Cop Drags IG to Court

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja has been dragged to the Lusaka High Court by his former junior officer Superintendent Sylvester Shipolo for allegedly slapping him with frivolous and vexatious charges of absent without leave for more than two years.

Shipolo has also cited the Attorney General Likando Kalaluka in his statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court Registry.

The former police officer, who contends that he applied for self-sponsored study leave for a period of two years to pursue a masters degree in Gender Studies at the University of Zambia, which he had further extended to pursue his PHD in the same course, has accused Kanganja of unfairly dismissing him from his duties.

He has submitted that despite seeking permission from his former Supervisor, then Inspector General of Police Stella Limbongani, he suddenly witnessed a change in the manner his issue was treated by Kanganja who had taken over the position.

Shipolo has accused the top cop of having slapped him with frivolous and vexatious charges of absent without leave and requested him to exculpate himself for it.

He has stated that he then proceeded to write a self explanatory exculpatory letter disputing both the absent without leave allegation as well having not being granted an approved study leave for the stated period in which he stated that he was attending to both school and work.

Shipolo submits that despite writing the exculpatory letter, he was surprised to be served with a dismissal letter in September 2016, citing the public service conditions without instituting a hearing at all.

He is now seeking an order that the decision to dismiss him without constituting a hearing prior was unfair, wrongful, illegal and null and void.

He is also seeking an order that the said dismissal was in breach of the law relied upon in dismissing him, which is the Public Service regulation.

Shipolo is further seeking an order for reinstatement forthwith and that he be entitled to all monetary benefits, restoration of his salary, damages for unfair, wrongful and illegal dismissal, damages for mental torment, anguish, embarrassment and shock, including incidental costs to court proceedings, interests in all sums found due and payable and any other costs which the court may deem fit.



  1. Steve chiimbila

    U’re failing to recruit us kaili.nivanu

  2. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Let the Courts of Law do their commendable job over this burning issue. No biasness is going to be allowed in this case.

  3. Chilankalipa

    Ask Chilufya Tayali about the competence of the man who fired you. You will be shocked to see the dossier. Kikikikiki.

  4. Chendabusiku

    I am missing something here, does GRZ give leave of absence verbally? If they are records of approved leave for the purpose why are records not there? There is something fish here. It does appear that some people can just abrogated their duty and abscond their work and head to the University and get paid for doing nothing. Any way it is good the issue is in court, but the high court heard it and granted the dismissal???

    • Mapesho

      No it’s not the court that heard and dismissed him. It was his employers.The court are now hearing his case which his has appealed. I am just wondering how long this study leave was? What type of conditions do the civil servants have? Kaya.

  5. zebbykas

    two years paid leave hmm people are enjoying in government.Getting our tax on a silver plate .This is too much

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