming. It will be everyone for him/herself but God for all.

    • Idiocy Detector

      Yes the biggest scandal idiots are roaming the streets of Zambia freely. What happened to those who bought wheel barrows for $42m? What happened to those who spent $5m on pillars and roofing sheets and those who built a house at $2.5m for someone with the shortest record of presidency when the longest serving president leaves in a K1m worth ordinary house?

  6. Steve chiimbila

    Vokudya usiku mweka,vambo’onekela muzuba.so who’s nxt in the fud chain,plz tel us?

  7. The Taliban

    Yes Kabanshi has been arrested for abuse of authority, What of Mr Chitotela?

  8. samson

    it’s a good move if it’s in good faith but it can even a a good fight against corruption if we are not Selective in the way we are fighting the good fight.

  9. jimmy shaba


  10. Aikona

    The charges themselves are vague and meant to justify her sacrificial arrest.

  11. Zambian

    what about chitotela and others like lusambo?

  12. tk

    Sorry Mom every thing has it’s time just look to God and God is in control.

  13. Davies phiri

    good work ba joint

  14. Hev rena

    I can’t see any serious case to be blown out of proportion thru media,the guilty ones are those that stole the 4 million dollars.

  15. Blackman

    Why was she not stopped or arrested then as minister instead of waiting to come and arrest her after she is sacked

  16. King cool

    No one knows,,, only the investigation team will tell us the truth…we can’t say much.

  17. Daniel Banda

    I am confused to hear that her actions were prejudicial to the interest of government. Is ZAMPOST not a parastatal company?

  18. Alu.B

    A wrong is a wrong,whether you are opposition or ruling.


    Kabanshi have been temporary arrested so that,Zambians will stop complaining about huge sums of money which went missing for social cash transfer, very soon the case will desaper even Chitotela what is going on nothing, pf Govt is trying to brindfording the people of this country. If it’s true arrest let the same spent the whole life behind bars especially take her in men’s prison where she think there’s no law.

  20. Mk

    Join them in prison

  21. Truestory

    Political commentators mu Zambia, kwati balishiba sana law? Twakulakutikako fye mukwayi mwebaishibo kulanda mulelanda.

  22. Razor

    The same money which Amos Chanda was saying is lying intact in a zanaco account and was never touched so how come now she is arrested. Amos caught with pants down.

  23. enalo

    Dig more cases ba JIT. SALUTED.

  24. c

    Too, bad mama.

  25. CN

    I hope madam Chitotela will spill the beans because it is obvious that she wasn’t alone

  26. Vincent.k

    Batizoona zoona,u know what people of Zambia these are the people who are bringing our country’s development down awemwandi kuloleshakofye

  27. son of a freedom fighter

    May be she is about to join KALABA or KAMBWALI OR HH

  28. Dr Fonicks

    The PF govt is like George Owell’s Animal Farm. “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”. almoat similar offences in nature but some are still in office. how does the govt think about Chitotela’s corruption cases ? why is the same law selective? This raises eyebrows. Chitotela’s issue has state house connections. This is terribly unfair. In icibemba we say “inshiku mutanda, tashicela mumo” also “ubushiku usheme, ne cimbala ciloca”. sorry madam Kabanshi, what you forgot to do was not to share with plot one hence your arrest. Mulepelako abaku state house then you can’t be prosecuted nomba iwe walya weka. be smart like chitotela. What shouldn’t be forgotten is that no situation is permanent. The day of reckoning is just behind the corner.

  29. Patson

    We are now waiting for Chitotela

  30. Moses

    you are westng your time ebo mwaikato ubwingi nibanga mwakakapo no one ku wayawaya fye Zambian Government

  31. Fisunge

    Mwebantu we’re talking of kabanshi here not chitotela he was also arrested but it’s up to the court to prove him guilty or not but ishuko lyamunobe teti ulalilemo panse so chitotela is not a sacred cow but the nature of him even his constituency loves him because they benefit so much if there’s a minister working hard is chitotela

  32. musilizo simasiku

    we just hear arrested arrested but how these arrest end no one knows for instance what happened to chitotela

  33. Jomwa

    We always hear someone has been arrested and will appear in court soon but to our surprise us Zambian among all politicians no one has been proved guilty or jailed , So its like all the laws are meant for mere citizen .you must know that u that no one is above laws ,judiciary is also toothless or they don’t want to bite the finger which feeds them,shame to you all involved in such areas

  34. The Man

    Its just a usual political hide and seek. Such cases do not even go any where far. On the contrary it could be that her political inclination is no longer to PF.

  35. Kubeja Badala

    How about former Post Master general McPherson Chanda. This guy was an accomplice.

  36. Phillip chindongo

    I really liked Ireen, she was a hard working woman it’s really sad I don’t like this, may our God go ahead of her

  37. Noman Kings 2

    Let her face troubles.though we know they are just fooling us

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