Kitwe Cops Shoot 3 Suspected Criminals

Three suspected armed criminals have been shot in Kitwe while five others have escaped after police thwarted their robbery attempt.

The three were shot dead in Kitwe’s industrial area after some members of the public alerted police of an ongoing robbery attack at a named warehouse along Chibuluma Road.

Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga  confirmed the incident which happened on Tuesday around 19:30hrs.

She explained that officers who rushed to the scene found about eight suspected criminals tampering with motor vehicles with intent to steal.

“Anti breaking team rushed to the scene and found the break-in in progress. Upon being challenged, criminals failed to heed to the warning to lie down and instead charged at the police. These people were more than eight in number. Three were gunned down and their names are as follows: one is Mwelaonse, that is a nickname, the other one is Clement Chupa Kunda, the other one is Sydney, other names not known,” Katanga stated.

She has further disclosed that Kunda, who is among those shot dead, was just released on bond and was still appearing in Court for burglary and break-ins.

Katanga said bodies of the deceased are in Kitwe Teaching Hospital Mortuary while a manhunt has been launched for the others who escaped.

Police recovered different variables from the suspected thieves, among them 36 tyres.



  1. Moses

    Well done mulefipafula fyachilamo


    Well done bwana

  3. Abbot Chibuye

    Congratulations ZP

  4. Burnaboy

    Kitwe is now full of thugs.
    Congratulations zp.

    • Luapula Bize

      Kitwe has ALWAYS been full of thugs. From as far as the 70s, it has been a haven of notorious groups.

  5. simbonbo

    Keep it up ba ZP

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    Well done ZP

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    Job Well done Zp

  8. Mwamba

    Kitwe still needs a lot of clean up. The coming up of gangs is another worrying factor.

  9. zp

    clean up especially in Mulenga compaound
    baciteni ububi

  10. Mulilo kafyama

    Thieves are coming from Eastern

  11. Concerned citizen

    Well done kitwe cops,kamfinsa am sure.i only wish we had such cops in lusaka ..my area is very dangerous even during the day we have break ins.I hope patrols can be done through out the day.

  12. Njekwa wa lubinda

    Job well done zp. Akuna mwana moola

  13. Tomas Linz

    There are alot of things that one can do in Zambia crop farming, fishing ,shoe repair, trading, etc please choose one and generate income why do you resort to vices choose one occupation and employ others any thing with value goes with a price .alot of people migrated from Europe to Africa for land and built towns and cities we live in today young men do like wise shift to regions where u can make good living instead of involving your selves in dangerous activities

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    Bravo zp👏

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    entertainment for all ages


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    Bachilamo MWe nabalefyako

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